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  1. I am California born and raised but since Los Angeles is the melting pot of the world I have had many conversations with people on this subject. Europians have told me that everything in America is sweetened to American tastes, even the sweets like candy and cake. I noticed that if I go to a Europian bakery or Latin Bakery that this is true. I also noticed this is true with our version of hot chocolate. I know cigarette companies will change the flavor & tabacco blend for each type of cigarette depending on the country it is being sold in and I am wondering if food companies that sell internationally do the same thing?
  2. Recent complement that made me LMAO..."Your so pretty, have you ever thought about getting your boobs done?"

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    2. Lapband92410


      LOL Good one Petra!

    3. B2010


      looking great lady!

    4. B2010


      and from experience DON'T get your boobs done....it's a real pain in the ass to have to get the redone since they don't last forever. If anything I'd say get a lift (if you need it) but the implants thing is so fricking over rated. I wish I had never gotten mine.

  3. I did not buy smaller clothes before the band but I like Lisa's comment about having a goal dress. Unfortunately I have spent a lot of money on dresses from mybabyjo retro inspired clothing and now have to pay more money to get them all taken in Another problem I ran into was that there was a few items already in my closet that I was waiting to fit back into and only got a chance to wear them once or twice before they also became too big.
  4. 4 fills done all at OCC. I have 8cc in 11cc band and feel restriction finally. However, that level of restriction flucuates from day to day and sometimes meal to meal.
  5. Wanted to check in and see how your doin? How is the band and your restriction these days?

  6. Are you ok? Miss you!

  7. Hey B - are you around anymore.....come out come out where every you are!

  8. hello, I'm heading to OCC in the morning. This will be my third fill from them. I haven't lost anything this time...its been down 2 up 3... down 3 up 2. Driving me crazy!! I also seem to be eating more and not having problems with it!! I still can't eat bread but that ok.. I LOVE BREAD lol I hope this helps... I wanted to be close to my goal weight be the summer.

  9. Were are you my dear....MIA....

  10. I am doing okay. I have not lost anything in the last week due to TOM and MAJOR water retention. I am okay with it though and I am just being patient and waiting it out. I am already at ideal restriction so I cant go back for another fill any time soon. I know I need to drink more water. Good luck on your 3rd fill.

  11. Hi,

    I'm going to OCC on the 25th for my 3rd fill. How are you doing? I hope that this gets me closer to my goal. I have not lost anything last month.

  12. LMAO!!! Never thought of it that way, but it does ROCk doesnt it?!?!?

  13. You probably knocked off between 150 - 200 calories Great job!!!
  14. WW POINTS® Tracker entries Tuesday, May 04, 2010 Morning 1 tsp coffee, instant or regular, powder 0 1 Tbsp sugar 1 2 Tbsp nondairy liquid creamer 1 1 serving(s) 3 Hostess Donettes 4 Subtotal 6 Midday 1 oz Whole Cashews 4 Subtotal 4 Evening No entries for this meal time. Subtotal 0 Anytime 2/3 grande Beverages Skinny Vanilla Latte 1.5 Subtotal 1.5 Food POINTS values total used 11.5 Food POINTS values remaining 9.5
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