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    Scheduled August 3! I'm so nervous and excited!! Worried about losing my pre-op weight. Nervous about going alone! But so excited for all the good I've read. 3 years ago I lost 75lbs on a low carb plan, but put it all on then some in the last year. I'm sick of fighting the urge to eat. So ready to feel less hungry!
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    Dont worry you will be fine. The drs and staff are great. They take good care of the patients. I had mine done may 8th. It went good. Im down 35lbs! The surgery went fast. Hotel was nice too.
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    Anyone else scheduled for August 10th or around that time? I would love to meet up with some fellow VSG patients! How is everyone's pre-op diets going? I am on day 5 of the liquid pre-op diet and I accidentally cheated yesterday! Oops! Out of habit, I grabbed a yogurt from the fridge like I would normally do for breakfast and had eaten almost half of it before I remembered that I'm on a diet and that I shouldn't have it! Felt super guilty and started panicking, wondering if I had just ruined my diet and surgery by eating that little bit of yogurt. Then I realized that a few bites of yogurt wasn't going to completely derail my diet and surgery. Pulled myself together, grabbed a protein shake and got back on track! I'm now more determined than ever to follow the pre-op diet to a T to ensure my surgery goes as smoothly as possible! If anyone is interested in connecting to talk about all things VSG related, feel free to email me at emmylouwentler@hotmail.com Good luck to all!
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    Hi, I'm scheduled for surgery on August 23. Looking forward to it!
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    Hey AmberIs! I just scheduled for August 2nd! I'm traveling alone from the states, and about 3 years ago, I lost 75lbs too (and gained it all back!). Sounds like we have similar stories! I've got some nerves too- not sure if we can direct message on here- but would love to connect, since we're both going alone- and support is always good!
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    This is the topic for those who are scheduling their surgery during the month of August. Posting in this topic gives you a chance to meet other patients that are going to be in TJ during this month
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    I'll be there....arriving in on the 22 and surgery on the 23 so by the 24 should be arriving back at the hotel. Not too sure what time but we could certainly meet up
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    I will arrive at the hotel the 2nd my surgery is the 3rd!
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    My sleeve surgery is scheduled for August 1ST! Who else will be there??
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    Super excited! Im scheduled for August 18th! Best of luck to everyone!