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  2. May 2018 Surgeries

    May 31st for me:)
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  4. May 2018 Surgeries

    Yes, I wonder if this time of year slows down for surgery since it starts to get hot.
  5. cool lisa! i have not connected with anyone yet who will be there with me.
  6. May 2018 Surgeries

    Not May 4, but I will probably see you after my surgery right before you go in for yours. Olivia and mine is a couple days before yours.
  7. May 2018 Surgeries

    Hey Jen! I just saw a youtube video where the girl talked about bringing a BlenderBottle GoStak Twist n' Lock Storage Jars. I bought mine on Amazon for $11.49 a couple days ago. I'll be bringing that with me, so I can let you know how customs goes.
  8. May 2018 Surgeries

    Hey Olivia! I'll be there for the same surgery date!
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  10. Hi Newleaf, we don't generally give 3 weeks off after surgery since most can return to work about a week after surgery. But if you have a job that requires lifting or strenuous activiies and your job can't be modified, then our doctors can evaluate for more time off. We fill out FMLA paperwork all the time. Once you've booked your surgery and paid your $500 deposit to hold your date, then you can send us your FMLA paperwork! For more information email coordinators@obesitycontrolcenter.com
  11. Travel Tip

    Protein powder and supplements will be fine going through customs and airport security. The only thing the airport security is looking for is liquids, aerosols and gels over 100ml in your carry on. If you have anything that's larger than 100ml, put it in your checked bag. If you don't have a checked bag,, don't bring it. Walmart has a lot of travel size stuff under 100ml available.
  12. Travel Tip

    How was customs with your supplements and protein powder? I haven't been able to find the rules on it or anything special I need to do to get them through customs.
  13. May 2018 Surgeries

    I'm booked for May 14th, travelling from Canada. I'm on the extended prepping diet as well and I have 6.5 lbs left to go hoping the 2 week liquid phase helps since I've been fluctuating so much for the last 2 weeks. Can anyone give me tips on travelling with the vitaleph protein powder and the only things we are allowed to have on that day? Can they go through customs? Been doing research but haven't been able to find anything so far.
  14. I had no issues with using FMLA at work. Signed the proper forms at work and it was approved. I don't remember if the employer can ask where your procedure will happen? Your surgery coordinator at the OCC should be able answer that question. They deal with it everyday.
  15. Hi all, I'm considering sleeve surgery this summer. Has anyone from the U.S. needed to have a medical leave approved through work while having a doctor/procedure outside of the U.S.? I'm thinking three weeks off since I have to move and lift more than 50lbs on occasion. If you have needed to apply for FMLA, were there any issues since the procedure was outside of the U.S.?
  16. i am on the extended pre op and have 8 pounds to lose in the next 4 weeks before surgery to meet the occ prep requirement. i have always been a slow loser and am finding it hard to be 100%- mostly larger portions of protein. I hope the 2 weeks of liquids will accelerate me past that goal that they set. is anyone else on May4? I sent all my travel stuff in this week and will be getting the cashiers check next week - so that makes it REAL. Im from the PNW traveling with a good friend as support.
  17. April 2018 Surgeries

    Hello There. Anyone scheduled for Friday, April 27th? So excited but a bit scared.
  18. May 2018 Surgeries

    Hi everyone!! I'm scheduled for May 2nd and I'm super excited!! Ordering my pre-op vitaleph package now! I'm 255 lb and must get down 12 lbs before surgery date. I'm nervous that the two week pre-op will be super difficult but my mind is made up and I'm going for it! My family is supportive so that should help big time! Good luck everyone!!
  19. May 2018 Surgeries

    I haven't scheduled mine yet but I'm aiming for May as well. I'm traveling from WA, so hopefully can meet some people that'll be around the same time as me
  20. 60 years old female

    It's never too late to have surgery. There are a lot of patients our age that have chosen to go this route and have had great success. I started this journey back in 2007 at the age of 54 with the Lap-band, then at age 61 switched to the Sleeve. One of smartest things I had ever done.
  21. April 2018 Surgeries

    Hi, I am seriously considering this. I am also from Alberta..
  22. I would like to chat with people who are my age and have had the sleeve! Thanks in advance.
  23. I am scheduling my surgery in May next week. I am 317 and need to be at the most 220 I have done it all and zero response from my body. I am now taking control and winning this battle.
  24. April 2018 Surgeries

    I'm booking my surgery for April 24th! Just got my welcome package today So excited but also nervous, I'm not telling anyone so I would love to connect with someone to talk to!!
  25. So sorry, I don't know where my head's been, lol! Just working the program, "using the tool" etc. Feeling well, still working my way back to a more regular diet ~ finding out what agrees w/me and what doesn't. Wish I was losing a little faster maybe, but down a total of 36 so far, which puts me at the half way mark, so I honestly can't complain. Hope you are feeling well and having great success! Take care!
  26. I am scheduled for 4/3.
  27. I am scheduled for May 4. I live in the PNW and have about 120 pounds to lose. I have done it all and nothing has "stuck" . Looking forward to a new start. Chris
  28. I really don't hear of patients that need aftercare. If they have an issue they can call the OCC and they advise you from there. Most are very minor and handled over the phone.
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