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    Need a Fill Doctor in Dallas

    Okay ladies ive gotten discouraged...I didnt realize that Dr. Jay's appointments needed to be scheduled so far in advance...boooo!
  2. Hello all! I posted a while back about getting a fill in Dallas and you all were very helpful in recommending Dr. Jay. I waited to call his office for when I knew I would be able to afford the fill (today). I just found out after calling that I have to wait 4 WEEKS before I can come in to be adjusted!!! I have not had an adjustment in over 4 years. In this time I have given birth, nursed my son for 15 months, and put on a good thirty pounds. I do not want to wait another month and put on more weight in this time or not have the money to keep my appointment. If anyone out there knows of a doctor in Houston or in Dallas that will do an adjustment (under flouro) on a patient banded in Mexico sooner than March or if anyone has an earlier appointment with Dr. Jay (Like next week or the week after) and they would like to switch dates with me I'd appreciate it. Please--I need to have this band I paid thousands for help me drop some weight. do I sound frantic? LOL... Thanks for reading! Arnissha
  3. mzdandylion

    Need a Fill Doctor in Dallas

    Thank you so much ladies! I will be calling him ASAP. I've had the baby now its time to get back serious.
  4. Hello, Ive recently moved to the Dallas area and am looking for a Doctor to to an adjustment. I was banded in Mexico by Dr. Sanchez in 2002 and havent had any fluid in my band in a while, but im ready to lose some weight after having a baby recently. Any information you could give me would be appreciated! Thank you. Lynn