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  1. when I have to have some pizza, I just eat the topping off my favorite pizza!! That dough is probably too gummy to dissolve....Good luck, next time!!
  2. Absolutely Love the Biggest Loser Show!! My Mom and I flew from Louisiana to Nashville 2 years ago for a call out the show was having at Buffalo Billiards, We stood in a freezing rain storm for 9 hours, I went in for audition(they do this in groups) , but was not called back ....however, that is a memory I will have of my mom and I for the rest of my life....bless her heart she was buying everyone standing around us hot chocolate so we wouldn't freeze to death....It was a memory!!! But anyway, I don't care for the brown team to much....I understand its a game, but where is their team spirit??Love the red team and yellow team, but they are all great! P.S They need a Biggest Looser for BANDSTERS!! They can teach us healthy eating and excercise!!!
  3. My doctor told me to stay away from melted cheese, because it is bad for BM's and it can easily clog up your band....it's also got a lot of calories If I'm not mistaking?? Maybe ask your doctor about it?? Good Luck
  4. Hey fellow Louisianians.....I feel you down here in Oakdale...The madness has already started....I guess this evening I need to start feeling up gas cans and getting items at the store(if anything is left)....We were looking for a hotel room to reserve incase the worst, because after Rita we didn't have electricity for 5 days, I can handle 2 maybe even 3, but won't do the 5 again, but anyway the closest available hotel room was up in Tyler, TX....How crazy is that!! But anyway, Good luck Kim and Goofy!!We will all be okay, I Pray for the New Orleans people, because that is where Noaa is showing its going to make landfall!!
  5. mistyband


    You go girl!! Don't let someone else dictate your life or how you should be!! If he can'g except your decisions about your own body, well to hell with him! It sounds to me like he is miserable with himself and wants to keep you down with him....He can't except the fact that you are a STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN and you are going to better your health and your overall image! God will give you the strength to do what you have to do!!
  6. I wasn't banded at the OCC, but it sounds like someone needs to speak with Dr.O about Dr.M's bedside manners....You are human and you have feelings! It sounds to me like you have done a fantastic job at your preop....don't let someone with a sour personality or bad manners get you down....Keep up the good work, and ask for a comment form before you leave the OCC!!
  7. WOW...You look great! Have fun in New Orleans!! You will be about 3.5 hours from me!! You look Great!
  8. Don't deprive yourself It makes you want it more ....M&M has the 100 calorie paks at Target....If I'm having a bad day and need a pick me up, I will take out a pack and snack on them.... But Congradulations on your success!!
  9. I have the 10cc band and I just got my 3rd fill and it put me up to 2cc in my band...and it has been a very aggressive fill....I can't eat or drink anything in the morning...around 11 I start sipping on some tea or water to get me ready to try and eat some lunch....in the evening isn't near as bad...I guess I've relaxed by then causing my band to relax?? but anyway, not complaining its doing its miracle job, helping me lose the weight! and I think size of the band depends on the size of your stomach or something like that, it doesn't depend on the amount of weight to loose...Good luck!
  10. Way to Go!! Keep up the great JOB!! >
  11. Donna thank you sooo much! you are such a friend! Can't wait......Good luck with your car! and Goofy219 you are right down the road from me....It is a very small world...We will have to get together and have a band meeting one nite....see how many other bandsters are in our area!
  12. I will also reimburse you for shipping.....let me know what I owe!
  13. Yes I would love to get them from you...I will pay you for them, just let me know how much....my address you can send them to is 333 E. 6th Avenue, Oakdale, LA. 71463.....Thank you soooo much! >
  14. Michelle I have you in my prayers, you will find what you have misplaced!
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