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  1. HELLO?! ANY ONE OUT THERE? Any one been back to the OCC for fills? Check ups? I'm going back early Dec.
  2. I travel to OCC all the time, I'm banded in 2009 but I go for my fills and check ups. I went with my BF for surgery tho. Where are you traveling from?
  3. EricaG

    164 lbs MAY 13TH 2011

    im 164 here. not 172
  4. my heaviest was 220. eeek!
  5. EricaG

    Erica's Journey.

    I hate taking pictures of myself... well at least now I do. Because of this I'm making sure I record my progress in pictures.
  6. i had this feeling too. go for it!
  7. I feel good. Im down a couple of lbs and now I feel restriction. I'm being very cautious, I'm back on solids and taking it easy. I try to do liquids every once in a while.
  8. Are you flying? I drive so I think it's a but different. Comfy shoes, socks, stretchy pants, and I bought some packet soups, I think they were Lipton and I took the noodles out, I think the flavor was better than the bullion cubes. Gatorade and ensure we're my buddies too.
  9. Canuk let me know how it goes. I hope you're not, but it's always good to get it checked. Good luck.
  10. I feel better now, I did my 7 days of liquid and then eased into chunky soups on the 8th. I feel better restriction now. I am still very cautious with breads and red meats. I know those are a no go so I'm staying away. The only thing I'm weirded out by is that I can hear my liquid going down. It's not that it's getting stuck or coming up, it just sounds like a gurgle then it goes down. I don't have any food in me, I know this because I drink a warm Bev in the morning and I still hear it, but so far, no pain and I feel great.
  11. Oh don't worry you'll be fine. Don't look at just the horror stories, read about the success stories too. Stay positive everything will be alright. I don't see my set back as a failure, I see it as a kick in the ass to get me back on track to a better me. I'm in it for the long run so might as well keep eating healthy. I'm down to 170 this morning, I've been strict on my eating and working out 3 times a week. It's paying off. Let me know how everything goes. You get your sergery on the 28th?
  12. I'm so upset at myself. I stretched my pouch and it sucks. I knew I was eating too much and I didn't stop it. It's all my fault. BUT... This can be fixed. I went to the OCC and got it checked. I saw it myself and yes, it's stretched. Dr. So told me we can fix it. He did tighten it a tad bit because I'm going on a liquid diet for 7 days. If that doesn't return it back into position then I'll have to get it unfilled and do it that way. Wish me luck!!
  13. Staying at the hotel alone would not have been a big deal. It's not bad at all. All you want to do is relax afterwards. I brought my boyfriend because he wouldn't let me go alone but I think staying at this Marriott is just like any other in the US.
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