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  1. Thanks C1BandedBabe!! These are my scale readings, I started at 215, I am 5'5 I thought, but the OCC said 5'4, and now my scale says 178, the last couple days it has been going between 178-180. But I skipped on walking yesterday and today, but that is why I am back on here, I need that motivation, so I am going to go take a walk before supper now. Need to get 100% dedicated, wish it was falling off faster, but I know, slower is better. We are going on a vacation first of August with a bunch of friends, tubing and canoe, so yep, I will have to put a suit on, like to lose another 10 lbs before then, any advice other that more exercise??????
  2. I WANT TO THANK Kittycatm, JGirl, Dontondan, bandgroupie, Karenlynn79, Ina228, YorkieMommy, DiamondJim, thesuse, Will T, drlukemayes, Willi333, PaulaBee, shrty835, Jann, Kim2Bslim, Alana, lisal, julieburns, 2muchame, erin2796!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I missed anyone, sorry!! You all are so kind, wonderful, and family! I showed my daughter and husband the wonderful compliments and a little about the website and they were both thought it was pretty kewl!! You all are doing great too!! Teamwork and family, we all will make this work!!
  3. AWESOME POST!!!! Every thing about that was true and facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thanks again for everyone's compliments! For you new bandsters, I really don't have no miracle advice. I guess if I had to say anything it would be that the band is a tool and we have to keep that in our head. The first month or two was hard to stop eating because I wouldn't be full. I just had to make myself quit. I have been walking for the last month and half 4-5 times a week. And whenever I think I might have ate more than I should in a day, I will take another walk in the evening. It is amazing how much more energy I have now that I have been exercising. On my second fill, he ended up giving me more than I should of have. So it took me a week or two to get use to eating after 2 pm. Because in the morning I was sooooo tight, I couldn't eat or drink. But now when I get up the first thing I do is drink a cup of hot tea, then around noon, I can eat something. Then the rest of the day when I do eat, I make it good food and make every little bit matter. I have never been a person to stick to exercising. But it sure does make a difference when the scale moves, it really motivates me. Looking at others pictures and reading all their advice has been the biggest key, as I said before, I owe all my appriciation to this website and all the wonderful people!! I love reading, I am not much of a typer, but reading all of the wonderful stories of others and their advice is fantastic for me!!!SUPPORT, SUPPORT, SUPPORT!!! We all need one another through this wonderful journey of our life. I would love to be around 130 pounds, that would be AWESOME, but I really doubt I could ever get that small. For those of you that have lost that much, do you have any advice, and how long did it take you??? > >
  5. You guys are all sooooooooo awesome and I promise you this, I could of never done one pound with out all of you. Everyone is so much help and support here. Many, many, many times I have been so confused or questionable on different things, I go to my favorites, and come straight to this website, I do search after search after search, and always fill 100% better when I X out of this site. Thank you guys all for the compliments and the support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are all doing very well as well!!!!!!!!!!! Sisters at heart always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I was messing around on here and I thought I would post some before and 4 months out pictures. I come to this forum for what ever questions I may have and do search after search to get them answered. I haven't had a lot of time to get on here and post like I should, we had a house fire last year so for the last few months we have been working on the building of our new home. I have met a lot of wonderful people on here and at the OCC when I had my surgery and fill, and I MISS YOU ALL! I have been reading every chance I get and you all are doing awesome!!! For anyone that is considering having the lapband, I would just do it, you won't be sorry. We all have bad and good with it, but with all the support we get through this website and the friends along the way, you will get through it. I was lucky and had my surgery with MamaMichelle, Hannah, Linda, and Macenzie, wonderful girls!! I have met some of the best people along this journey and really look forward to meeting more and seeing the ones I have met! I promise as soon as we get in our house and get our life back to normal, whatever normal is, I will post more. I had my surgery this last Feb. for you that don't know. It is storming really bad here, so I best get the pictures uploaded before electricity goes out, by the way, thanks Michelle, read one of your post on how to put pictures on here, didn't have a clue before, tried a few times before but gave up. Hope it works this time! TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, BEFORE PICTURE! I LOOK LIKE I AM ANGRY AND JUST GOT OUT OF BED.
