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  1. We got banded the same place on the same day. Im going through it too!!! Your not alone. And the gas pain still sucks!!!
  2. My surgery date is feb 28th, could anyone provide me with a packing list? I want to make sure to take as little as possible while still being comfortable. What do you take home from the hospital? I will be flying and may not be able to have it as a carry on.
  3. Im due for surgery feb 28th and im trying to make a list of what kind of protein shakes I should stock up on. Which ones work the best and dont taste too bad?
  4. Im getting the surgery on feb 28th by ortiz, does any one know of a dr in Oregon that will do fills?
  5. Im Feb 28th! I cant wait! Just need to secure a loan and plane tickets.
  6. Hi Everyone, I am in a hurry to get the surgery done ASAP. I need to find a good surgeon in Oregon that isnt too expensive (i would love to go to mexico but hate the thought of getting on a plane ) I also need to find financing for the surgery. Currently I have a 30 thousand loan out for college and im finding it to hard to find a place to finance me. I might be able to have my grandma co sign but id like to avoid it if i can. Any advice will help. Thank you!
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