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  1. wow... you look awesome

  2. Omg.. Girlie you look great !!!! How have you done it? I have not been so successful : (

  3. Hello! How are u? I was banded on the 10th and u? keep in touch for encouragement. ;]

  4. Thanks girl! So glad your back on and looking great. Keep up the good work

  5. 6 lbs since Saturday!!!!! Way to go girl. That is soooo amazing. See, I have hit plateaus and they suck. It feels great when the pounds start to come off again. I am going to the OCC tomorrow for a check up and possible fill. You look so beautiful. Keep up the hard work. It is paying off and definitely shows :).

  6. you look amazing!!! you truly do inspire me thank you !! I lost track for a few months but I am back on it !

  7. Just got a fill this past Saturday i have lost 6 pounds since Saturday woohoo!! I have not lost any weight for the last maybe 5 months : (

  8. girl you look great!!! congrats I haven't been on here for a while but you look gorgeous!!

  9. which I will be getting on March 22nd at the OCC. I feel better that you were around the same weight range as me at the time of your first fill. I am in the lower 50s and my lowest has been 248 but I keep fluctuating in the 50s now. How has everything been going for you??

  10. You make me feel so much better. I was reading your weights and such. I havent even been getting on here partly because I have been super busy with classes but the other reason is because I've been so sad that I cant lose anymore weight. I just keep going back and forth in the 50s range...and desperately need my 1st fill

  11. Hey!! :) Yes, we did start about the same weight!! 24 pounds down! I am so excited! I go for my first fill March 22nd at the OCC. Although it will be 11 weeks out (because of school and all...must wait for Spring Break), I know I can do it! :D Congrats to you!! Keep losing that weight!! :D

  12. ya !!! congrats we started at about the same weight before the pre diet i too weighed 281 yay im sure you will do awesome

  13. hey girlie welcome to bandland!!!! how exciting : )

  14. You've lost 40 pounds as I seen above on your ticker!! AWESOME!!!! :) I can't wait to start losing more weight!!!