  7. Hey girls, I have everything lined up, I am staying at the Omni from the 16th - 19th. Are we riding with Zuma to OCC Friday for our fill, what was your ideas for getting back to San Diego? Are we shopping afterwards? I am so ready for a fill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think my daughter and I are going to Sea World and the zoo Thursday. Any good advice on where to buy our tickets for that at a good deal? When will you all be in, where are you staying? Have you already talked to Zuma? Can't wait to see you all!!
  8. Yes, I got my teeth done the day after my surgery, it was $300. WELL WORTH IT, I am a smoker, and it made a drastic change for the better, I was very satisfied with the results! That price was with my coupon they said. She did 4 Zoom treatments on me with no problems. Yea, it upset my stomache the day we were shopping, but my my teeth felt fine, they weren't sensitive at all. It was fun shopping with Michelle, SHE WAS SO AWESOME, she helped me find everything I was looking for. LOVE HER TO PIECES!! Hey Michelle, that one guy that was trying to get Josh to do a shot of tequilla, the picture I got of that, it looks like it is Josh's hand getting ready to do the shot, until you look behind his neck, you can see the guy's hand holding his head, funny! Good luck, it is worth getting it done Kimmie!
  9. OK, just went and tried my size 13s on, THEY FIT!! I have 3 new pairs of jeans from my closet, YIPEE!! I have been wearing size 15-16, the 13s are a little snug but not to where I can't breathe! Just wanted to share that with you all, I was excited, my husband just said, "Good", and off in the other room he went. Shouldn't he be jumping up and down like me, lol, just kidding.
  10. Hey everyone, well yesterday morning and this morning I had breakfast. I ate 3 pieces of bacon and 1 egg both days, went fine. Then yesterday, for supper I had 5 tiny pieces of pork chop and about 6 green beans, it went fine also. I stepped on the scales this morning, they are working again! Since I have been home, I have lost a total of 13 pounds, my jeans are really lose, haven't tried on my smaller ones yet, to scared. Total loss in all is 23 pounds, I am down to 192 lbs. I haven't got to the 25 -30 pounds like a few of you, but trying my hardest. That is awesome Michelle that you are in that support group. My support group is this forum and wow, I don't know what I would do without that! Zulma, that is great you offering to give us all a ride to OCC! This forum is sooooo great, it really is like having a family, actually, I think I talk to you all more than my relatives. Even though I am not the best at getting on here and posting, but when I get the time, I love sitting on here and talking with you all. Does your port area still get pretty sore? When I have a real busy day, I can really feel the tenderness in the port area! Sunday had me a little worried, there was like a burning sensation, I started to worry if maybe I over did it and it flipped. But it has been feeling fine since. I am so excited for all of us, I am so glad I decided to do this. Just think, in a year, watch out, there is going to be some skinny, hot, sexy mamas walking around! I was reading my book last night, it was talking about how one lady that lost a bunch a weight changed jobs, basically changed everything about her life after she lost her weight. That is one thing I don't want to do is do a complete change, my personality is one thing that many people like about me. A friend of mine told me the other day that I seem like I lost 50 pounds because I seem so much more positive about everything. I just don't want to become arogant, snotty, or lose my personality, and I don't want my home life to ever change. Does any of this cross your mind, or is it just me? I have a long way before I get skinny and to my goal weight, but it is still in my mind. Well GREAT JOB everyone, lets keep up the good work!!! YOU ALL ARE GREAT!!!!
