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    I love to walk with the "Lodi Running Club" they are all a wonderful group of men and women. I would love to one day jog/run a half marathon beside my husband.
  1. Thanks ! I can hardly believe it !

  2. Congrats on your goal !!!!

  3. Thanx Janice, I can't wait until I reach my goal.

  4. Stand still...not losing at all. I need a fill because if I want I can eat more then I should. They said I would not need more then 3 fills. If I eat any type of bread I get stuck and end up throwing up. I stay away from it.

  5. Hi there Janice! I was born and raised in Sacramento!? i have heard of a lot of people coming to a "stand still" with their bands. How does that work exactly? Do you still feel restriction or is it that you just need a fill? Poor food choices? I'm not sure what a "stand still" includes? I want to make sure that when I get banded, I know what to look for so as to not ...

  6. You look wonderful !!! Congrats on your goal Deb !

  7. Good Morning, I just joined on facebook... Lose It Forever! I love coming on here and readying so many great bandsters updates... Good luck !!
  8. Good Luck and WELCOME !! Please keep us posted on your new adventure.

  9. Good Morning, I stayed on a liquid diet for 2 days.... my third day I pretty much followed the menu from getting the surgery. I think you should call OCC and speak to one of the doctors on call. Good luck!
  10. Good Morning, I stayed there when I had my surgery and it was wonderful !! I do not have anything bad to say about my stay or OCC..... The soup is out of this world !!!
  11. Good Morning ! Congrats! I'm at a stand still and its my fault. I have not been watching my diet! I have lost 35lbs and feel great but would love to lose 25 more! Just doing the day to day right now. I have wrist and knee issues right now and was told not to run/walk too much so bummed out!!!! I did my last half marathon two weeks ago and start physical ther...

  12. 4 lbs to go....way to cool !!!!! Congrats !!!

  13. Congrats.......I haven't lost anything in months...its been up 5lbs down 5lbs for so long. I have had 3 fills and they said the last time I should not need anymore. I pretty much can eat as much as I want. I still can not eat breads, banana's, grapes or fruit unless I take the skin off. I haven't been on here in a long time either..lol

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