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  2. I ended up going with the sleeve, there was just not enough long-time research that supported that procedure. Very happy with my sleeve.
  3. Hi I’m scheduled in late November for plication. I am seeing comments about weight regain after about 8 to 10 months. Have you experienced anything like that? I’m wondering if I should switch to the sleeve.
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  7. I have always thought about this for years, but have never really looked into it. 5 months ago I am on a Scuba Trip with a bunch of friends & come to find out the 3 of them have had it done. I was so surprised to see them looking so trim! I see these friends once a year for this dive trip, so I just remember them all being fat like me. I was able to talk to each of them for hours on their experiences on having Gastric Sleave done. They have all told me that their main reason for doing it was that, if they are unable to have the will-power to stop eating so much & overeating, then they needed help with the will-power. They have lost tons of weight with help of the Sleave, and all of them said they wish they would have done it sooner. Better life, better time with their kids & family, better health, etc... I am looking forward to it. Having it done next week!
  8. TSCeder

    October sleevers

    Good Luck guys! My buddy & I coming in on 10/16 & Surgery on the 17th.
  9. MamaMAC

    Sleeve surgery - This is why we lose weight!

    I really like how you mentioned it is air-tight! It shows how well that stapled end is truly sealed.
  10. ShortyB33

    Can start Mushy Stage on Monday... Need Suggestions

    I found out when water makes me gag or feel like throwing up I need electrolytes. I also found I cant drink water in the morning. I drink watered down green tea or watered down 100% juice. I cant handle sweet drinks or popsicles anymore and I loved popsicles...
  11. I was banded by Dr. Ortiz back in 2007, I’m now considering a sleeve. Is the band usually removed During sleeve surgery? I will contact OCC directly to inquire about cost.
  12. redgrover

    October sleevers

    I'm Oct 9. I still have 13 lbs to lose though so I'm hoping I don't get cancelled or re-scheduled.
  13. Hi, I am thinking of having a touch up of my plication. Any advice from anyone who did this as well?
  14. Dolittle

    July 2018 Surgeries

    No need to exchange money to Peso's, everyone takes American and Canadian money, especially if your just using it as tip money. Places like Walmart will do an exchange right at the cash register.
  15. Hi @GoodGirl, @LabMama & @Jennifer23, is there a need to exchange money? I'm having my surgery 9/19. Thanks for your help!
  16. Hi @hannahpalai & @Statso, is there a need to exchange money? I'm having my surgery 9/19. Thanks for your help!
  17. There are lots of great plant based proteins. Beans, nuts, seeds and dark leafy greens, broccoli, avocado, etc. Hemp seed is very versatile and can be included with most meals very easily. My favorite thing to eat right now (pre-op) is spinach mixed with a touch of coconut oil and lightly salted with avocado and some type of nut or seed.
  18. I have scheduled my VSG surgery for 9/19/18. Hope to meet new sleeve friends on this journey
  19. My 19 year old is scheduled for a sleeve procedure this December. I’m looking for vegetarian protein ideas for after surgery-when she can eat regular foods. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. She is a college student but lives off campus, has full access to a kitchen.
  20. Sassy sleever, did you not care for the protein powder? I’m looking into ordering from them for the 1st time, kinda concerned that there are no product reviews on their website.
  21. I avoided this and have tried every diet known to man I set my mind to do this and I am 3days post op and feel great I lost 40 pounds before I had surgery which did help I feel this is the best tool I have found to get to my success cheers any questions I can answer I will
  22. I am scheduled for October 8th and looking for other folks who are scheduled. I am very nervous about not being able to meet the requirements. Hoping to find support.
  23. I have one jar of vanilla and one jar of chocolate Vitaleph protein powder. Both unopened and current
  24. hello, I know this is older but do you still have the lyposolve?
  25. I had a gastric plication On April 8th 2011. I started regaining weight so I had a replication 8 weeks ago. Have not lost any weight since I have come home . has anybody out there gone through this?

  26. Personal trainers ( thousands of dollars down the drain), weight loss pills, weight watchers, GNC slim shake, Herbalife, Atkins diet, the list goes on
  27. I’m thinking of getting the gastric sleeve. I’ve tried everything to lose weight, but I guess my body likes being obese. I’m 5’6 and 210 pounds. How long is the preop diet? Please share your experiences, I would love to learn more
  28. I am scheduled in September 2018 for band over bypass revision/rescue surgery. I am looking for recent post-op patients to chat with. Are you having success? Any problems? How does it compare to your first weight loss surgery?
  29. Dolittle

    Reflux after Many Years with a Band

    I loved my band,, but after years of high maintenance and fills, unfills and acid reflux. I found it time to dump the band and go with the sleeve.
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