  11. Hello ladies, So let me see if I got this right, 18th is the fill appointment? Who is flying in on the 17th, what time? I would like to meet someone at the airport and ride across the border together. And are you staying that Friday night or are you leaving after fill? Have you found out prices on the rooms? I am thinking about bringing my daughter if my friend can't get away. I have been checking out airline tickets, just want to wait and see what time everyone else is flying in. Then, do they give us a ride back to the airport or do we have to figure that out? Sorry so many questions, just wanted to know what everyone else is doing, so I can figure out what I am doing. My daughter is wanting to go shopping, so I am hoping to get to do that. Count me in, I will do all I can to make it work!! Hope all is doing well, can't wait to see you all. OH, the darn scale hasn't moved in a couple of days, thinking about buying a new one, oh, never mind, that is a new one, maybe it is having issues, ha ha, nope, I think I need to change something to get rolling again on the downslide!! Will be waiting to hear from you all, Lisa
  12. Hello all my bandster sisters, it is great to hear how all of you been doing!! I have been trying to keep very busy, so I don't sit on the computer as much, try to keep as busy as I can so I don't think about food! I am feeling 100% now, a little sore in the port insicion but nothing that is slowing me down. I have lost a total of 16.8 lbs, 7 lbs sense surgery, (10 days) I am very excited because I broke that 200 mark, I am at 198 now!! Food is no longer my friend, there for a while I thought I was going to go crazy, that is all I could think of. As of now I am eating malt of meal for breakfast and a slimfast for supper, I am worried with getting the little I am that as soon as I do start eating solids, it will be right back, but I will watch every little thing I put in my mouth. The insicions are doing great, I am going to start using my neosporin today, I bought some mederma while I was in Mexico, I am going to start using it Thursday, it is suppose to be awesome for scars. I am not really exercising, but I do stay busy, so that I am burning calories. There were 2 days, we had cows get out so I helped my husband with them, that consisted of about 10 miles each day, lol, not really, but it felt like it. Those hills about killed me with my coveralls and mud boots on. I am going to call this week and try to make my appointment for my fill. I am going to try and get between the 10th and the 18th. I already checked airling tickets, they are up in price $100, that is terrible! A friend of mine is thinking about coming with me, so I am waiting to get her decision before I call and get the appointment, trying to figure out some fun things for me and her to do in Mexico or San Diego while we are there. Have any of you made your appointment? My husband, Josh, was doing really good dieting with me, he had lost 20 lbs, until yesterday. I was bored, so I made 4 different kinds of cookies for my family. He didn't stop at one cookie, so them cookies may of been a bad idea for him. But I did send some a couple different places so they wasn't all here. Can't believe it, I didn't cheat and eat one, ok, I did lick my fingers once, ok, maybe twice! I woke up in the middle of the night, OH I WANTED A COOKIE SOOOOOO BAD, instead, got me a glass of water and back to bed I went. Well, need to try and plan my day, I was going to go bowling yesterday, but they had leagues all day, maybe I will do that today. Or maybe not, maybe I will just go shopping. I have already shampoo my carpets, cleaned the house, have to find something productive.
  13. Hey Michelle, how are you feeling? Wanted to thank you and your husband for the help at the pharmacies and let you know it was very nice meeting the two of you! We got home Saturday night about 10, we did all of our chores, found out we lost one calf and one wasn't doing very well while we were gone, so we had to give it some meds that night. Sunday morning, felt pretty good, went and visited mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and my mother, the kids and them were very excited we were home, maybe not my mother-in-law, because we ended up telling her why we went, she is a surgical nurse, she wasn't very impressed at all, but oh well, she will get over it. After visiting, we went grocery shopping, then it hit again, that darn gas pain in my chest, so I came home and off to bed I went. This morning still feeling yecky. I think my main problem is I need to go to the bathroom, I am soo bloated, I tried two Correctols yesterday and took two this morning, still nothing, sorry, was hoping you or another bandster would have some advice. The scale has not moved at all and I find that very hard to believe with what I have been drinking, but I also think it has to do with the bloating, have you lost any sense you got home? I am thinking about going back to TJ for my first fill in 6 weeks, are you? Also, do you have a Myspace account? If you do, or any other bandster people, here is me: myspace.com/jbarlminiaussies. So is anyone having the mental hunger? WOW, last night was hard for me, I finally decided to just go to bed so I didn't think about cheeseburgers, pizza rolls, sub sandwiches, milkshakes, and everything else my kids and husband decided they needed to eat yesterday. Well, I do think I am going to lay down, darn chest pain is getting me again. Talk soon!
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