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  1. Thanks for the info I just e-mailed this Dentist and will keep you posted. I'll be in Mexico around the 20th of August for a different procedure and hopefully do this while there. I'll keep you posted thanks once again!
  2. I'll only tell when I reach my goal weight! that's why my profile is faceless on this and other sites. Are you kidding me? they'll totally freak out! (my family). They all think losing weight is as easy as GET TO THE GYM AND STOP EATING! But again, I was the fattest pig in my family
  3. Hey Gang! I too, will be having some work done by Dr Quiroz on the 20th of August. He was recommended by the OCC and they have very good reputation with most people I talked to (all Dr Ortiz patients) I'm not at my goal weight yet, but I'm one of those people whose body is very uneven. It looks like all the weight I've lost so far is from my upper body! Even my breast are smaller and I wear a size M top, in contrast to a 16W pants. After seeing my pictures, he recommended a liposuction on both thighs ans hips and a small breast implant (a full B will do) to even my body. I'll be staying at la Casa De Lilas, and, If all goes well, will be home by Saturday, for a total of 3 nights. PS: you could check Carolynn's (patient care coordinator for Dr Ortiz') pics on the COSMED website. She had a total weight loss of 103lbs and he transformed her into a... hot cake at the tender age of 62 (go to www.cosmedtj.com, and click on plastic surgery after weight loss to see her) I'll keep you posted!
  4. Hey Valeen! I had that dilemma a couple of months ago and both this forum and the price made it easier for me to go to TJ. 15000 dollars will pay for a mini vacation (5 star hotel stay, the procedure, including pre-and post op care for a couple of days, the surgeon and the anesthesiologist fees) and you'll still have a bunch of money left to... whatever. I had surgery in May and the results are starting to show. I'll suggest you visit www.obesitycontrolcenter.com and inform yourself about everything you need to know. You can call and talk live (?!) to the Nutritionist, the Cardiologist, and the Surgeon to ease your fears before you make up your mind. The care they give is impeccable, they still have that human side of compassion and caring that healthcare providers should have. Believe me I know what I'm talking about, I'M A NURSE! Good luck!
  5. Hi there! could you please send me the name and contact of this Dentist? I need some work done and the whitening too as soon as possible. I've been shopping around for a while. After reading this post, I feel like I can just give them a call in great confidence, they know what they're doing. Do they pick patients to/from the airport? Thanks DeParis just wanted to share that I have found a great dentist in TJ if anyone needs care. Zoom whitening is only $250. My recent root canal and beautiful crown were done overnight for $450 TOTAL - and less if it is not a back molar as mine was. All prices are about 1/3 or 1/4 US friggin prices. My dentist locally wanted $2400 for the root canal and crown - and 3 weeks. I also had him remove all those old dangerous mercury-leaching metal fillings and replace with white ones that look like there's no filling at all. Even if flying in, you can save thousands like i did. Hope everyone is doing great! I'm almost to goal - thank God for Dr. O.
  6. Hi there! could you please send me the name and contact of this Dentist? I need some work done and the whitening too as soon as possible. I've been shopping around for a while. After reading this post, I feel like I can just give them a call in great confidence, they know what they're doing. Do they pick patients to/from the airport? Thanks DeParis you just gave me the right di
  7. need I say more? These encouragements and kudos are the reasons we all come to this forum! Thanks ladies. I hope my restriction will last as long as possible too. I hope someday see the end of the tunnel and finally win this obesity battle! keep up the good work all! DeParis!
  8. Just weighed myself today and needless to say I am very happy with my restriction so far. I did get 2ml on the 8th of July and after 3 days of liquid, I started what I could eat of solid (not much)! I lost 3 whole lbs! I cannot eat fully solid food yet even though I'm trying to have something down. The best thing is that I HAVE TO REMIND MYSELF TO EAT! How wonderful! I just don't get hungry...
  9. Thank you Mamamichele and all of you e-friends out there. It's a true blessing to have such encouraging words from all of you.
  10. I just received my first fill yesterday 2ml on a 4ml band. I was very excited for this trip and oh Lord what a depressing one it happened to be! Not my fill, because it was as always a great experience, everybody is GREAT at the O CC, but I met a bunch of losers that made my trip, well... I was picked from the airport in SD, along with 3 women (believe me I wished they were Mamamichele to keep me going) that were averaging at least 250lbs each. After we all were comfortable enough to talk to each other, I realized that these women have been banded an average of 1.5 years each and no weight loss... They gave me a lecture about their stories, and I concluded that these people paid 8,000 dollars for this procedure and kept on eating. None of them made an effort to change their habits and, of course they had an excuse for everything. One of them wanted to test her band right after surgery at... A TACO BELL. I couldn't believe it! Anyway, back to my band and fill, I hope this first fill brings all the restriction I need to knock down another 20lbs like I did post-op. I don't think I'll live with myself if I lost this battle after putting my family through this...
  11. I'll be having my first fill tomorrow at the OCC. Will be flying to SD from sunny Phoenix, AZ at 0730am and my appointment is for 1030. Would love to meet people from this forum to chat. If you're already there or will be there tomorrow..., and like this idea, please get in touch. Afterwards, a dental work for me an a visit to the famous surgeons at COSMED at 1300, Rest assured, I'll keep you posted on all prices for these procedures that will complete our makeovers... Have a great one...
  12. wish I could hang out too... no days off in my profession. I'll be working a 12 hour shift on friday
  13. sat, monday, thursday, cardio kickbox (turbo-jam) tuesday and wednesday morning weights an 2 to 3 miles on the treadmil abdominals not allowed yet myclothes are fitting better! (non scale victory)
  14. Thanks Lexi. I live in the phoenix area as well, and will definitely give them a call. I'm scheduled for my 1st fill on the 8th of July, but I think, after reading your post, I'll be getting my future fills there. Could you share how many fills you've had from them? how much restriction did you've had? Also if anyone wanted to carpool or else to get up there, maybe we need to start talking to one another. once again thanks for the info
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