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  1. Anyone know a Fill doctor in Georgia that takes Mexican banded patients? Thanks!
  2. Hello, I'm also scheduled on Dec 7th to be re-banded. Can't wait!
  3. With me rice ALWAYS gets stuck so does bread. I can usually eat chicken in soups but protein any other way usually gets stuck. I pretty much live on soups, salads and protein shakes and i have NO FILL! I also notice if i eat too late, like right before bed, the next morning I can't even get coffee down. But if I stop eating at least 3 hours before bed, I have no problems the next day. I have had my band over a year and it has tightened so many times that now I swell just if one thing gets stuck. That's why I have no fill. Plus I am at my goal. The and is not easy by any means. But, I have lost 120 lbs and have maintained it without a fill. Its the best thing I ever did for myself! You wont regret it!
  4. Thanks! Well actually I was able to drink 2 cups of coffee this morning and two huge cups of water. Now I am drinking a protein shake so I guess it's already loosening. I am sticking to all liquids for a few days and chugging childrens liquid advil (anti-inflamatory) every few hours to help with the swelling. I didn't think this could happen without a fill but apparently it can. I weighed 128 this morning!! CRAZY I'm sure I will get back to the 130's though now that I am drinking again. It was scary! No more eating foods that can potentially get stuck! Lisa B
  5. I had a complete unfill last month because my band tightened and I am at my goal weight. Well the last few days I have not been able to eat or drink and I have NO FILL!! So now what? I can't go in for an unfill since I have no fill! I know my band hasn't slipped cause I had a floruscopy not too long ago. I did have something get stuck a few days ago and I am guessing when I threw it up, I cause swelling. So what do I do now?? HELP! Lisa B
  6. Thank you! I was also at 2.4 and had to have a complete unfill. I have no fill now and STILL have not been able to hardly eat or drink today!! I don't get it. My band is fine. It was looked at under flouro a month ago and it looked perfect. I just swell so easily. I hate spending the money on unfills as well. Luckily, I have a paramedic friend who does the unfills. The Fill Center nurse told him how one time cause i needed an emergancy unfill and she couldn't do it for a week so she had no choice but to tell him how. I'm not sure if I will ever get another fill since I can hardly eat without any fill. I think it has to do with losing so much weight..not sure. Good luck on the last 20lbs!! That's the hardest!! Lisa B
  7. really?? I was thinking it's because our bodies have changed so much that maybe our stomachs can't handle fills anymore. I know I still have restriction without a fill. Hopefully I will never need a fill again because when it tightens its horrible! I love being able to drink freely! I chug water all day like crazy, only because I can again LOL
  8. Thanks! No, no tummy tuck YET LOL..i am having everything lifted and tucked next July. saving up for it!
  9. LOL..I knew what you meant
  10. Thank you! I did wait 2 months before getting my fill put back in. I had her only put in 1 cc and within hours liquid wouldn't go down. It's the strangest thing. So now I am back to a complete unfill again. I do still continue to eat like I have a fill. I stick to the same diet. Hopefully I will never need a fill again but I guess you never know. OH here's a great story!! I eat Progresso light soup every day for lunch. Well Walmart had them really cheap so I stocked up on them. The Walmart cashier asked me "is this some kind of diet" and I said it was. And she responded with "but you're tiny"!!!! OMG I have never ever been called tiny in my life!! hahahaha It felt GREAT!!
  11. Hello everyone, I was banding a year ago and since then have had about 4 unfills! My band keep swelling so I have to get an unfill..then when i get it filled again, it swells the next day! I can't seem to handle a fill anymore! The good news is that I am at my goal. I have lost 120 lbs and kept it off without a fill, so far LOL. I'm just scared that if i do need a fill someday, I wont be able to get one. Has this happened to anyone else? Lisa B.
  12. Thanks for your responses everyone! Well, I have a complete unfill at the moment because my band tightened. My problem is also my will power,but I have been maintaining. I can't get a fill for at least a month anyway,because it's still swollen. I guess I will wait and see. If the scale starts moving in the wrong direction, I guess it will be time for a fill LOL. I am hoping to use self control though. I also plan on getting a tummy tuck and all the works done next year. I know I will need an unfill then as well. Oh on a side note, My husband is from Ecuador. We contacted plastic surgeons there and for a tummy tuck, breast lift, leg lift and arm lift its $5,000 total!!! More than half the price of Mexico and my husband has family there. I have to wait until next July though. That's the only time my husband can go and I can get my Mom to watch our kids. I can't wait!
  13. I had my surgery Oct 8, 2008. I had to get a complete unfill because my band tightened where I couldn't get even water down. I am at my goal weight now. Do I try to go at it without a fill?? I'm kinda nervous but so far I have been maintaining. I just can't deal with a tightened band anymore! All of you out there who have reached their goal, did you keep your fill in? Thanks, Lisa B.
  14. I've been doing power walks for 30 minutes every morning this week so far and have found my band is really tight all day after. I can drink liquids with no problems but it's tight with food. Has this happened to anyone else?