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  2. I got my port revised. Its been 5 days and i look like i have an orange in there. Hopeing it goes down bcuz i cannot wear my normal clothes
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  4. We are proud to be one of the few Certified Hospital and Surgeon bariatric practices in the world. Read more about our Surgeon and Hospital Accreditations on our website: https://bit.ly/2NGTJtr
  5. I got my lapband in 2005 and have never had a bit of problem and lost 150 lbs so have always been happy with my decision. Last Feb. I started having terrible abdominal pains when I ate and also a cough which kept me up all night, every night. The pain got so bad I was afraid to eat as it was so painful and actually lost 25 lbs because I couldn't eat. I had every test from a gastro Dr. and they found no reason for the pain. I didn't have a bariatric Dr. here in Ohio as I had not had a fill in ten years and its not easy to find one who will even talk to you if they didnt do your initial surgery. Finally after months of pain, I found a great bariatric team in Florida where I spend several months during the year. After getting all my info from OCC--they keep great records, I found out what the problem was. I had recent surgery and took a lot of medication during that time. This can cause the band to tighten. I had three cc's of liquid taken out of my band and the next meal I had was pain free. Also, no more nightly cough. So, beware, if you have the symptoms I've told you, maybe an unfill is in order. I had been eating very, very small portions and still do so I think my stomach is pretty small. I am 70 years old and food does not appeal to me so I am not afraid of gaining weight. If I do, I will gradually get more fills, but for now, I am happy to be out of pain. Keep the unfill in mind!!
  6. I was told by my doctor to drink orange juice when I wake up 30 min before breakfast Fresh squeezed doesn’t give you heartburn as much as concentrated thanks annette
  7. Hi people. I had gastric sleeve since 1985 and read about people taking papaya. Do you slice the fruit or drink something thanks
  8. I'd be consulting your lap band doctor. 7 years is about the life span for the lap band. Seems patients start having issues with the band and opt to switch to the sleeve. Get it checked out ASAP.
  9. My lap band port has been hurting for quite a few years I fed it for 7 years. It is very tender to touchThe port
  10. Hi All, Wow it has been a long time since I have posted or even read anything in this forum! But I am back for better or worse. I was banded in 2008 at OCC and had what I considered to be great success with my band and it was life changing. I always knew this day would come and have been preparing for it since the beginning of my banded life. Over the last year I have slowly been gaining weight back and have developed some health issues. In May I visited OCC again, my first time since 2008, and had my band checked. It was unfilled and I hoped it would be enough to fix my issues but it has been determined it is time to remove my band. I AM TERRIFIED! Just unfilled I am so hungry again. I don't completely understand how the sleeve works but I have decided to have the band removed and get a sleeve at the same time, hopefully. This will happen July 17, 2019. I keep telling myself that if i just follow all the rules and directions like i did with my band I will be ok and i will lose the weight I have regained but I cant even follow the pre-op diet! I am so afraid of returning to my old habits and unhealthy weight. Any suggestions would be helpful. I am not even sure where to get help on this forum any more.
  11. stormy

    Stormys Journey

    My journey from fat to thin, with support from my friends
  12. I got my band a long time ago and I haven't been on this site for a long time I've been using my band but the problem is I think I'm due for a full. here's the issue even though I'm holding my weight steady if I get another fill I won't be able to get the phlegm down. I end up throwing up. When I got my band I was 275 I think but I'm still 201 and I'm frustrated. I don't over eat but some times I don't eat at all. That's not good. I think I may have her put just a little bit in but the phelm is very thick. Does anyone take something for phelm to get it down. My goal is 170 I'm so close any advise would help thanks.
  13. Hey ya'll l! Fairly new here. Got approved for surgery but haven't set a date yet. Trying to get things in order first. However, I came across info about using a Smart Scale and syncing OCC to it so they can receive the info automatically. Does anyone do this? What scale is recommended? I'm so anxious to start this journey!!!
  14. Had a gastric plication April 2011 had a replication June 2018 due to some weight regain really haven’t lost any more weight getting discouraged 

  15. Smem826, I had to understand that it wasn't the diets that failed it was me, my decision. However, the many diets shows your determination to want to change, but that's not enough. Your mind has to be ready. Because this surgery can be added to your list has another failed attempt to another solution to weight loss. It's like going cold turkey. You have to give up something you love, make you feel good, comfort you etc. I believe you can do it, but make sure your mind is ready and stay connected.
  16. Hi Smem826, I am just starting my pre-op diet. I am not on complete liquid until my 2-weeks prior to surgery. I'm 5"10 I my weight is 330.00, however because of my height I don't look as heavy as I am.
  17. Hi my name is Rhonda and with serious consideration, I start my gastric sleeve journey on April 10th. I am very excited about so many things to come. I feel at ease knowing that Dr. A. Ortiz is my doctor for the start of my journey. I am looking forward to meeting and having a life long relationship of encouragement for everyone.
  18. Congrats go to the OCC for recently receiving their re-certification. JCI certification confirmation 2019.pdf
  19. Hey there! I have been researching for months on the sleeve. I have decided to go with OCC and came across The OCC App. I am looking for some reviews on it. How does it help with your weight loss? Do you feel you have lost more/maintained better and or easier because of the app? Tell me everything! I am so excited to get surgery and can't wait to show before and after pics! Thanks guys!
  20. I have met all of my insurance criteria of yesterday. This took me seven months to do and I'm happy this is behind me. Next I will get a surgical consult and I hope scedule my procedure to be done. Crossing fingers in April of 2019.
  21. I hate to tell you this, but 99.99% of the patients that need plastics to remove their excess skin will be denied by their insurance providers. Cosmetic surgery is considered an elective surgery. It really depends on your insurer and your doctor. If you and your doctor can build a case to show that the excess skin is causing you all kinds of health issues, you might get it done. Good luck.
  22. I have really good insurance railroaders but my guess is that insurance wont cover my skin removal? Did your's cover any of your skin removal?
  23. Burke

    One Year later

    I'm almost done with my credentialing for my bariatric sleeve. I'm lookng at March or April for my surgery. May I ask if you had any skin removal done? I do think about my skin after the procedure often. Any tips or thoughts on that? Thank you. Vicky Congrats
  24. Burke

    new me

    What did you pick for your first meal. And great job!
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