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Protein Shakes, Problems, and ME!

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Well... I've been suffering, how shall I say, with bathroom problems from the protein shakes. I know I'm lactose intolerant so I've been mixing my shakes with Soy Milk or Almond Milk, but still, its been brutal. I did some research today and discovered that my protein shakes are Whey based and Whey is derived from (drumroll please) MILK!

good grief!

So... today I'm off to purchase some soy based protein shakes and try to calm my poor gut down a bit!

I'm guessing these protein shots I bought for after surgery are going to be a problem as well, since they are Whey shots. I think I may do OK with those because I plan on spacing each shot out all day - it is 42 grams of protein in each 3+ ounce shot - so I'll put some in my water or crystal light or tea once I'm back from my sleeve revision surgery to make sure I keep up my protein intake.

So here is the tip... if you suffer from lactose intolerance, or find yourself having trouble with your protein shake, you may want to switch to Soy based - or vice versa - and see how that goes!

I'll let you know how the switch goes :)

I leave Sunday to head to TJ for my Monday morning surgery! I will have my computer with me so I'll blog from there!

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WOOT!! I am so excited for you! Also, after you try some of the soy shakes, can you post what the tasty ones are? I hate wasting money on nasty shakes!

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sure! oh and I checked my Whey shots and they are lactose free - woohoo, so those should be fine for after surgery. I still plan on spacing them out throughout the day.

I bought EAS Soy Chocolate Shake, so I'll report back later today and let you know how it goes...

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I've been using Dr. O's protien Shake all week and it is delicious! I seem to be intolerant of Soy (it made my stomach hurt), but I'm also intolerant of all fruit, Grains and Dairy combined, Diary and Sugar combined.... good grief! But I love the protein shakes with milk. Seems to be the only thing that doesn't cause me problems.


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