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  1. Can I ask what restriction feels like? I sometimes get food stuck, but never really feel restricted. I am worried that my band is too tight as soon as I get food stuck, but isn't that just something a person has to live with now that I have the band?

  2. Onederland!!!!!!! Over 1/2 way there!

  3. 53 pounds down--1/2 way to goal!

    1. SusieO


      Congrats way to go

  4. Finally 50 pounds lost!

  5. Almost to 50 pounds--woohoo!

  6. Hi--Dr. Fitzpatrick in Eugene also spends 1-2 days a week in Portland or at least the Portland area. I'm assuming it's her you called and she didn't get back to you? I'd try again because she's usually good about that. Hope you get through and get this taken care of!
  7. Scale moving, but slowly, which is okay....

  8. Trust me, I know the feeling, had chicken stir fry and only 4 bits, guess I didnt chew enough and bang.....that feeling....and up it came. Oh the band, its a love/hate relationship.

  9. Hi--haven't talked to you forever, but hope you're doing well. I'm not losing nearly as fast as I'd like, but at least I'm not gaining. You seem to be doing an awesome job--over 50 pounds--woohoo!!

  10. Hey, read your post and wanted to give you a high five! Wow, you're doing wonderful!!! I know you feel down now, because of your wife's comments and your vacation, but really, what you have done so far is amazing and I'm so jealous plus proud of you!

    I haven't been on here much, mostly because I've been discouraged. I'm not gaining but ...

  11. Yeah, it's pretty surprising. I find myself wishing I'd never gotten the fill when I was at 8.1, because that's the best restriction I've had. Then tonight, I had chicken tenderloins and could only eat one because of restriction, so I guess I don't want anymore. Maybe it's just getting used to.

  12. Well, no gaining is definately a good thing. Since I went to 8cc, I have restriction. Im in the same boat as you though, I have a hard time with good food choices. It definately is a huge adjustment when you are an emotional eater like me. Im finding Im having to learn new ways to cope with things and not resort to my comfort foods. I cant believe at 9ccs, your band is still inconsistent though...

  13. Hi--thanks for asking! Actually, I can't tell much of a difference. My band is being very inconsistent--sometimes it's tight and sometimes not. I've lost another pound, but was hoping for more. Partly it's my food choices though, so I can take part blame. The good news is, I'm not gaining! How're you doing?

  14. Hey beautiful.

    How is it going with your 9ccs? Feeling good?

  15. I just got it today, so I don't know. I feel like I've had more fills than most. I felt almost close at 8.1 and then when I got my next fill, which put me at 8.7, and I felt almost no restriction! I'm trying one more fill before I have a fluoroscopy to see if there is a problem. Anyway, I'll post here about my restriction after I get off liquids in two days.

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