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  1. Being a grandma is the best. Now you will be a skinny one!
  2. Being a grandma is the best. Now you will be a skibby one!
  3. Hi there, doing well. Thanks for all the encouragement. I hope you are doing well, take care!

  4. I got my first fill 8 months after I was banded. It was simply a matter of money and distance because I live in NJ. I had no trouble whatsoever with the fill. My weight didn't start to come off until after my second fill which was in August of this year. Since then I have lost 14 pounds. You will be fine.
  5. OK, I checked and I was wrong in what I wrote down. I should have written Total carbohydrate 7g dietary fiber 1 g sugars 2 g I'm using them as part of a meal. I use them in a smoothie and I have half of the smoothie and a yogurt or Fullbar for breakfast and the same for lunch.
  6. I just had one for lunch. It has 160 calories, 4 g fiber, 4 g protein and it's kosher. That's the chocolate one. The peanut butter one is 170 calories 4 g fiber 6 g protein. More info at fullbar.com
  7. I'll check out the sugars again. I may have typed wrong. I got the vanilla so that I can mix it with whatever I want. They also have chocolate, cookies and cream and so on. I'm almost out of the GNC so I'm going to replenish this week. Anyone want me to be a taste guinea pig? I'll try some others if you want.
  8. That's true. I got the Hyatt for $80 a night and another time the Omni for $75. There is so much to do in San diego. I love it.
  9. I sometimes have these bars called Full Bars. They were developed by a bariatric surgeon to help people feel full. You eat a bar and drink a glass of water 30 min before a meal. They really do make you feel full.
  10. I recently read an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer about obesity and poverty. Most people in poverty are obese because of the poor quality of food available to them. It specifically mentioned these drinks that come in containers that look like little barrels. They cost 25 cents and contain what amounts to colored sugar water. The moms know better than to give their young children soda so they give them these instead. The nutritionist says these drinks develop the craving for sugar in these children and a lifetime of bad habit is born. We eat way too much sugar. I've been on a sugar binge for the last week and I need to reel myself in.
  11. I agree. The GNC definitely wins on sugars, only 2g.
  12. I like to put protein powder in my smoothies. I don't think about it too much and usually pick up whatever I find at Walmart.I was in a GNC one day and they had a buy one get one so I picked up two bags. Here is how the two compare: Pro Performance Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 3 scoop serving size calories 280 total fat 1 g Cholesterol 15 mg total carbs 7g dietary fiber 7 g sugars 2 g protein 60 g EAS Soy Protein 1 scoop serving size calories 170 total fat 1.5 g cholesterol 0 mg total carbs dietary fiber 0 g sugars 17 g protein 20 g I think being able to increase protein is good and I will still buy the EAS. I was just surprised at the differences.
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