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  1. Judy, It is me "determination" Anne Summers Melville nka Anne2008. I messed up with the forum and couldn't access my account. I forgot password etc. Created new one not realizing I could have reset the old. Oh well.

  2. JazzyJude

    constipation post op

    Welcome to Bandland Abby and Chattmom! Abby - what Dolittle suggested is good and what I've been doing is take Benefiber, either the unflavored powder in my liquids or those Orange-Creme chewables - both are good. I like to do the chewables at first so it feels like I am 'eating' (smile). The other thing I like is the Fiber Chioce, as it helps with the 'rotor rooter' plumbing too and with the hunger pangs. Chattmom - every person's body is different and some gain and some lose. You may be experiencing a lot of gas issues from the surgery itself. Take some kind of reliever to assist you. I've used the Gas X strips at first and then I take the tiny, tiny blue pills - both works wonders for me. Give yourself some time ladies...you just had the surgery and this is the time to let your body get use to the newly pouch and band. Listen to your body and act accordingly. Even though you can't do any hard core exercises, don't sit around either. WALK, WALK, WALK is your main exercises right now as it helps keepyour heart rate to speed, your metabolism going, and the movements will help get any or all of your gas bubbles you may have occur during your surgery. Be patient and stay focus. Stick with the plan your nutritionist has given you and if you have any issues, don't hesitate to call to relieve any concerns you may have. Contrats on making this decision for you are in for an amazing ride! Good luck and keep us posted on how you are doing! Jazzy!!
  3. JazzyJude

    Down 90 pounds

    WAY TO GO Kim!! Woo Hoo!! That is just FANTASTIC! Keep up the great work and you will reach your goal weight in NO itme!! Yeah - Jazzy!!
  4. JazzyJude

    bladder surgery tomorrow

    Good luck Sabrina - know that you are in good hands. Just go with the flow and if you are not comfy, express it. I haven't had an surgery since being banded but I can imagine it's the same for surgeries, to be wise and think of the aftercare like Dawns memtioned. Getting in your proteins and nutrients are essentials to your healing. Drink lots of water to help flush out your system. Keep us posted sweetie and Happy Birthday! ((HUGS))...Jazzy!!
  5. JazzyJude

    The Real Story

    Wecome to Bandland Dave and you just wrote the words of mine and other's experiences as well. Dr O and his staff is TOPNOTCH! I will celebrate my (1) yr anniversasry this coming Oct 8 and I feel FANTASTIC! Everyone has their own story, and one so unique, but it's the learning lifestyle we are concentrating on and it's workable. The successers on this forum iare incredible and the band is truly a wonderful tool - who knew? Good luck with your band journey, as you are in for an amazing ride! Jazzy!!
  6. JazzyJude

    1 yr Bandiversary

    HAPPY 1 YR BANDIVERSARY! You are truly doing a WONDERFUL job in keeping track with your weight loss and it shows! GREAT pictures and then some! Like a few of the others, I will hit my 1 yr next month too...what an incredible journey we've all been on. I am still hoping to meet up with you sweetie next year...when I retire! YEAH!! ((HUGS!!))...YOU GO GIRL!!! Jazzy!!
  7. JazzyJude


    STOP RIGHT NOW with the negative feelings! If you think you can't succeed, you're right, you won't! Sweetheart...as Lisa said, you're in 'Bandster Hell' and this is all so normal. As all have said, stay focus and continue to measure your foods ~ use your measuirng cups! You've just started and haven't given the chance to work with your band, Be prepare if you can't lose the weight continuously...some do and some don't. Each person's body 'adjust' according to your own body structure. Some will lose the weight and keep going, like myself, and then BOOM!...you gain or plateau. This is your 'sign', that your body is 'catching' up with what you've done thus far. Once your body 'balances', per se, then you will pick up and move forward again. You've paid good money for this surgery...give it a chance. There is NO way you are going to lose the weight quicker than your body is ready to do so. In the meantime - set your mindset, keep learning the bandster rules ~ be deligent ~~be determined ~~~be motivated ~~~~always think positive ~~~~~and the most importantly...NEVER, NEVER give up! You are in for an amazing ride kiddo! Thank the time to reflect on what you've done already. Reward yourself when you reached one of your small reachable goals. YOU CAN DO THIS! I BELIEVE IN YOU! Jazzy!!
  8. JazzyJude

    Nine Month Pics Posted

    Carrie sweetheart...You look FATASTIC! Love the way you group your pictures. Yes, your smiles says it all! You are doing incredible! Keep the faith and believe in yourself! You know you and I have close stats to one another...and I am down to 194 - HOW COOL IS THIS! ((HUGS!!)...Jazzy!!
  9. JazzyJude

