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  2. I had a band in Dec and gas pain for 12 days after surgery!!!! still get it whenever I eat too big a bite or dont chew enough but only for about 5 mins but its excruciating all around left shoulder and up my neck. Kind of saw it as a good sign I needed to slow down as was getting complacent. Since 2nd fill beg of March it's been much more constant even overnight or 1st thing in morning. Gotta wrap left arm around right shoulder like a straight jacket to get any relief. Have a massage booked today to see if there's a pocket of gas trapped somewhere but will def think about vitamin and water intake as prob not getting enough of either.
  3. Your recovery is the same as the first time. It is a higher risk surgery but they do a great job as you know. Mine was a 10 year revision and repair. Phil
  4. Hey guys! I am 3 years post op from my sleeve surgery. I originally lost 117 lbs however last year I had a baby and during my pregnancy I gained about 50 lbs. I have been unable to lose it back off. My questions are: Has anyone had the Sleeve Rescue surgery or any type of revision? What was your experience? Wait time? Consultation? Actual surgery? Recovery? Etc. Has anyone else not had it but considering it? If so, what are your thoughts?
  5. Thank you - yes, I drink my calories. I love coke. I hadn't heard of Bariatricpal, so I'll look it up. Thank you.
  6. My sister (who had sx in the states) mentioned gaining about 40 pounds back from her lowest weight, and she is about 5 years out. Honestly, I think a lot of those pounds came back from alcohol. She isn't a big drinker, but those are empty carbs and sugars and even a few drinks every weekend can make a difference. I do believe that in becoming obese, we were "feeding" an emotional void. Just because we lose the excess weight and feel better about ourselves...that doesn't fill that void. I know personally, that seeing a counselor to address eating triggers and stressors, is a MUST for me. The sx will help me lose the weight, but I didn't become obese overnight - it took years of me overeating/eating the wrong things to get like this because of past emotional traumas. I made me obese. So I personally think that expecting to keep the weight off is futile unless I address those issues during and after my weightloss. Just my opinion It sounds like the surgery worked for you, but surgery alone wasn't enough (it isn't for MOST of us!). Instead of beating yourself up, talk to someone. Get on the Bariatricpal forums. You have nothing to be ashamed of - the fact that you want to fix this is already a step in the right direction!
  7. Who all out here is scheduled for surgery in February/March 2020? Are you excited, nervous and overwhelmed all at the same time? I know I am. This pre-op diet is rough. I am very determined to get through this to change my life permanently!
  8. Hello, Has anyone else regained a lot back after their sleeve surgery? I did, and I feel terrible about myself for not following the post-op instructions better.
  9. Yes, there's only one airport. If your going with the OCC, go with what your surgery coordinator recommends. The surgery is easy peasy. No need for extra days.
  10. Hello! I was just curious if those who have gone through or are going through this procedure could help me with what to expect travel wise. Is there only one airport in San Diego to fly into? Did you stay any extra days? This process of scheduling the surgery and then booking the flight is making me concerned that I'm somehow going to mess this all up! Any help is appreciated!
  11. Hi OCC Family - Dr. Ortiz needs your help! Online reviews are becoming increasingly important, and we would greatly appreciate if you could share your experience on yelp here https://www.yelp.com/biz/obesity-control-center-tijuana. Some tricks to help ensure your review 'sticks' are to review a few other businesses as well, make sure you have a profile picture, and add a few friends on yelp. If you really want a gold star, don't click on the yelp link, instead go to yelp.com, search for us, and leave a review from there. Thank you so much in advance for your time!
  12. You would be fine to come alone. Your in good hands if your having your surgery at the OCC. Plus you'll meet several other patients at the OCC the same day as your surgery. You'll travel in a group to the hotel for recovery, meet others who had or will be having surgery. It's kind of like you'll be surrounded by OCC patients.
  13. Do you have to have a companion. Can you get the surgery if you come alone?
  14. How many experienced pain post OP? I'm such a whimp when it comes to pain.
  15. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/obesity-control-center-achieves-global-healthcare-accreditation-300948526.html Press Release - OCC gains yet another Certification - details at link above!
  16. Saw this article,, what does everyone think about this subject? https://www.statnews.com/2019/10/27/weight-loss-surgery-preteens/
  17. I got my port revised. Its been 5 days and i look like i have an orange in there. Hopeing it goes down bcuz i cannot wear my normal clothes
  18. We are proud to be one of the few Certified Hospital and Surgeon bariatric practices in the world. Read more about our Surgeon and Hospital Accreditations on our website: https://bit.ly/2NGTJtr
  19. I got my lapband in 2005 and have never had a bit of problem and lost 150 lbs so have always been happy with my decision. Last Feb. I started having terrible abdominal pains when I ate and also a cough which kept me up all night, every night. The pain got so bad I was afraid to eat as it was so painful and actually lost 25 lbs because I couldn't eat. I had every test from a gastro Dr. and they found no reason for the pain. I didn't have a bariatric Dr. here in Ohio as I had not had a fill in ten years and its not easy to find one who will even talk to you if they didnt do your initial surgery. Finally after months of pain, I found a great bariatric team in Florida where I spend several months during the year. After getting all my info from OCC--they keep great records, I found out what the problem was. I had recent surgery and took a lot of medication during that time. This can cause the band to tighten. I had three cc's of liquid taken out of my band and the next meal I had was pain free. Also, no more nightly cough. So, beware, if you have the symptoms I've told you, maybe an unfill is in order. I had been eating very, very small portions and still do so I think my stomach is pretty small. I am 70 years old and food does not appeal to me so I am not afraid of gaining weight. If I do, I will gradually get more fills, but for now, I am happy to be out of pain. Keep the unfill in mind!!
  20. I was told by my doctor to drink orange juice when I wake up 30 min before breakfast Fresh squeezed doesn’t give you heartburn as much as concentrated thanks annette
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