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  3. I am scheduled for 9/25. Struggling with loosing the weight before surgery. I think I'm too worried about it. Any idea what happens if we don't meet the goal?
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  5. I am scheduled for 9/25
  6. Try to up your water consumption and protein and walk - you're doing awesome and your body sometimes just needs to catch up then it'll move again - watch for non scale victories like inches or clothes fitting looser it'll happen ❤️
  7. I am one month out of surgery . I have hit the wall with weight loss. Any ideas or help?
  8. Had mine the 14th, Lost 22 lbs so far. I am stalled with the weight loss process. Have been the same weight for a week and a half. Any Ideas that might help me?
  9. Had to postpone from August due to additional weight needing to come off pre-procedure. Will be down the week of 9/11
  10. I'm also scheduled for the 18th! T-minus 11 days!
  11. Hi i'm scheduled for august 16th!!!!! here we go
  12. Anyone else scheduled for August 10th or around that time? I would love to meet up with some fellow VSG patients! How is everyone's pre-op diets going? I am on day 5 of the liquid pre-op diet and I accidentally cheated yesterday! Oops! Out of habit, I grabbed a yogurt from the fridge like I would normally do for breakfast and had eaten almost half of it before I remembered that I'm on a diet and that I shouldn't have it! Felt super guilty and started panicking, wondering if I had just ruined my diet and surgery by eating that little bit of yogurt. Then I realized that a few bites of yogurt wasn't going to completely derail my diet and surgery. Pulled myself together, grabbed a protein shake and got back on track! I'm now more determined than ever to follow the pre-op diet to a T to ensure my surgery goes as smoothly as possible! If anyone is interested in connecting to talk about all things VSG related, feel free to email me at Good luck to all!
  13. Hiya VSGGrl! I just discovered this forum yesterday and am so pleased I did. I'm scheduled for August 1st and will be traveling on my own as well. We should definitely connect since we'll both be visiting during the same period. Same goes for Amberls! You're welcome to email me directly at I wish you a safe journey to Mexico! I hope to hear from you soon!
  14. Hiya Seeingisbelieving! I'll be flying in from NYC on the 31st for my scheduled surgery on the 1st. My gosh, I can't believe how fast the date snuck up. . . Safe travels! I'll see you in Tijuana! Very Best, Jess
  15. Hello! I'm scheduled for the 21st and mostly just excited although I too am nervous about the pre-op diet. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent researching this procedure. I'm in nursing school and always eating on the run but I'm motivated to do this right so my surgery goes as smoothly as possible. We have something to really work for here so it's worth it. I'm arriving with my mom on Sunday the 20th and checking in for pre-op and surgery the following morning. Would love to hear from those who are getting sleeved earlier in the month to hear how things are going and offer support to anyone who needs it.
  16. I'll be there....arriving in on the 22 and surgery on the 23 so by the 24 should be arriving back at the hotel. Not too sure what time but we could certainly meet up
  17. I will arrive at the hotel the 2nd my surgery is the 3rd!
  18. My sleeve surgery is scheduled for August 1ST! Who else will be there??
  19. Hey y'all, I have surgery the 25th. Coming in the the 24th! Hopefully, I'll run into some of you
  20. Anyone else struggling to adhere to the low carb pre-op diet? I've got about a week left before I start the pre-op liquid diet and I'm really struggling with the cravings. It's not that I feel hungry, just that I'm so accustomed to eating tons of carbs that I'm having a hard time staying away from them. Makes me worry about how I'll be able to follow the pre-op liquid diet for two weeks.
  21. You should have received an email containing all the information you will need to prepare for you surgery. Included is a link to where you can make your deposit payment. If you don't see the email in your inbox, check your junk email folder because it might have been tagged as junk (that's what happened to me). If you did not receive the email I would recommend emailing whichever patient coordinator you have been in contact with or call them at 1-866-376-7849. Hope this helps!
  22. i need help how to pay my down payment
  23. she said i have 24 hour to reserve that day and im trying to find out how can i reserve on line and pay can u help me
  24. yes me but im try to pay my down payment that lady havnt seen me no email
  25. From the album america

  26. Thanks. I have that kind of insurance for unplanned emergencies. I was thinking more of insurance for planned surgery and unplanned outcomes. The more I look into it, the more it sounds like there are no companies that offer anything that covers that.
  27. Hello! I sent you a direct message. I'm also traveling alone and am excited!
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