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    Not much but getting through each day without a meltdown. Somedays are wonderful and some are bottomless pits.
    On my wonderful days, I love playing with my pomeranian, Rex, and my corgi, Pandy. I scrapbook, make keepsake, heritage quality boxes, and play World of Warcraft.
  1. (The lyrics change depending on who tells you what they are..
  2. LOL.. It is an old kids song I had to learn for a voice recital when I was little.. Hungry, hungry I am hungry Table, table here I come I could eat a goose-moose burger Fifteen pickles and a purple plum I could eat three bowls of goulash Half a pound of wuzzled wheat I could eat a peck of poobers Then I'd really get to work and eat Oysters, noodles, strawberry stroodles French fries, fish hash, one red beet Lamb chops, wham chops Huckleberry mish mash Oh, the things that I could eat Doughnuts, dump-a-lings Blueberry bump-a-lings Chocolate mush-mash, super sweet Clam stew, ham stew, Water melon wush wush Oh, the stuff that I could eat Deep dish rhubarb, upside-down cake I could eat a frittered flum Hungry, hungry, I am starving Table, table, here I come
  3. I have managed to look at food, then pass it by, but as I approach mushies on Monday, I find that I am starving for stuff... tuna (go figure!), spaghetti sauce! (I don't know why that one.) chicken salad... yep, I make mine just about like Lori does.. I am ready to go buy cottage cheese and regular yogurt and other mushified foods.... Now I am really starving!! Old song I knew... Hungry, hungry, I am hungry Table, table, here I come I could eat a goosemoose burger, fifteen pickles and a purple plum. I could eat 3 bowls of goulash, half a pound of wuzzled wheat, Hungry, hungry, I am STARVING, then I'd really get to work and eat!
  4. I would like to throw out a word of caution to those of you who are eating a gluten free diet. Unless you have Celiac's disease, it is NOT recommended that you go gluten free. People will swear that it makes their complexions glow or cause them to lose weight, but there is no empirical data to support that. There IS empirical data to support the fact that a gluten free diet is missing a number of key nutrients and fiber. If you have Celiac's disease, you have no choice. If you don't have Celiac's disease, then another choice than gluten free is probably better. From the Ultrawellness Center - "Unless you have celiac's disease, there is no benefit to a gluten free diet and possibly some harm caused by it due to "frankenfoods" made to replace gluten free products." There are dozens of medical references to these facts, so if you are thinking of doing gluten free, please talk to a gastroentronologist first.
  5. Paula Bee

    summer skin

    feeling great for me ALWAYS includes pain, (if it involves exercise.) Also, good for you and Kyle! It helps to have someone walking the walk with you.
  6. Paula Bee


    Thank you both for your encouragement! When you are tired, and guilty, and discouraged as a daughter, it helps to have someone point and say, "there is the next step! You can do it!"
  7. Paula Bee


    I am tired all the time, but I don't think it has anything to do with my sleeve. My mom has early onset alzh., and has been living with me for 18 months. It has gotten so unpleasant around her that I cannot wait to take her to my brother's house on Friday. I feel very guilty for being so glad she is leaving for a month or two, and even guiltier that I am hoping she decides to stay there. Until this is all settled, I don't really have a perspective on how my energy level is. I am doing the best I can with water and protein, and I guess that is all I can do. I am ready to put my full attention on my health and weight loss... It will be a relief.. nice. Just mullygrubbing, I guess.
  8. Lori, one thing that I have enjoyed using is the Unjury unflavored protein mix. It has both whey and soy in it, so I am not sure how it would work for you, but I like putting it in my tomato soup, for example. It works in just about anything except plain.
  9. Paula Bee


    I am so excited for you! I don´t think we will actually get to meet each other, but I can´t wait to hear how you are doing!
  10. I am doing great! My only physical issue is from being too fat... hip pain.. which I hope will be aleviated by weight loss. You have me so curious now about the cosmetic procedures. I really am not interested in botox, because most of my ¨creases¨ are too deep for that... the ones around my mouth and the ones in my forehead. I have surprisingly few wrinkles other than those. I have a 40th class reunion in October, and I need to think of what tweaks might work for that. You have certainly made this journey more comfortable!
  11. Lori has me all curious about some of the cosmedic procedures. I don´t know if it is fair to my spouse or our retirement fund to spend anymore money. I am just thinking about my 40th class reunion in October,(which I wasn´t even going to attend at my presurgery weight.) As far as surgery, I am feeling fine... much better than I thought I would at this point. I am anxious to get the port out and get home to my hubby, because I really miss him so much. More later.. need to check out some of the cosmetic stuff
  12. Paula Bee

    Two days out

    Surgery was Monday, and I am feeling so much better than I thought I would at this point. I get to start liquid yogurt tomorrow, but I am not even sure where to get any around the Marriott. I am still very tired, and I know that is normal. I think I am going to be kind to myself and get a first class ticket for the flight home. I am still in a LOT of pain in my left hip and knee, and I don´t think I can tolerate being squished up in the postage stamp size seat for another 7 hours. Think I will head off for some yummy broth and a nap!
  13. I enjoy watching you a week ahead of me. I am glad you are feeling well and I know you are beautiful. Happy anniversary, btw.
  14. Paula Bee

    Packed and ready

    I am all packed up and ready to fly out at 6:30 am tomorrow! I have crushed everything I can into my carry on bag.... it is under the weight limit, but I just can't squish in my heating pad or my favorite pink "NAP" brand "blankie." I have paid the bills, written down instructions to help my husband care for my mom while I am gone. My fear is them not doing the whole thing at once....just have to think positively.. I need a week away from my mom. Having to care for an early onset Alz mom at my house has been taxing, and I am glad I can get a break. (Who thought I would have to fly all the way from Florida to Tijuana to get a rest from my mom. :/ Kids are coming to supper tonight, and hubby is running them off by 9 so we can go to bed... not that we will sleep... or at least I won't.
  15. Yay! I fly to San Diego on Sunday morning and go from there to the Marriott. Monday is surgery day... one of my fears is that they will get the band off and not be able to do the sleeve for several months. Not only would that be an emotional crash-and-burn, but all these days of protein shakes only would be wasted, and I would have to buy another round trip ticket from Florida.... mmm.. just remembered that if I don't have surgery I will have to change my flight plans and that will be even more expensive! The money tree in our backyard is bare... I just hope that they can do everything on Monday.
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