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  1. Does anyone have a good Banana FREE smoothie recipe? I suppose I need protein in it too.
  2. I find a have a hard time with French fries, Broccoli, Cauliflower and sometimes chicken.
  3. Can I ask what restriction feels like? I sometimes get food stuck, but never really feel restricted. I am worried that my band is too tight as soon as I get food stuck, but isn't that just something a person has to live with now that I have the band?

  4. I had the banding done March 2010, I am afraid to get another fill as sometimes food gets stuck and I end up PBing, but I am not losing weight. Any suggestions? I may not be eating properly all the time, but am trying. Any ideas on meal plans or comments about whether or not I should get another fill?
  5. So sorry to hear you are having so many issues. I am less than a month as a bandster but I am eating 2 to 3 oz protien in the morning and some fruit. Then approx 4 hours later I have 2 to 3 oz protein, vegetables and then if I am still hungry more fruit. About 4 hours later I duplicate my lunch. I walk in the morning and evening, it seems to be working. Good luck

  6. Does anyone have a meal plan they are following? I am having a hard time cutting down the amount of food I am eating. I know the band is only a tool, but I have had numerous fill appointments cancelled on me. I guess maybe I am unhappy with the way things are going so I am eating more, but would really like any advice anyone is willing to give
  7. I have totally fallen off the wagon, help someone, anyone do you have meal plan ideas?

    1. shmee


      Sandy, I'm not banded yet but a gal on my other forum put this up as her meal plan. She's lost a lot in the past year -- I also like the recipes in the Instinct Diet book.

      heres what I do:

      breakfast - every day its a crustless quiche. each portion is ~200 cal, and has a min of 18g protein, and <4g carb.

      lunch - around 350 cal. 4-5oz protein: flank steak, pork chop, salmon, snapper, chicken cooked w not too much fat. sides are always something green: 1 c...

  8. disappointed in myself, haven't lost any weight in 2 months. Gotta get back on track, no motivation this summer!

  9. I sent mine in on April 6th and just recieved my check Tuesday so it does take some time. First time ever I will say I can't wait to submit my income tax, bring me some money!
  10. Just wanted to let anyone in Alberta, Canada know that the government will reimburse you about 1600 when you claim your surgery costs. Another great thing is claiming it on the following years income tax, should get tons of money back from that as well.
  11. Since my last fill I have been getting food stuck daily although I am not getting the ffullness feeling. Am I just not chewing my food enough?
  12. What areWhat are signs that your band may have slipped? I don't think mine has but I am very paranoid
  13. Hi! Congrats on restriction!!! YAY! You are on your way!

  14. I just called Dr. Mitchell's Office, they asked a few questions and are more than willing to do the follow up. I guess we will see how it goes as I go for my first fill May 18th
  15. I am booked with Dr. Mitchell May 18th, glad to hear he is very helpful. Quite excited to see him
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