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    I was scheduled for my sleeve on December 1st. Got to the clinic on November 30 for pre-op stuff and they decided to do my surgery that day. I am so glad I went ahead with this as it gave me an extra day to recover before flying home. It was a great experience with amazing doctors and nurses. The hotel and staff are amazing also. The only advise I give is to pack light and pack loose fit clothing. Bring hair ties if your hair is long. Walmart is about two blocks from the hotel but if you walk it is uphill the way there, so we took a taxi back to hotel as I was tired from that walk. I went downtown to Revolutionary way and bought souvenirs, took a taxi there and back. It was a great experience and I have never been to mexico before. My incision sites are almost healed on the outside and I am on day 10. I never had any pain what so ever. Little nauseated after coming out of anesthesia but that did subside. Looking forward to my progression.
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    I'm 12/27 too! Good luck with yours, hopefully I will see you there!
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    Let me know how everything goes and if you have any tips
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