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POST OP stalls ...we have all asked about this. Why are there such few articles on the physiology of this phenomenon?

So frustrated, so I watch the others that had surgery around the same time as I did. I have been doing the diet and vitamin routines to a "T". Why are my mates dropping pounds and my scale is goose eqq of loss every week I weigh in? Is this really a reboot? My surgery date was July 20 2016. I am down 18 pounds AND HOLDING. not sure what the heck is happening.

pre op weigh in was 255 (down about 8 pounds for my liver shrinking pre op diet)

1 week out 245 (water weight I am hearing from my body attacking glycogen)

2 weeks 240 (maybe 5 legit fat pounds)

3 weeks 237

4 weeks 237

5 weeks 237

6 weeks 237 (starting to feel like the "0" girl on the biggest looser show) I can see the trainers jaw fall on the floor!

Is this a normal thing? I set myself up with expectations and now they are not being met. I am starting to regret my decision to have done this surgery. ( I know this too shall pass) I am struggling with the mental hardship of knowing I can never eat like I used to and freaking out that I will remain this way and still be 237 pounds!! please let me know I am not the only one experiencing this. PS I am never hungry so I feel the weight of that burden is gone. JUST ready for the scale and my clothes to catch up. Still a size 24.

Any comments welcome !!

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i'd suggest you consult your surgeon and his post support staff. They might have some ideas. That's what they're there for.

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Just going through some old blogs. Wondering how your weight loss is going now that it's been a few months. Hope the weight loss kicked in. Very curious to hear how you are today. Thanks. 


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I'd like to hear more about your story and that of others too with the same problem.  This is not a new, unheard of problem.   It is very personal and hurtful experience for you (as well as to the "0" contestant) and there is no decent science on the phenomenon to explain it or to help those experiencing it to at least understand it.  The common lame excuse work ie "calories in, calories out" does not explain what is happening. 

Obesity science can learn much by learning about the body's mechanisms to defeat weight loss.  We all know the blah blah 'diet and exercise' is not the whole story. 

Hope to hear your update.

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