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  1. Thank you so much! I am very proud of the 32lbs I have lost but because I am so vertically challenged (only 5'3") it looks like more. I thank God daily for my band!!!

  2. Has anyone priced lumineers in mexico? If you have please share. I looking got have some done and want to see if anyone knows the pricing in mexico. Monet
  3. Hey girls......how are we doing? Monet
  4. Hey there.....been there done that, have a t-shirt!!!!! It was not until my third fill, did I start losing, of course that is my story. Stay calm, no matter what we are banded..... and we are coming out swingin, IF WE HAVE TO cause this will work for all of us! (LOLOLO) Your band holds 4 cc right and your fill is 1.3 ok, give it someome time, fills can be tricky, so stay focus and by all means DON'T PANIC! Monet
  5. Ok young lady.......chill out! You are have feels that alot of us had. Your banded for life so get to know your band ! Name it, make it your friend! Your mind will play tricks on you. Information is powerful, the band was sown to your stomach, so unless your turning summer sults and bouncing up and down on your belly (LOLOLOL) then relax....give the band time to heal! Your fine!!!! Monet
  6. Rememer, This weight lose is for your liver sakes.....they will band you, trust me! They just wnat to insure that your liver does not swell or get bigger before your surgery. Your alot smaller that some of us......so relax. Try 2 protein shakes and one meal until surgrey or 3 times for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Soon, you will be posting that you worried for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Monet
  7. FEAR NOT....... What we should fear is a heart attack or a stroke and or what ever is coming if we do nt get the weight off ( that's is how I talk to myself) Your in good hands and so pickk and chose your fears.......your making the right choice. Monet
  8. Hey Claire, I have been there......Don't panic! I was a slow loser until I got my third fill. Everyone's body is different. Inhes is what you want to focus on right through here. I had my third fill and my weight is droping off. Please keep in mind, watching others losing weight can be a help and a hinderance.....FOCUS ON YOU! You did not waste your money....the band does work cause I have been where you are. Finally, what meds are you taking......sometimes it slows the weight loss at times. Watch Sodium intake Lose the bread Off the dairy Grill your foods Lots of vegges Lots of water Forget how others are losing.......the younger the quicker the weight comes off. Master the band for you, and do you! Monet
  9. Hey Jann, This information is great! Thank you Monet
  10. Lock27, This may sound strange, in time this will all come together. I eat more than three times a day...but that is me. Most of the time, it's very little. With the band, and once you start getting your fills.....you may or may not be able to eat three times a day. If you get hungry, protien drinks and protien are good to eat. I respond this way because your still very new with the band. I had questions, that are no longer big deal, once you get going with the band. Hope this helps...for whatever it's worth. Monet
  11. Congrats.....Cedartown.....what took you so long!!!! (lol) Glad to have you on our side! =D> =D> Monet
  12. Hey girls, Correct me if I'm wrong....this site is for those with the Gastric Bypass pouche, not the lapband! Good info though..... Monet
  13. Wow, Ok then, I was correct in thinking that the girls that I got banded with......just dont come here for support.
  14. Musiclover, I am right with you......its these same victories, that will keep us going!!!! Monet
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