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  1. rob3639

    1 fill

    i guess one fill is all i needed...i think. last night i had like two bites of tunafish and came rite back up. today i had a proteen bar for breakfest and 4 small meat ball's for lunch and i felt full. tonight i went to have 2 leftover and could not keep them down. is this normal? i asked the doctor how much i got and he said 5 1/2
  2. What a weird comment that appears as though was left by me "Welcome to the Forum Dani?" Not sure what I meant by that - but WELCOME TO THE FORUM ROB!

  3. im sure she is a nice lady, but thats not me
  4. someone's pic is on my profile and i cant get rid of it ...help!!!!!
  5. at fills usa in N.J. the doctor is really cool and yes they know what there doing. I asked how much i got ,and the dr said 5 and a 1/2. Does anyone know if that is alot?
  6. yes threw up so bad i just wanted to rip the band out.. just drink lots of warm tea and walk walk and walk.
  7. whats the port supposed to feel like ? i know something is there but some days i really cant feel it.
  8. dont worry about the scale rite now . just keep walking,follow the diet and in a few weeks u will feel like a million bucks. if you feel bloated sip on tea it helps.
  9. tomorrow is my last day on post op diet. cant wait to chew again. does anyone know if i will have any restriction or do i need a fill first?
  10. 1) campbells cream of chicken soup taste so good, i mean really really good........ 2) coffe is gross- used to drink it all day long,since surgery cant stand it.
  11. 3 weeks post- op before going to the gym.
  12. i stayed in the days inn on pacific hwy i was a dump dont stay there, go next door to the residence inn by marriott. same price but what a difference. also right next to the airport.
  13. 11 more days till food any one no what else i can eat besides soup and shakes?
  14. how easy is it for your band to slip? im just over parinoid , but im afraid to do anything. anyone got some advice? im 10 days post op.
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