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  1. How are you doing? I hope all is well. :)

  2. julieburns

    I am still here

    Thanks for the update. This forum looks totally different from when I was on here last. I am trying to read your message to me Kim. It sounds like you are doing the right thing by getting a 2 year check. Truthfully the $$$ thing has stopped me from getting anything done for well over a year. I also need to get a check up as I have had alot of trouble the last 6 months with it. Glad to reconnect and I'll try to figure out how to get your message.
  3. Lisa you have been an inspiration to me and a wonderful , kind board member to all. Thank you for your continued participation. I love your new pics...is that really you? ( I know it is) All my best to you in all you do Julie PS: I am 4 weeks out on my breast reduction and feel like a new person. I feel like I lost 50# in 1 week, actually 12 but that's great. I don't recognize the person in the mirror in clothes but I sure like what I see. The surgery has inspired me to get going hard again and get the rest of my middle weight off now that I can see it!
  4. Thanks Jen for your honesty and encouragement. Currently I am about a size G or H. I hope to be made as small as possible according to my body frame and the Dr's opinion. I think a B would be fabulous!! I imagine it will be quite a surprise when waking up.
  5. Yes I need a reduction after losing 70 pounds. It's something I've needed for years but never met the criteria for my insurance to pay...now it will because my back is finally so messed up and I have lost weight. I am starting to get a little nervous about the pain after surgery, I sometimes don't tolerate "procedures" very well, I think it has to do with my fibromyalgia. My health has been up and down over the last 6 months but luckily my weight has only gone down!!! I've lost about half my once full head of hair. Had my long hair cut short, my neck shows for the first time in 20 years. It's very cute though and I am happy with the cut. I've been taking large doses of Biotin for months now and the loss seems to have slowed down alot. Never imagined this would happen to me. I am reluctant to tell anyone prior to my surgery about it as the answers I've gotten so far are ones people just don't think about...."I wish we could do a transplant from yours to mine", or "I'd give anything to have larger breasts". These comments just make my skin crawl. So for any of you in that situation stop and think if you ever are in the situation to make a comment like that. The person having a reduction obviously has not had a good time with large breasts in numerous ways. I can't wait to go into Victoria's and buy my first bra there EVER!!!! They don't make cute and matchy matchy sets for the big girls, and believe me I have looked. If anyone has had this procedure I would appreciate any tips or things I could do pre-op to make the surgery go easier. Thank you all for being here, I do still peek in and enjoy this forum so much after 15 months of being banded!!
  6. julieburns

    Juice Plus

    My husband and I have taken JP over 3 years now and it has made a profound difference in our health!!! My husband hasn't been sick in all this time and he's in construction so that says alot. He gets mad if I havn't ordered it on time and we run out!!! I(we) take the capsules and always have. When I first got banded I worried the capsules wouldn't work. I did fine with them 1 at a time very slowly. When I was so tight and had to have my complete unfill I could not take the capsules obviously and didn't for about 2 months. I just opened up the capsules and poured it to mix into my smoothie or whatever, not much flavor to them. I have a great distributor who has been selling this for several years and is a national speaker for the product. She would be glad to help anyone , anywhere in the US or even Canada to get what they need as far as product. They also have a third blend that is called the "orchard" blend which is all berries and full of antioxidants. We take all 3 blends. She is delightful to talk to and by no means is a "hard sell" . Her goal is to promote healthy living and wellness. Give her a call even if you are just curiouse burns) NOTE: You know I just realized I could get in trouble from this board or deleted for posting her number here as it could be misconstrued as an advertisement or some crazy thing. Just PM me if you want her info and I am happy to send it to you. Good health to all.
  7. julieburns

    lapband failure

    Thanks Pammie. Hope you're having a great summer!!
  8. julieburns

    lapband failure

    Thanks for the tip about getting an endoscopy through my insurance. I am making an appointment with my Dr. this AM. When you describe Meredith's symptoms mine are not nearly that bad so I hope I am wrong with my speculation. I can eat ok and I don't get terrible heartburn. I just have periods where I have pain in that area, more than just mild discomfort. It can last a few hours to a few days and then it eases up to just mild discomfort as a baseline. I've missed you to Mona.
  9. julieburns

    lapband failure

    Erosion means where the tissue has been gradually destroyed. The band somehow can cause this to happen in the tissue area that the band surrounds. In my case my band just started getting tighter and tighter and so I had some removed and then finally had to have it completely unfilled. Now I have alot of pain in that area. I do still need to get a photo. Do you have the name or number of the Dr. in Washington or does anyone else have it. I think he's in olympia? I am concerned the longer I wait the more damage could be done. Now I want you to not be freaked out because the erosion part is still just my speculation, not a diagnosis. I hope I am wrong. If I could afford it I would get on a plane and go straight to Dr. Ortiz.
  10. julieburns

    lapband failure

    Yes it has been completely unfilled for about 3 months now. I can eat fine. The problem is I have terrible pain in the area of my band, left side, much of the time. They are concerned it's still eroding my stomach because of the pain. I am trying to get the funds together to get down to Dr. Ortiz. In the meantime I am eating a "gentle"diet and keeping my fingers crossed.
  11. julieburns

    Have I slipped? Sorry, this is quite long!

    I sure would get the xray to see where your band is. It's somewhat odd your pain is on the right side but pain can refer to another area. I've had to have my band completely unfilled as well. I am at the point now of going to see if it needs to be removed as I have constant pain on my left side over the band area. I have fibromyalgia which in part can be considered an inflammatory condition. I wonder if with these types of conditions if our bodies some how response with inflammation and sort of "reject" the band? Just a thought. Sorry to hear your situation. Know that you are not alone in struggling to keep what we so wanted and needed. Good luck!
  12. julieburns

    lapband failure

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I am walking on the fine line of needing to have mine removed as well. I had about 3 months where I couldn't eat anything and they unfilled it. I too have lost so much hair it makes me cry. My left side now hurts constantly and I need to get back down to Dr. Ortiz and get checked out. My fear is the inevitable...taking it out. I don't understand how this has happened. I followed the rules very well. I just wanted you to know I understand where you are coming from and hope you get well. The depression you are experiencing is real and I am sorry for that too. Try to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and make a fresh start doing what you can do without the band. That's what I am trying. Good luck and God bless you!!
  13. julieburns

    One year Bandiversary

    Happy day for you Bill!! Your words are honest and always such an inspiration to me. I am at 10 months now and also have stopped posting as much. Just not enough time it seems. I do peek in and was glad to see this post on your special day. Take care. I do miss your great sense of humor and the fun we had months ago with you as a regular contributing member, you made me laugh more than just a few times!!!
  14. julieburns

    I keep getting sick since band (colds)

    Thanks for the great website.
  15. julieburns

    I keep getting sick since band (colds)

    I've had my band since June of last year. I started getting sick late december and to date have had shingles, pneumonia, kidney stones with a hospitalization, and then strep throat. My band was extremely tight so I had a complete unfil in hopes of getting back to being able to eat healthy foods to help my immunity system. I am sure there is a connection between my illnesses and my band.