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  1. Hi Well I had 7 cc's when I was having problems. So I think that was too much. Yesterday when I went in for a fill, after being unfilled since Feb, they wanted to give me 5 cc's, but I asked for 4 cc's instead. I seemed to do ok at dinner tonight, so I feel a little better. I want to be like you, and be able to any anything but just have to eat slower. I hope that maybe 4 cc's will work. I definitely ate a lot less at dinner, and when I felt like it was going to get stuck, I stopped eating for like 10 mins, and then I was fine. So we'll see how this goes, if I can keep that up, I will be happy..lol. I can't wait to start losing again
  2. Hello everyone, I got my band in January 2009 done by Dr. Ortiz. Loved it for the first year, lost 70 lbs, everything was going good. Then I started having problems with it around March of last year, I became severly anemic, I had the worst gassy and bloated stomach, to the point my stomach hurt so bad, and it made all of my joints ache, sometimes I could eat, other times I couldn't, or I was throwing it up. I stopped losing, and in fact starting slowly gaining weight, because I was eating foods that I know would go down easily, and they weren't always healthy. I got married in August, and dinner time was always an issue with my family, my husband wanted me to eat and all I could eat was salads. Fast forward to February of this year, my band got super tight out of the blue, I didn't have a fill or anything, for a week I was constantly throwing up, to the point my whole chest hurt when I layed down. I was so fed up, I made an appointment the next day at an office near me and had all of my fluid taken out, it was like instant relief. I could eat normally, I could eat things I hadn't eaten in a year and a half, and the best feeling was that I could burp, sorry TMI, but it felt really good, I hadn't burped in over a year. I could lay down even if I had eaten just a few minutes before, which is something I couldn't do before. If I layed down after eating, the food always felt like it was coming back up my throat. Well, I ended up gaining almost all of my weight back, so I decided to make a fill appointment. I had it done yesterday and they put in 4 cc's (my band holds 10 cc's) and I have officially decided I HATE my band. I hate the feeling of food being stuck, not being able to drink while eating, and not being able to burp, I get this feeling I need to, but it won't come up. I hate the way I look, and want to be skinny, but I hate how the band makes me feel. My husband is so sweet, and keeps telling me I look fine, he likes the way I look, and that I should just take the whole thing out. But I liked how I looked and felt when I lost 70 lbs. *sigh* I am so confused. Anyone else have any of these problems, gas, bloating, etc..?
  3. ckiki

    FINALLY lost 50 lbs

    Thanks everyone!! I was just thinking today, I might need another fill. I was filled up to 7 cc's..but I noticed today, that I am able to eat a little more than I was a month ago. So I am thinking I might need just a tiny bit.
  4. It took me 9 months, but I finally did it. I know me not having a good fill really slowed my weight loss. But once I got my third fill in August, I have dropped 17 lbs. Hopefully the next 50 wont take so long.
  5. That worked. Thanks so much!
  6. Dang, it didn't work. Thanks anyway.
  7. Ok, I tried it, let me see if it works.
  8. I came back here after a few months, and my ticker in my signature isn't showing up. When I go into my controls, and try and edit my signature, the link is still there, but it's not showing up when I make a post. Are they having problems with the site? Or does anyone know how I can fix it? Thanks in advance
  9. Thank you everyone!! So I woke up this morning and stepped on my scale for the first time in 4 months, and I lost about 10 lbs..I am so EXCITED!! Monday was my fill day, so Tuesday I was on liquids, and Wed I was on mushies. When it came to eating regular food on Thurs, it was tough. I have discovered I can't eat in the mornings, my band is really tight until about 11, so the doctor told me to have a protein shake, and then by 11 is my lunch time at work, and I have been eating salads, just a small salad and I am full. My band is really tight at night too, so I am going to have to figure out what to eat. The other night I had a taco, and a few bites into it, I could tell it was backing up into my throat, so I waited, and was finally able to get it down, I REALLY could have just ate half of it and been satisfied, because I was really full when I was done. That's the thing I need to learn, when to stop, I always tend to push it because the food is so good...lol. The other night I ate some cheez its around 8 pm, and they were stuck so bad, I was trying to make myself throw up and they still wouldn't come up. For the first time since I have had this band, I was sliming, and it was nasty. It took 2 hours for me to finally feel ok again. Anyways, just wanted to give you all an update, I really appreciate all the support here, you guys are awesome, and from now on, I won't stay away for so long!!
  10. I don't post here much anymore, because I have been so discouraged with my progress. I lost really quickly within the first 3 months, but then after my last fill in the beginning of April, I have not lost anything, in fact I found out last night I gained 7 lbs. I have been able to eat just like I did prior to being banded, and I was so upset at myself. I went back and forth about going back to Dr. Ortiz, but I didn't want to spend the money or time waiting for a passport. I also wanted to find someone closer to my house, but was very scared about having a blind fill. So after searching the carecredit website, since I have that card, and didn't have cash for a fill at this time, I found a wonderful doctor in Riverside who actually has a practice here in the city I live in, Rancho Cucamonga. I was ecstatic!!! I went to my appointment last night..the staff was wonderful, and so was the doctor. He talked to me about nutrition, what not to eat, what vitamins to take, he gave me a goal of 8 lbs a month, and wants to see my monthly, even if I don't get a fill. I was really nervous about having the blind fill, but prior to my appointment, the office had me get an upper GI done, and so the doctor was able to see the placement of my port and was able to tell me my band and everything looked good. He stuck the needle in and found the port on the first try. When I had my last fill done in April, I walked out of there with 4.4 cc's. Well when the doctor took the fluid out last night, I had only 3 cc's ( I didn't know you could actually lose fluid...where does it go? lol ) and he also mentioned there was air in there too. So he had me drink water..so glad it wasn't the chalky stuff, and he put the 3 cc's back in, and kept adding fluid, while asking me if the water was going down ok..which it was. I walked out of there with a total of 7 cc's!! I don't know, but to me that seems like so much, and I am really nervous about eating tomorrow. Has anyone with the same band as me (the bigger VG band) ever had that much put in at one time? Anyway, I am really excited to finally get back to losing weight. I was starting to feel like I was failing the band or it was failing me. But now, I feel motivated again!!
  11. ckiki

