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  1. Hi Dolittle, I travel a lot across the border. I went to OCC on Monday and the border crossing has completely changed. As you are heading south, the parking lot on the right just before the border is the $7 lot. There are lots on the trolley sided, I do not know how secure they are. You have to walk across the border, towards the Trolley Station. One block past the Trolley Station, there is a walkway. You walk behind the businesses and to the "old" ramp/walkway. Up and back over to the side you started to catch your cab. For the trip back, same as always but it was completely backed up with pedestrians, the line was easily 1- 1 1/2 hours. If I was having surgery, I would have preferred to pay for OCC shuttle. Maybe have OCC pick you up at airport. Why chance the rental car getting broken in to if your not using it?? Good luck.
  2. Not sure what bra size you are, I like Lane Bryant Balconnette style with the straps tight. Seems to give me the lift and support and the looks and compliments
  3. Oh what a beautiful baby girl! So proud of you and your weight again! CONGRATS!
  4. WOO HOO!!! A band baby!! Congratulations!!! So happy for you!
  5. Ugh. My first and last carbonated drink was a year and a half after the surgery. I had one of those Pear Sangria's from Applebee's. I lived in high elevation and was trying to burp but couldn't. I started to get the "stuck" feeling so I went for a walk to get things moving. Well, it was like I shook up a can of soda by the time I pb'd! NEVER AGAIN will I have carbonation.
  6. WHOA!!! SMOKING HOT, BOTH of you!!!! Congrats Trav to you and your new lady! You have come a long way baby!
  7. Tallman Welcome. Ask away. This is a great forum. I've been gone for awhile and am back and these wonderful people are always here to help. Doolittle, great post.
  8. hahaha...that's great. Chili's Chicken Enchilada Soup with more broth than chicken is STILL my comfort food
  9. First guy I have dated was my great friend during the surgery. He needed to lose weight also and went so far as doing the pre-op diet with me and the recovery. He even made me soup and brought it to work for me. I just went out on a date with another guy, first one since guy above. It just slipped out. The date was on his boat and he saw the scar. First date he finds out I was a has been fatty. We had date #3 today, so it wasn't a total turn off for him Going through one right now! H is an avid cyclist. I couldn't live up to his fitness levels and I tried. I went so far to do triathlons for spring, summer and fall seasons and still didn't lose any weight. By this point I am learning the mental and verbal abuse over my weight wasn't worth it. He spent big $$$ on a bicycle and I went for my lapband. I am in a much better state of mind and am loving myself. I was comfortable in the marriage and just kept on getting heavier and heavier.
  10. DaGreen

    me After Body lift

    Holy Smokes you are looking HOT!!!! Congrats lady!
  11. Absolutely STUNNING!!!! Keep up the excellent work!!
  12. Thanks Kristi. here's the link to the 5 Day Pouch Test
  13. DaGreen


    Looking GREAT Trav!
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