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quick entry - blood work

Just a quick note, I got my test results back and nothing is wrong with me (well at least not with my blood work!)... so that's good!

I just wanted to report that before my band surgery 6 years ago, my cholesterol was up over 270

my number today was 137

My LDL - the bad cholesterol is only 69 which is remarkably low! woohooooo

My HDL - good cholesterol is a little low too - still within normal - but should be higher, but this probably has a lot to do with my extremely sedentary lifestyle over the past year because of 2 foot surgeries and over 9 months in a cast and not walking! I hope to resolve this as my foot continues to heal!

all my other numbers look really good

So what that means, is my other issues are probably related to stress (hubby lost his job over 2 months ago now - so stress is probably warranted!)

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Hi Lori,

So glad you are doing well. What success you have had! I am almost ready to return to OCC to change from band to maybe plication instead of sleeve. I was banded 2 1/2 years ago, have not lost or gained not even a pound! I guess the band just was not right for me. But I am gun shy now... Spent close to $10K on the band and fills over the years. I am afraid the sleeve/plication will not agree with me either, and just be another waste of money. I just don't know...

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