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    Hi everyone, I am interested about loosing weight but I don't know which supplement is best that will not put mi at risk about side effects. Thanks
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    I found this information very informative. It was sent to me from Stacey at Synchrony Health Chicago. They were kind enough to give me permission to posts this. Synchrony Health also offers aftercare to patients that have been banded outside of the USA.
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    Protein powder and supplements will be fine going through customs and airport security. The only thing the airport security is looking for is liquids, aerosols and gels over 100ml in your carry on. If you have anything that's larger than 100ml, put it in your checked bag. If you don't have a checked bag,, don't bring it. Walmart has a lot of travel size stuff under 100ml available.
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    Hi All! I’d like to share both of my positive experiences with the OCC. I was banded in 2007 and was really impressed with the clinic and the aftercare. I lost most of my weight, coming within 20 pounds of my goal. My pre diabetes and high cholesterol is gone. I also don’t have to take arthritis medication for pain in my hips anymore! However, due to a thyroid issue a couple of years ago, I gained some of the weight back. Then early last summer, I started to have some problems with my band. I decided to have a revision and go with the sleeve. After such a good experience the first time, of course I chose to go back to the OCC. The care was just as great as the first time. My band was a good tool and I really liked it but I absolutely LOVE my sleeve! I’ve lost all the weight I regained plus some and am only 12 pounds from my goal. I’m smaller than I’ve been for almost 35 years and am looking into plastic surgery now. A big thank you to the entire OCC team for being so helpful and supportive!
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    Hello - Your post is very encouraging to me! I was banded in November of 2011, loved it (except for the times when I got too much of a fill) until November of 2014 when it slipped on Thanksgiving day and I had to have it surgically removed. At that point in time I had no fill and now I'm thinking I should have kept a small amount in it, but who knows. The surgeon who removed wanted to sleeve me 6 weeks after the band removal, but I knew if I was going to be sleeved, it would be at OCC. At first I thought I would be able to maintain my weight loss as it had been 3 years as my eating habits had changed....but oh OH NO, 15 months later i\I've gained all but 10 pounds of the weight I lost. I'm so looking forward to the sleeve being the tool I need to get back on track and loose this 6- pounds yet again and FOREVER!