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  5. My surgery is the 5th, so tomorrow I need to start my high protein liquid diet for two weeks.
  6. Thank you! My hubby is staying with our kiddos.
  7. Sweet don't be afraid to ask my husband for any assistance if you need it - no one would let me go alone lol
  8. Great! I arrive on the 6th around 10am. I am traveling alone. Cant wait to meet all of you!
  9. Good Morning DedicatedLady I was curious if had layovers as well on your flights? Did your suppliment take long to arrive or are you still waiting?
  10. My hubby had one called P94 with no carbs so been using that till mine gets here. Yes definitely flying in on the 6th we land at 3:06 pm so hopefully lots of time to get settled in. How about yourself?
  11. That's fabulous! Way to go! What have you been eating for protein? I too am waiting on my Vitaleph order to arrive. Will you arrive on Thursday, July 6th? if it's easier, my email is
  12. I was concerned about the 13 lbs so I started Friday I believe and down 8 lbs must be a lot of water lol - it's a very limited diet and I'm still waiting on my suppliments to arrive to Canada. So wonderful to have others who know the struggles
  13. Absolutely! I'm super pumped! I'm starting my pre-op diet today (Monday). They want me to lose 14 pounds before surgery. How's your diet?
  14. I'm scheduled for June 27th now too!
  15. I know where your coming from. Being older has some effect on our metabolism and it is harder for us seniors to lose. I have found exercise to be very important at our age to help jump start our metabolism and burn those calories. I personally ride a bike everyday if possible. Weather permitting it's either a stationary bike or a street bike. I find it very relaxing and a stress reducer, plus all the other benefits that come along with it.
  16. I received a private email from a pre-op patient and I thought it would be appropriate to weigh in at this point which is 37 days post-op: Depends on how you measure success. I have been on an extended weight stall (4 weeks no change!) despite the low calories of the post-op regimen. However, I am losing fat and the percentage keeps falling slowly and my clothes are becoming droopy. That being said, I am 68 years old, am lightly active and have always had a very difficult time losing weight. My calorie intake is around 800 daily. My most notable success solves a lifelong problem--aching knawing hunger that drives food intake constantly. It is like having a monkey on my back! After the procedure, the hunger factor has backed off 95% and what hunger I am aware of is "soft" and uninsistent. In larger terms, the procedure was a success. The trip back and forth to Mexico was uneventful, I never felt sick, my health is intact and my energy better than ever. There is less stress on my back and joints. I have enhanced nutritional status. I do not suffer hunger and am almost to the point of getting back to a full food diet. I have retrained myself to be more selective about my food choices. At the beginning, I was 180--just barely into the Obese BMI category at 32%; now, I am at 167.6. My percentage of body fat has reduced from 41.4% to 38.7% I was not as obese as some patients but still suffering from the adverse effects of my overweight on my small bone frame. So, in terms of my definition of success, on this 36th day post op, I think the effort and expense was appropriate and that I am trending well in the right definition, though more slowly than I had hoped. Hope this answers your question and feel free to converse about your experience.
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  18. Hi Tanya that's awesome I'm nervous but excited and happy to find others going through the same thing
  19. I'm scheduled for the 7th also! Yay!
  20. Hi! I'm new. Just scheduled my surgery for July 7th. I'll be arriving on the 6th from Atlanta, Georgia. Anyone else having surgery on that day?
  21. I think it would be wise to contact your surgeon.
  22. Hi there, I am about 4 weeks post op and can't keep anything down. I almost immediately vomit. Sometimes I feel like I am even going to throw up water. I can keep yogurt, apple juice, popsicles, protein shakes and water and that's it. Not sure what to do. I had surgery in Mexico.
  23. I just booked my surgery for the 7th it sure doesn't give me a lot of time to get my diet in order. I'm from Red Deer, AB trying to decide on a flight to book
  24. I don't know what your daily routine is, exercise really helps. But if your exercising and gaining, your eating the wrong stuff or too much of something that has a lot of calories. Keep a daily food/exercise log and consult Dr. Chaves at the OCC.
  25. I am out one month after surgery, and feel like i look at food and gain weight. Unless I stick to liquid diet , I am not losing any weight. Any advise why this is so?
  26. Yes I'll be at the Marriott. I'm from California
  27. I'm scheduled on the 6th, we'll be checking into the Mariott on the 5th. @elleelle will you be staying at the hotel? Where is everyone originating from? I'm from Calgary, Alberta
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