    CHECKED OUT DR O and location

    YEAH!!! Welcome to the forum! I am so glad you checked him out...that is exactly what I did. I went for the 'tour' on Sat, Sep 1 and signed up the very day to have surgery on Oct 8,'08. I've lost 70 lbs since then. I totally agree with you on the cleaniness of the clinic! It's awesome and the staff are WONDERFUL!! You will not regret this decision at all. Once you've got your mindset all in focus...it's a home run to success! Good luck Larry and keep coming here for info, questions or concerns...we are here for you! Best of luck! Jazzy!!
  10. JazzyJude

    17 August

    OK - yesterday (for Mon, Aug 17) I had the following: Before Breakfast (after exercises) - 6 oz AmazeRX Protein Shake (mixed chocolate and strawberry flavored) = 133 calories Breakfast - Scrambled egg, cheee and bacon with salsa and Ovaltine = 396 calories Lunch - Cream of Potatoe and Cheddar Cheese soup with baon and Wheat thins = 340 calories Dinner - Mexican layered chicken casserole (my recipe) and fudgesicle = 381 calories Snack/Others - Special K bar (90 cal); (2) Crystal Light (20 cal); and (!) Ocean Spray Grape = 120 calories Calories (1200-1550 is my calorie range): Today's is 1370 and 77 g proteins Exercise - Upper body - crunches, biceps, triceps, hips, walking and kickboxing Water (8 oz) - 12 glasses
  11. JazzyJude

    1/2 cup liquids?

    Hi sweetie - Congrats and Welcome to Bandland! Yes, you can drink as many 1/2 cup of liquids during your clear liquids and creamy soup stages, throughout the day. There's no calories counting during this time. Don't gulp it down, but drink leasurely and really there's no time limit, but I would say within 20 minutes, for any liquid 'meals'. Water, tea, coffee and the likes, whenever you can, as long as you drink your daily intake. Water is really good for you to help 'flush' out your system right after surgery. Remember to sip, sip, sip, and walk, walk walk! Take mini, short walks, not long ones. Best of luck! Jazzy!!
  12. JazzyJude

    16 August

    OK Shelby - I am going to try to do the same. I am taking this info from my food tracker on SparkPeople. It would be interesting to see what others eat too. Before Breakfast - after exercises- 6 oz AmazeRX Protein Shake (mixed chocolate and strawberry flavored) = 133 calories Breakfast - Kellogg's Special K Red Berries, 2% Milk, 1/2 English muffin, and Peanut Butter (Creamy), and Ovaltine = 522 calories Lunch - Taco Bell Pintos 'n Cheese and their mild taco sauce and Chicken Breast pieces = 249 Dinner - Carroll Shelby's Texas Chili (with ground beef, pinto beans, mushrooms, onions and stewed tomatoes) and Jiffy's Corn Bread = 539 Snack/Others - Special K bar (90 cal); and (2) Crystal Light (20 cal) = 110 calories Calories - 1200-1550 is my calorie range: Today's is 1553 Exercise - Lower body - squats, lunges, walking, kickboxing Water (8 oz) - 11
  13. JazzyJude

    Juice Plus

    Ok so I am intrigue with this Juice Plus...and I am willing to try the powder. Where is everyone buying this at? Can you only purchase them on line or do I need to check to see if they are at WalMart or health food stores? Please advise... Thanks - Jazzy!!
  14. I've tried the fruit flavored Gummy Vites from WalMart and they were too bad at all. I switched with the chewable Centrium Multivitamin. I also do the TriVita B12 sublingual tablet that dissolved under the tongue. As well as the fish oil from Iceland Health ~ I am going to try the Olive Oil with Omega-3...havsanyone tried this yet? Thanks Amy for sharing...maybe something different to swallow instead of chewing! lol Hugs - Jazzy!!
  15. JazzyJude

    need encouragement

    I totally agree with all = 1) call OCC and chat with them of your situation and 2) get back to bandster's basics. You've paid darn good money to have this band NOT to continue with your weight loss thus far! You've lost 36 36 lbs already, thanks to the band! Now like Lisa says, everyone is going to be different and this may be your time your body needs cathcing up with your weight loss. Give it some time, keep the mindset and focus. Journal your food everyday like Shelby says ~ I do...every day! I use SparkPeole food tracker to plan my weekly menus and if I go overboard with the calories, then I simply adjust to get in the range I need to be in. Then I put this menu on my big kitchen calendar on the fridge and buy for the week only. This is a big major help. Then I plan my fitness for the week too. Make sure you get in your daily water intake too. It's all in the re-learning process of eating healthier... Chin up and smile sweetie - forget the past...start today and keep the faith ~ YOU CAN DO THIS! I BELIEVE IN YOU ~ Jazzy!!