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  1. Thanks to both of you for the info. I've called my doc and am going to have it changed. By the way, I was in the Mrs United States pageant last July. I even modeled in swimsuit on a Las Vegas stage!
  2. mrstn

    Lauren's Trek

    from 250 pounds to 135!
  3. mrstn


    4 years of slow, steady loss. I never realized it was coming off so well, because I never really tried. I've lost one half of my weight and am feeling fabulous.
  4. I took biotin and vitamins and knew I had to give it time. The hair is getting stronger and better, but you must be patient - it will take a couple months for you to see the improvement. Don't give up.
  5. Thanks, Michell, I had heard about this, but wasn't sure how much of a big deal it was. Sounds easier than I thought. I've lost 125 pounds, so the thing is really sticking out! Congrats on your weight loss, too.
  6. Does anyone know if there is a smaller port for those of us who have lost so much weight that it's sticking out? What does it take to replace it and how?
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