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  1. Very weird that I read this today, because I have been having the same problem. But then the past couple of days my stomach has been cramping and just yucky feeling...don't want to eat...hmmmm. Maybe I need to try a sports drink or two myself! Thanks for your post! Jacklyn
  2. I agree with Lisa, eat when you are hungry. But for me I do get hungry during the day and a snack is a must (I get a bad bad stabbing shoulder/neck pain if I am hungry so that is my trigger!). However I really only eat 4 maybe 5 times a day. I eat when I am hungry and what I am hungry for, in the morning it usually is a protein shake because I'm very tight and just worked out. In the afternoon it might be salad and a couple of hard boiled eggs. But the afternoon when I am working I truly get hungry and either eat an all natural whole grain popcorn, some almonds, or sometime just 1 cheese stick light. I always make sure to measure out my snacks so not to overdo it but normally a whole serving is too much. I loose better when I eat more than 3 times a day and I have a lot more energy, but if I'm not hungry I'm not hungry. Plateaus SUCK so you need to know what is right for you, because obviously we all have our own special techniques. Good luck and we know you can get through this!!! Jacklyn
  3. I was in your some position I was stuck at 222 for 3 months! You will get through this just keep working hard and doing what you know it right! I know you don't want to hear this, you just want the scale to go DOWN but you can get through it!!! Keep us posted and good luck! Jacklyn
  4. You might be a bandster if your hubby says don't peanut butter on me! (our code for PBing) If you know what fluoro is. If you begin to like your morning protein shake. If you can honestly said you have been on a 4 week liquid diet. If you had voluntary surgery in Mexico and know it was the BEST option. Just a few I could think of for now. Jacklyn
  5. I went for a fill this past Wednesday and felt fine, but by the time I made it home (after a little more shopping and a flight) I was so tight I could barely drink water. It worsened the next day and by Friday morning I KNEW I had to do something. I would say that you should listen to your body because although it is tempting to have such great restriction (especially when wanting great weight loss) it is not worth the suffering. Just listen to what your body is saying, you will be surprised that it generally makes the right decision. Good luck and keep us posted!! Jacklyn
  6. That is my favorite pizza too Pammie! Sooo good! I too only eat the toppings, today I ate the toppings off of one piece (pepperoni and olives) and a small boneless wing. I was full. Luckily I got my unfill on Friday because I truly think I am at my sweet spot now! LOVE IT! Cheers for being "normal" eaters now!! Jacklyn
  7. They all sound good!! I love almonds but everything else was new to me! Thanks, its always great to get new ideas and keep eating fresh. Thanks Jacklyn
  8. Oh yes you will know. Empty means that the saline pouches in the lap band do not have anything in them, fill is referring to the fact that you are getting saline injected into the lapband, this is what makes the lap band a tool that can be modified to fit everybody's needs, as everyone has a different amount in their band. And a refill can be either after all the saline was taken out and put back in or can be that they are just adding more to the existing amount. I may not be 100% on these so if any other bandsters want to jump in and help that would be great. The greater amount of saline in your band the more restricted you will feel. If it is very loose you will have zero to little restriction and too much you will be PBing and/or throwing up everything from spit to food. The point of the fills is to find the sweet spot so you can reduce meal sizes but still be able to eat nutritiously. Once you begin being able to eat more or being hungry you know you need a fill. A fill is given with a needle into the port site which has a tube leading to the band and inflates the band like a balloon. I am a needle phobe and it isn't nearly as bad as I thought!! Everybody has different fill amounts and usually go through several until their weight loss journey ends. Some people have 7 I have had just 3 (and one unfill yesterday....tooo tight!!) in one year. It really depends on the person, their size, and their ability to take small bites, chew chew chew, and eat nutritiously. I hope this answered some of your question. Let us know if you have more! Jacklyn
  9. Wow I am so jealous! I bet you will do great let us know how it is....the video you posted was amazing!! Good luck and I bet you will feel great afterwards. Have a blast! Jacklyn
  10. I think you are right Lisa, I drank a good amount today so not in danger of being dehydrated, but it is the first 24 hours so I will be patient. I had actually planned on being on liquids for 7 days (more than the OCC recommends but what this dr thinks) However, I know the first 24-48 hours are the worst as far as swelling, but don't want to be stressing about something that may fix itself. I guess Ill try to take it easy, haven't had much sleep this week so that could be it too!! Thanks!
  11. So I got my 3rd fill yesterday and while my experience was great and I found a fantastic doctor, I am a little worried I am too tight. I can barely drink and while I haven't been hungry all day I couldn't really eat any soup. I can't exactly take another day off work and fly to my fill dr AGAIN so I am just seeing if anybody was this tight and after the swelling and stuff went down they were fine. I could be just stressing over it and worried about my finals coming up but I am just a little worried that I got it a bit too tight. (he decided to just put .5cc in there not try different amounts as I am used to) Hopefully I will be fine once the swelling and stress go down, but I don't want to be miserable! Jacklyn
  12. I owe Denise and Dana a great big thank you for recommending Dr. Jay to me. He was amazing and even my needle phobia was put at ease. He was extremely nice, very quick, and can't complain about the price either. I had a great day with my mother we made a whole day of it and went shopping and to the museum so I am so grateful that I found a great fill dr close to home and got a mini vacation! I can't thank you enough. Also I now have 2.5cc in my 4 cc band so I am getting on up there. I feel super super tight so I am hoping this will be my final fill, I lost 50 with two so why not 30 with one. I hope that is. But anyway I just wanted to let everybody who is struggling or plateauing right now know that a fill is necessary. I know that I am going to have to recommit to the band, eating slowly and small bites, but I know that it will get me out of my almost 2 months of no weight loss so if your stuck don't give up get a fill!!! Although I do hope it loosens just a little...I am sure when the swelling goes down I will be in a great spot! So thank you ladies for helping me out tremendously!! Jacklyn
  13. You look amazing!! Can't wait to start catching up with you in the appearance dept.!!! Good job and keep up the great work...its paying off ! Jacklyn
  14. Haha to each his own I guess!! I'm sorry it has traumatized you....HAHA! But sounds like your plan is working so keep up with the good work. Jacklyn
  15. I love using spaghetti squash when I make the noodle dishes for my husband, it has even gotten him to eat more veggies!!! You could try that to get that some "spaghetti" effect but stick with your hard work and get the veggies you need! You had great examples I think I might need to try eating cottage cheese. Thanks for the break down! Jacklyn
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