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  1. Happy to be losing again but I've been sick so im looking forward to feeling better.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Im going to Tj for my 2nd fill Nov 27. I have very little restriction and have stopped losing so im hoping that will get things moving again.
  3. Hi are you going back to occ? I would highly recommend getting the fill with the flueroscopy. I will never get a fill without it. We watched on the monitor and he got it in the first poke and after you drink the barium he watches it go down and adjusts the fluid until you have the right amount. I have the correct restriction on the first try. He also showed us the placement of the band and made sure it had not slipped and the pouch was not stretched. The port will last a lot longer with fewer pokes and they won't miss and put a hole in the tube. We met a lady that had an experimental lap band done 26 yrs ago and she was doing good but said they had to replace the port a few times. She was with 2 daughters that were getting banded at occ.
  4. Another good one is to put 2 chairs facing each other and your feet on one with your hands holding you up on the other and dip down between the chairs and back up again.
  5. Hi! Try push ups. Do 10-12 at a time, these are reps or (repetitions) and do 3 times with some rest in between about 45 sec to a minute, these are sets. If you can't do regular push ups then start with your knees down its easier and then work up to one knee and the regular as you get stronger. Then try putting your hands on floor together to make a diamond shaped space with your index fingers touching and your thumbs touching. Then place on floor beneeth your chest. These are intense and if you can only do 2 or three at first your doing great. They work different muscles so try to do them after your regular push ups. Also you should breathe out while pushing and in when releasing.
  6. I struggled for a year about whether to get lapband done also. I now wish I would have done it a year earlier. I was banded May 21, 2009 at OCC in Mexico. They took such great care of me and I was treated better than I have been treated in the states. I cant say enough good things about the OCC staff. I stayed at the Marriot and it was a beautiful, safe hotel. I thought I would have trouble giving up the soda, sweets, and salties, but wasn't near as bad as I thought. The pre diet that you do really helps you get a start. Then your 3 weeks of liquids help you change your habits. I still get some cravings for chocolate. I am a huge chocoholic. I found that the fat free Fudgesicles work really great at satisfying that craving and they are only 60 calories. I also substitute a chocolate protein shake for breakfast. You just have to look at the band as a tool, not a cure all. It is sooo wonderful to have restriction and become full with sooo little food. I always had a problem with overeating and this helps me to control that. You have to make sure you chew,chew,chew. This will prevent you from PBing. (Productive Burp) If you dont chew your food enough, you can get food stuck and it wont pass. It can be painful and your mouth will slime until it either passes or you spit it back up. I have only done this once and do not want to experience it again. I found out that I can't eat prunes. The skin just wouldn't break up enough to pass. The band is the best thing I could have done for my health. All my bloodwork before the band was abnormal (pre-diabetic, high cholesterol,etc) I had bloodwork 2 weeks ago and I am back into the normal range for everything. I wish you luck in making your decision to become healthy. I love my band!
  7. I also had soreness for the first 3 weeks. It continually diminished. It has been 5 weeks since my surgery and I am completely free of pain now. I am even able to sleep on my stomach now! Give it time to heal! It will!
  8. My tenderness has diminished as time has passed. By 3 weeks after surgery, I didn't have any tenderness anymore. The only time I feel anything is if I stretch too far with pressure. I am 5 weeks in now. I know it will continue to get better! Good luck!
  9. Thats actually a good thing. That means they have done so many that they are great at it.
  10. Congratulations! I am so happy for you! It feels great doesn't it!
  11. I had a blood sugar level just short of being declared Type 2 Diabetic back in February. I was banded May 21st and have lost 26 pounds so far. I had bloodwork done last week and my blood sugar level is almost back to the normal range. Same thing with my cholesterol. It went from 262 down to 181 for the same time period. Just that 26 pounds has made a dramatic difference in my becoming healthy again. I wish I had gotten the band a year ago when I was first looking into it. Hope this helps!
  12. We have all gone thru this phase! You will still be able to eat what you love, just in smaller portions. You really only need to get thru the first 3 weeks after surgery with the fluids, then you will be back to eating , just a lot less. Good luck!
  13. Thanks Smiley! That is awesome advice. I will try that. I have 5 more days of creamy soups and yogurt. I am so ready for some different foods and tastes!
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