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  4. Hi! I'm scheduled for the gastric sleeve surgery for Monday, March 12. I'm excited and nervous. I have started the extended pre-op diet. I have to say I am not a fan of the shakes!
  5. Me too! I know of 4 ladies that are also. We're on the Facebook OCC support group. Ask your coordinator about joining it. It's a very great way to meet other sleevers and support each other.
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  7. March 2018 Surgeries

    Booked for March 20th! so excited!
  8. This topic is one that you just don't hear much about. It's mainly because it's an easy surgery and patients have very minor issues with the sleeve. So, not much to report. But I do give you kudos for doing your homework about the sleeve surgery. Picking a great surgeon will be the biggest hurdle. Since you have found the OCC, your on the right track.
  9. Is it hard finding doctors in the US for aftercare? I am concerned that after my revision from band to sleeve I will need aftercare that won't be available. Any experience with this?
  10. Fat Brain.... does it ever end?

    If you were to meet me, not having known me in my past... you would probably never guess that I used to be a fat girl. People are always surprised when I tell them, or when they see a picture of me pre 2006. People who have known me a long time do forget how much space I used to take up in a room! I showed my mom my "before" picture from the OCC Facebook page... and she said "that's not you!" she couldn't believe it because her mind has made that switch... this is Lori... this is the space she fills in a room... this is what she looks like. And I think that's true for most people in my life. Why is it so hard for me? So... that leaves the question of "why do i still see myself as fat". I know what size clothes I wear. I see what the scale says. So why can't I just accept it and realize this is my new normal.... I'm not sure if it is because I was in denial for so long about what my weight was doing to me and my health. Is it because I was in denial that I really was that big... so maybe I'm in denial about my size now? Or is it because I still don't feel "good enough" whatever that means. Or is it because I'm afraid that I will fail at this so I don't want to get too comfortable in my weight/size now? I think it takes longer for our brain to wrap our heads around this concept. To truly accept ourselves - whatever that means. That the goal is HEALTH... and whatever else comes from that... a smaller size, more energy, more mobility... THAT is the prize... that is the change we need to wrap our heads around and fill our brain with. I'm not thin Lori, I'm not fat Lori... I am Lori... and I am good enough... so take that "Fat brain"... as always... if you have questions or are interested in weight loss surgery please call 1-866-376-7849 ext. 1 to speak with any of our spectacular Patient Coordinators or email coordinators@obesitycontrolcenter.com you can always get in touch with me at lori@obesitycontrolcenter.com
  11. HI - anyone else booked for March 8th?
  12. Its been a long time since I posted. We are so active over on Facebook these days where interaction occurs immediately, that blogs just aren't what they used to be... But I intend to start posting here more, because the information is easy to find and more permanent, so I want to start updating here more. I get a lot of private messages from people asking how i've done with my sleeve, how i've REALLY done long term... i think so many things have failed for us over the years, that we are afraid to believe that this could really work and be long lasting. I had an appointment yesterday with my doctor, and I was cold so I had on jeans, tank, shirt, sweater, scarf, and heavy socks and boots... so i was seriously winter dressed(don't we all usually wear "lightweight clothes" when we know we are going to get weighed lol)... weight on scale fully clothed was 147.1. I'm 5'7, the jeans I was wearing were a 6 (i go between 4 & 6 and an occasional 8 depending on brand and how i want it to fit. I had my sleeve surgery 4/12/2012 so i'm almost 6 years out (my original band surgery was 6/2006 you'll find more info on that in my blog) . I did go under 140 for a short time (naked weight) after my surgery, but it was too skinny for me (and way too skinny for my hubby!) - i'm really happy mid-140's and haven't had trouble maintaining this. So it really DOES work... you have to work it too... but when I say I love my sleeve, I really do love my sleeve! If you want more information please visit our website www.obesitycontrolcenter.com or our Facebook page (check out the video section!) https://www.facebook.com/OCCMedicalCenter/ or call our toll free # 1-866-376-7849 ext. 1 to speak with one of our Patient Coordinators.
  13. Don’t have my date set yet, but spoke to the office and looking to book a spot in March. excited!
  14. Here's my thoughts on this subject. DO IT FOR YOURSELF. There's always going to be positive and negative people in your friends/family circle. Sometimes I personally think its better to not tell anyone. You just never know who in your circle is going to be the Debbie Downer.
  15. Is anyone dealing with a loved one who doesn't support their decision to have weight loss surgery? How do you cope? I'm scheduled for March 20.
  16. So hungry

    Anyone have suggestions on how to fight hunger and cravings? And any tasty pre-op recipes would be welcome?
  17. I am too!!! Can't wait, but nervous as heck. How about you?
  18. I am scheduled to have gastric sleeve march 20th 2018
  19. February 2018 Surgeries

    I am scheduled for Surgery on the 7th of February. this is my birthday present to myself. I would like to find others who are scheduled for the 7th.
  20. Hey there! I am actually doing pretty good! How are you?
  21. Hey @TonyaE, saw you on here and recognized you from our stay down there! Thought I'd check in and see how you're feeling? Take Care! R Taylor
  22. January 2018 Surgeries

    My schedule is on 5th January 2017. I have mixed feelings: excited and nervous.
  23. January 2018 Surgeries

    Good luck, Cody! Wishing you the best!
  24. January 9th for me. Coming in from Utah and can’t hardly wait to get this done!
  25. January 25th. Nervous and excited!
  26. Day 2 postop VSG

    You look amazing!
  27. Day 2 postop VSG

    wow! you look great!
  28. Travel Tip

    That's a great tip dmath. I am going to Mexico from CT and it's quite a long distance. I am concerned about having pain while flying back and being stuck in those awful uncomfortable airplane seats. I think I will spend the extra money for a nonstop flight back. I hope I'm not farting all the way home. LOL!
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