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  1. I was also banded at the OCC in June but it was on June 12, only 2 days after you!

    What a small world this is!

    You sound like you are doing well. 50 pounds already? I am way behind you. Where are you getting your fills?

    I am driving to Troy Michigan on Sunday to get a fill on the Monday (Thanksgiving). I hope to do abit of shopping maybe too.

    I have

  2. I have a 9cc band, which is the smaller of the two sizes when banded in Canada...I have had 3 fills, total 5.5 cc in my band and I have done very well...when you get a fill, ensure that you get a good one!! Good Luck!!
  3. That's an amazing story Jann...believe me nothing is more embarrassing than having to ask for a seatbelt extender and being sandwiched between two strange men and my thighs/butt touching each one and there is no way in h*ll I can do anything about it. Not to mention the arm rests only coming down onto my hips, as I did not fit between them. I am hoping by March when I fly to the Bahamas, I won't need a seat belt extender and will fit comfortably between the arm rests. Thanks again for posting a very important post!!
  4. Congrats on your surgery!! You did it!!! I would ask your questions to the staff at OCC...I assume you are still there???
  5. Hi there...I know...it's hard to find a really good protein shake...you can make your own...skim milk, fruit and protein powder. Add protein powder to your liquid yogurt or creamy soup...that's what I did...I didn't touch a shake after pre-op for 5 months...bad memories!! LOL!! Good Luck!
  6. FAB-U-LOUS!!!! Keep it up girl and you will be driving into ONERLAND very soon!!!!
  7. That really sucks!!! I don't blame you for being angry..that's so unprofessional. I hope you find a good fill centre!!
  8. Congratulations!!! You did it!!!! Take it easy, walk and sip and before you know it..the only thing you'll be complaining about is your pants falling off!!! All the best and safe trip home!!
  9. YUMMMMYY!!! I love baked potatoes any which way...I am definitely trying this one!!! Thanks Cara!!
  10. I didn't know you worked in insurance...me too!!! What do you do??
  11. Congrats Kimberly and welcome to the other side!!!! I am so happy everything went well....safe trip home!!!
  12. I think the state of the economy is affecting everyone..even us Canadians. The automotive industry in Canada is huge and is being seriously impacted by what's going on all over the world. I am sorry to hear that you have more people on welfare than before...that's tough...but the positive thing is..you have your job and are needed there more than ever to help those in need. My hubby and I are very lucky, we work in essential service industries and no matter how bad things get, we have our jobs. Good luck to everyone!!!
  13. It's perfectly normal to have doubts and what ifs...when I finally booked my first consult, I ate everything insight, thinking it was the last time. Honestly...a month or two from now, you will be telling us it was the best decision you and your hubby ever made...I guarantee it!! If you are committed to the lifestyle change and getting healthy...you will do great!!! Take care and best of luck!!!
  14. Really??? It's high in protein, I usually only eat half or take the fish off the bun and scrape off the tartar sauce...I would have thought it would be better than a greasy burger??
  15. You are doing so great, so proud of you!!! Positive attitude is key to getting through this journey and you have it!! Good Luck to you!!
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