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  1. I had a fill at the Roswell fill center on April 10. I was quite impressed with the expierence. I had to travel 250 miles and I will return for my future fills.
  2. Hello Denise. We are doing O.k. We take each day as it comes. Holidays have been tough, though.
  3. I live in Clarksville, Tn and I found a Dr in Nashville. His name is Hugh Houston. For Mexico patients, your first two fills are done under X-ray.The first two fill trips were pricey, but rest are not bad. The time factor going back to OCC was a problem for me. Roswell may be your best bet. Living in Chattanooga, you are half-way between Atlanta and Nashville.
  4. We flew coach to San Diego and we flew first-class back. I really enjoyed the flight back. No problems... at all.
  5. I was banded June 16 at the OCC. My family thought that I was crazy for going to Mexico to be banded. I had done a lot of research and had read Dr. Ortiz's book. His book is one of the best on the subject. I was quite impressed with the whole experience. I could not had any better care anywhere. The care that I received was far better than I had had in the U.S. Everyone that I came into contact with at the OCC , you could just tell that loved what they were doing. The clinic was spotless. I traveled to Mexico not only because that I was a self pay patient, but of their experience and the number of lap-band surgeries that Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Martinez had done. Congrats for making the decision for a healthier life. Not only did I save a lot of money, I feel like that I had a better experience by going to TJ to the OCC.
  6. Wishing you a good fill and restriction, Denise and Trina. My first fill is tomorrow.
  7. I know what you are talking about. Been there and won the T-shirt.
  8. My wife name is Connie and she is almost as sweet as me. lol
  9. No, I am going to Nashville. I found a Dr who will do my fills and aftercare. He is only 45 miles from where I live. I would love to go back to the OCC for my fills but, time is an issue. I was going to use the Fill Center in Farmington, Missouri. Even though the Fill Center is cheaper, when taking into consideration the price of gas and the time traveling there, the extra expense is worth it for me. I figured my first 3 fills cost at both places, driving time and gas expense etc, etc. It was only about 200 dollars more and 14 hrs less driving time. I will also have access to a nutritionist.
  10. WOW! It seems that I have missed something while being gone. Mona-Camille, I have found your posts to be very supportive and good knowledge worth sharing. And I agree, sharing and altering personal e-mails is very wrong and down-right mean.
  11. On my first night of solid foods, I got a piece of salmon stuck. I remember it well and I do not want to revisit, anytime soon. My first PB.
  12. On my surgery report, it stated that the band was stitched in place.
  13. I have my first fill on Wednesday, August 13. I am hoping for good restriction.
  14. I was banded on a Monday, took in the sights in TJ Tuesday, Flew home Wednesday and back to work on Saturday.
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