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  1. sunshinegirl


    I have the same issue. The band does not cure our "head hunger". I too eat throughout the day and I'm not getting anywhere. I have an over eating disorder and all the band is doing is stopping me from eating too much at one sitting but an hour later I can eat again. If I didn't have the band I would be much bigger by now. Only we can stop this, its just not that easy or we would be thin
  2. I've had 4 fills, 3 done by a nurse and 1 by a doctor. They were all blind and there were no problems finding the port nor was there any pain.
  3. I was browsing the Medical Tourism website and found this list of doctors that do fills on people that had their surgery outside Canada. I have an appointment in Halifax next week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I had a nurse outside of Halifax that did my last 3 fills but she dropped off the face of the earth so now I have to try someone new. the nice thing is that he only charges $50 and she charged $150. I am a little nervous because he's fairly new at this and the nurse was great with lots of experience and even came to my house to have it done. Hopefully this will help those who have a hard time finding a fill doctor. Alberta, St Albert - Dr Daviduck (780) 460-4562 Alberta, Calgary - Dr Phillip Mitchell 403 264-6720 Quebec,Montreal - Nicolas Christou Royal Victoria Hospital (514)843-1531 Nova Scotia, Halifax -Dr. Robert Stricker 902-494-1623
  4. sunshinegirl

    Took a stand

    Good for you. I would never have the guts to do that, as I don't like confrantations. but I would have called the cops.
  5. sunshinegirl

    Is anyone on Facebook?

    How do I find you? there's lots of you
  6. sunshinegirl

    Is anyone on Facebook?

    kittycat how will I find you on facebook?
  7. sunshinegirl

    Is anyone on Facebook?

    I'm on facebook, can I join? you'll find me at Sue Wyse, Halifax. I'm assuming that I can find you guys and request friendship? I won't mention about the lap band to anyone so that no one get exposed
  8. sunshinegirl

    2 Weeks Post Op

    Wow! I can hear the excitement inyour words. Good for you. We all have slip ups but its part of life, no one is perfect all the time. Keep up the good work!!
  9. sunshinegirl

    terrible, terrible fill experience

    Wow, what an experience. I have a nurse that's trained by Inamed do my fills. my 1st one was done at her house and my second fill she was in the city (she lives 1.5hrs away from me) and came to my house, talk about convenience. She feels for the port puts the needle in and finds the port very quickly. No pain. I still could use more restriction but I do have some, maybe next time it will be the magic number. She charges $150.00 but its worth it. Inamed is paying for all her expenses when she goes to their conference in Toronto, which is very reassuring. Good luck to you
  10. sunshinegirl

    Hi hi!

    Greetings from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I too spent 2 days in Sand Diego. The trolley tour was great and we got to stop at difference drop off points and do some sight seeing and shopping. I was on this site for about 1 month and by the time I went it felt like I had already been there. Lots of info here, its great. The staff at the clinic are fantastic and Dr. Ortiz is sooooo good looking. I felt great after surgery and the next day we hit Revolution Ave for some serious shopping. keep reading and we are here for all your questions.
  11. sunshinegirl

    Diet News

    I lost 80 lbs in 7 months on Atkins but thought of it as a diet so when I reached my goal I started to add the junk food which triggered my cravings and it was all down hill from there. Unfortunately I did gain most of it back but it was because I was eating too much junk and binging. I needed to make it my way of life but screwed up. During this time I was in the best shape of my life due to working out with weights and ate veggies everyday. No packaged foods. The beauty of this plan is that if you can follow the rules for the 1st two weeks you will lose all cravings and a lot of your appetite. I should consider it again, it is a more fun way to eat.
  12. sunshinegirl

    Lap Band in Las Vegas,NV?

    It is way cheeper. The price here in Canada was $16,000 and I had it done in Tijuana for half of that. Excellent people, excellent care, excellent margaritas Good luck
  13. sunshinegirl

    My band is talking to me

    You shouldn't feel hungry. I put the food on my salad plate and eat what's there. I'm not hungry but I'm not stuffed either. I know personally that if I was always hungry after eating that I would start resenting the band and start binging on junk. I find that after a meal I am good for 3hrs at least before I notice the hunger or cravings kicking in. I eat slow most of the time but there are moments where my uncomfortable feeling kicks in but its too late for me to do anything about it because the food is already eaten. I need to work on this.
  14. sunshinegirl

    Leaving in a few minutes

    That's great news. Congrats on the steps =D>
  15. sunshinegirl

    Non Scale Victories

    I hear ya. I use to take smaller steps so that my legs would not rub