    My 6 month update

    Thank you everyone for all the kind words, and the motivation to keep going. I have made my lunch for tomorrow, which is something I haven't done in probably 2 months, and I have plans to go to the gym tomorrow, which is also something I have slacked on. So hopefully that will kick my butt into gear and I will start losing again. You guys are right though, without this band I would have gained rather then lost, or by now I would have gained back those 40 lbs PLUS more..so I am very thankful for my band.
  12. Hey everyone, it's been a while since I have been on the board, I read occasionally, but haven't really participated. I have been discouraged with my progress for the last 2 months. I haven't really lost anything..maybe some inches, but that's it. I have had 2 fills, my last one was in April. I really think I need another one, but just haven't had the money to be able to do so..plus I am dealing with the dilemma of getting a passport to go back to Dr. Ortiz's office, or going someone else, but then I really need to have one with flouro to make sure my band is good, and no one in Southern Cali does flouro. I still can eat so much, and I really push it, I sometimes drink right after I eat, sometimes out of habit, or just because I'm thirsty. I get food stuck all the time, and I can't seem to figure out what food it is exactly that gets stuck. It never comes up, it just sits in my chest causing extreme pain. I know I eat to fast and take too big of bites, so that probably has alot to do with it. I am dealing with alot of angry towards my band, like I get angry that I can't eat like a normal person, I get angry because I always have a gassy bloating stomach (which is something I never had prior to being banded) and I am getting angry that I have let myself get off track, I feel like I have failed. I did so good the first 4 months, and I hope that I can get back on track and fast. Another thing, my mom is all over my case about not losing weight, which just makes it worse. She thinks because my cousin who had the lapband and lost 100 months in a year , that I should be doing the same thing, but I keep telling her I may not lose as fast as her..but doesn't seem to understand. I hope that I can get some motivation from all of you wonderful bandsters!!
  13. ckiki

    A Woman's Monthly Visitor

    Yes mine has changed dramatically. I now get it every 24 days instead of 28 to 32 days. It's really heavy..and I get cramps, and I never had them before. I didn't think about my band having anything to do with it, but maybe it does.
  14. Hey everyone! I have a question, has anyone here or know of someone who has had a tummy tuck and then later had more kids. Did that hanging pouch come back? After seeing the recent TT pics posted on here, I really want to get a TT after I lose all or most of my weight, but I am 33 years old and single, and would like to have more kids. I hate my stomach, it's the only thing I am self conscious of, but do I spend the money if that pouch is going to come back. AHHH..what to do, what to do?
  15. I have the larger band, because I am tall and told I have a larger stomach. So far, everything is going good with this 2nd fill. Good luck to everyone who has upcoming fills.