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  2. Hi Beth, I am scheduled for Nov 17 as well! Lisa
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  4. A little travel tip when going thru airports. Bring along little packets of chicken bullion to have in the airports. My travel day back to Canada was very long and I could not find any clear broth to have in any of the airports we went thru. Needless to say my poor husband had to put up with my very foul mood.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/drarielortiz/videos/10212109536746653/
  6. Hi, Skinnywithin58! I had my surgery in April and it has been great. I just now am seeing the forum, as I scheduled my surgery but never really glanced at all of the forum. I began looking at it today, as a friend of mine has decided to do the sleeve surgery now. She scheduled her surgery and it is also Nov. 15, so I guess you will be sleeve buddies. So, I just thought I would reach out and tell you, Good Luck! You will be glad that you chose to have the surgery and that you chose OCC.
  7. Airport

    San Diego,, airport code SAN
  8. Hi can anyone help me with what airport your supposed to fly into in San Diego?
  9. They are, I am signed up this month. Getting nervous and excited all in one. Are there any current folks on here?
  10. Port site hard

    I have had mine for 10 years and recently been told it may be time to take out. I was never under the impression after paying cash for this it would have to be removed. I am not sure what to do at this point, the doctor I see here in CA has been vague in the amount in the band after recently having to do it under Fluro because he couldn't access it. The thought of having to go back to Mexico for this is crazy. I had an upper GI band did not flip, but DR says feels gummy. Not sure hope someone can answer this, thanks.
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  12. November 2017 Surgeries

    Well I did it scheduled Nov 15! So excited for my new life!!!
  13. Thanks. I am hoping for the best. Good luck to you too. See you then!
  14. November 2017 Surgeries

    I'm John and I'm scheduled for sleeve surgery Nov 6th!! I Wouldn't mind getting Botox too while I'm there because I can imagine my face is going to start looking saggy very quickly. If anyone has input on this, please comment.
  15. Back up to 161. Procedure 4 months ago. That is 7 lbs less than the before-procedural weight of 168 and 21 lbs less than pre-op starting weight. It appears that most weight was lost on the pre-op diet prep but that has been a sustainable loss after the procedure. I think I have hit my setpoint weight. I see no further weight loss trend. My desired goal was 150 and I thought 155 would be acceptable. I don't see my weight going in that direction as it is now straddling 160. My diet is stable and is less than half the calorie intake before surgery--estimate 1200 daily. The appetite is still suppressed and that is what is doing most of the heavy lift here. I don't have painful hunger pangs and the stomach is happy with low volume of food. Have been following dietary recommendations and nutritional supplements Nearly Religiously! Carbs very minimal. Protein max. Wine drinking drastically reduced from 2 daily to 2-3 weekly. Foods purchased in portion control containers. I could probably lose more by going back to liquid nutrition and cutting out ALL the wine and carbs. Of course, I could also do exercise but I am quite protective of my two replacement hips and that is not a sustainable option. Yes, I know I could do pushups and squats and add some muscle which might benefit a smidgeon in the long run but the "juice is not worth the squeeze." I don't believe I can do much more without negatively impacting my life satisfaction. At this point, I am satisfied that "enough is enough".
  16. I have a bichon/poodle! "Poochon"!

  17. October 2017 Surgeries

    GOODLUCK! See you on the 20th.
  18. October 2017 Surgeries

    October 20TH!
  19. The band is a great tool, but very high maintenance. I didn't think anyone is going that route anymore. They have perfected the sleeve procedure to where the band has went by the wayside.
  20. I am having a gastric band fitted . I have only found a few blogs online and I am wondering if any mumsnetters have had it done / how you've done / how you found the pre-op/post-op diets etc. I am not scared of the procedure at all but I am scared of the post op liquid diet and subsequent life change!
  21. I am scheduled for revision surgery on October 19th! I'm not excited about a three week liquid diet, but I guess it will be worth it!
  22. Plastic Surgery at Cosmed

    I'm looking for an office to do some non-surgical cosmetic work (botox/fillers) down there. I contacted the Ariel Center connected with OCC, but they said they aren't doing these procedures at this time. Any recommendations? Thanks
  23. I am scheduled for Oct. 10th Wondering if anyone has looked into any other practices down there - looking to have some botox/filler done and the Ariel Center, connected with OCC stated they aren't providing these services at this time Any recommendations would be helpful. Thanks!
  24. I am scheduled for the 22nd. Will anyone else be there on this day? The pre op diet is coming right along. Three more pounds to hit my goal. I have found that the chocolate shakes taste much better than the vanilla in my opinion. The shakes make this process doable. I also think I have eaten more spinach in the last week then during the the rest of my life. This is going to help me get back to running with my wife!
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