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  1. I sent in the receipt and the surgical report that I got from Rene. And I sent a cover letter stating all my personal information (AHC number, address and such) plus what my starting weight and BMI were and faxed it in. 9-10 weeks later I got my cheque. I did not include a letter from my doctor, from my weight and height it was easy to tell that I fell into the morbibly obese category. They don't need a reason for us choicing to go out of country. They only pay the portion of what it would cost for the doctor doing the surgery and the anthiesologist (bad spelling!! sorry). AHC knows that it is a very long wait for these services. You can call AHC and ask to talk to the person that is in charge of "Out-Of-Country Claims" or on the website there is a place to email a question, and the lady that i was emailing back and forth with answered me in less that 2-3 days. She is the one that told me what to send and where to fax all my information in. She was super helpful!! I would try that route or calling if you still have questions. Hope this helps Joanne
  2. So I will be in Las Vegas in two weeks (14 sleeps!!) for a week holidays, I was wondering if anyone has gone to the Fill Center there? I have contacted them by email, but I am still waiting to hear from them. I have had two fills already, but they have been blind, and the doctor i go to doesn't use the floro. So I thought I might be able to get one done in Vegas and get the floro. Any helpful information or a direct number would be great. Also i am coming from Canada, so hopefully they will still take me. Thanks so much.
  3. Hope this helps. And like I said, I was percistant (sp??) and that moved my claim up. I just emailed her once a month to check the status. Good luck, and try to have some fun. It is a really neat city, sooo different from what you see up here. Plus the weather will be nice!! Enjoy.
  4. Tee Hee....Sorry!! But I was very pushy and emailed her all the time!!
  5. JoanneB

    Las Vegas Drinks

    Thanks Ladies, But I am thinking I will just stick with the regular drinks, if I drink at all. I don't want to test my band. So far I have been good, I really don't want to test the limits. I would rather stay under. Oh Well, more money to spend on clothes!!
  6. JoanneB

    Las Vegas Drinks

    Thanks Jude, I kinda figured that...oh well...I will just have to make due with the regular drinks...such a shame I know. I am not a big drinker, so it is really not an issue. Just last year, the drinks where sooo good. Maybe the shopping will help instead of the drinking...yay...new clothes!!
  7. I am in Central Alberta, I had surgery on Oct 22. I sent in my paperwork by Nov 10, and my check was mailed to my on friday (Jan 2) according to the very nice lady that works for Alberta Health Care in the Out-Of-Countries department. If you go to their website and submit a question regarding surgery outside of Canada someone will email you back with in days. I am getting just over $1200 back, which is better than nothing. Plus I am going to claim it on taxes this year. She bumped my case along for me. She said it was normally at 12 week process to get the check back. Good luck, let me know who you talk to. The lady that I delt with was soooo awesome. I haven't regretted this desicion one bit.
  8. I was wondering does anyone know if the slurpee drinks you can get on the strip in Las Vegas are carbonated. I remember reading a post at one time saying that slurpees are carbonated, but I can't find it now. I am going on vacation to Vegas at the end of Feb and would like to know if I can indulge in one or two while I am there. I know that I am not suppose to drink alcohol for the empty calories, but I have been very good and not had any drinks since the day I decided to have the surgery back in August. I really don't drink much, but it might be nice to have one while at a club or with a nice supper. I don't drink any carbonated beverages period. So that is okay, just mainly hard liquor and juice (which is what I have always drunk). If anyone knows the answer, I should would appreciate it. Thanks so much,
  9. 1. Name:Joanne 2. Location:Red Deer, Alberta (Canada) 3. Age:31 4. Band Date: 10/22/08 5. Married: Nope 6. Children of the human or furry kind: Two dogs, Ginny is 4 and Chewy is 1 7. Hobby(ies):Movies, reading, Vegas!! 8. Work: Office manager for a landscaping company 9. What was the deciding factor(s) on getting banded: I have been heavy all my life and I can lose the weight, it just comes back plus every time. I needed a little help with that part. 10. Interesting factoid: I love Vegas!! I have been (and going again) there 3 times in the last three years!! Whoooo...shopping for when I am skinny!! I can't wait.
  10. JoanneB

    Filming at OCC today!!

    I was the first surgery of yesterday, and crew was filming a young teenager from California. She is in Grade 8 and only miss 3 days of work the trooper. The crew was really nice and they interview Dr. Ortiz and her mom after the procedure (Dr Ortiz wore a really nice white linen suit!!). I did manage to catch the show and it is called "the Drs" they figure it will air late next week or early the next week. I spent most of yesterday walking around well my two other partners rested. All i can remember is that to walk and sip lots of water. so that is what I am doing. I can't believe how nice everyone and effieicnt everyone is. it is a well oil machine down here!! But I guess i should get going, looks like they are setting up for the next day surgery, and I have shopping to conquer!!!
  11. JoanneB


    Well, it is the morning of the 22, I am in the lobby waiting for my mom to have some breakfast, and the shuttle should be here in 20 minutes. My only complaint so far...the hotel only has feather pillows and I am allergic!! So my first purchase in Mexico...a pillow!! Tee hee...i guess if that is the worst thing...I will take it. The hotel and staff are great. And the staff at OCC was so nice yesterday. I lost 18 pounds by my scale (16 by Dr. Miranda's) So I did really well...Lap-Band world here i came!!! See you all on the other side!!
  12. JoanneB


    I have to make it fun!! Otherwise I will get too nervous. I am glad you are not starving. I still get the hunger pains, and I found I have to eat the meal at lunch with a shake for breakfast and supper. Otherwise I really freak out.
  13. JoanneB


    Hi Joy, Those caplets really help! I have been taking them too. I will see you next week! My surgery is the 22nd. Only 5 sleeps left
  14. Thanks Jann. I have been taking those fizzy vit c, and the cold FX, that usually works for me too. But anything else I can do to shake (at least till after the procedure). I will have to get some echansaia (bad spelling!!).
  15. Thanks Heidi, I am not full on sick, just got that tickle in the back of my throat that feels like I could get sick. I am trying to be positive, taking vitamins and anything else that will ward it off until I get back home. Any suggestions on anything to take??