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  1. I'm at 165 right now. It's going. but I've really been strict on my eating lately. I was working out a lot but I've slowed down a little, hoping to meet goal in July.

  2. that's awesome...but i'm finding it really hard to push past these last 20 lbs i really need to get committed!!! :) congrats on the weight loss.

  3. hey girl, looks like we are on the same path ;) Im at 165 today! WTF! (in a happy way)

  4. hey :) It's been VERY VERY slow. stuck at 170-172. how about yourself? I know I need to start exercising and making sure I'm eating the right foods.

  5. How's the progress hun?

  6. Sherri, I HAVE had over 9CC in my 11cc band and I was miserable. I am now back to around 8cc. I think it really just depends on how YOU feel. I think if your body was causing issues you would certainly know it. I tend to really swell a lot whenever I get fills and it takes at least 3-4 weeks for me to feel back to normal I think as long as you ease into it you'd be ok. The doctor I went to was over aggressive in his filling, so I found a new one. I do think how tight he had it when it was over 9cc that it was causing me problems and I only had it like that for about 5 days. just listen to your body. I would also recommend that if you're not losing weight the way you want, that you take another look at what it is you're eating. Even with the band at over 9cc the only weight I lost was water weight because my restriction was so tight I couldn't hydrate my body. increase protein although that's the last thing you want to do with the band, you really have to make yourself get enough protein. I ALWAYS stop losing weight if I don't get enough protein and not enough water.
  7. protein protein protein....can't stress that enough. I think it's the biggest weight loss "miracle" most people that are fat.....have low intake of protein. myself included. Even with my calorie restriction with the band, if I don't have enough protein I completely stop losing weight and start gaining.
  8. yea there is definitely a learning curve. I myself have the band but experienced the major mental change that occurred when I realized what got me fat in the first place. that is.....the way I ate Now with having the band, I really recognize these traits in watching other people also. Taking huge bites, eating soooo fast, gulping drinks down. The band just doesn't allow you to do that and not feel terrible. The biggest physical change I experienced was no longer able to have that feeling of being "full" It's a weird sensation, you have pain with too much food before you could ever possibly get to point of painful fullness that I used to experience with my eating binges.
  9. honestly, I've been too tight before. I also have the 11cc band and tend to swell a lot after a fill. However I've had the band for over a year now and I honestly would not want something that was not as adjustable as this band is. I had a major issue with an over aggressive fill doctor here in Alaska, and he basically overfilled me, then closed for christmas. I found another provider that was able to help me and remove 3 cc taking me back down to 6cc. It was such a relief to me to know that in emergency situations that I am able to remove all restriction so that my body can heal correctly. After having been so tight as to not be able to get water down, my weight issue took second saddle to the more serious issue of having an overfill. I'm glad I had the 11cc band and that it gave me enough flexibility.
  10. B2010

    Eating Habits

    absolutely the prep has been the biggest adjustment. I also went to the thrift store and bought some very 1 cup size glass bowls and I primarily eat all of my food by having measured it in this fashion. Unless it's later at night I usually always have to make sure I'm not overeating. it's way too painful The pain i feel is a great deterrent to staying low on the amount of foods I'm taking in
  11. after you have your first feeling of having something stuck you aren't going to want white bread. it feels terrible when it's stuck
  12. yep totally normal!!! It will pass. Just try to drink slower and smaller sips. I'm sure you're swollen a lot at this point too. I usually get this feeling right after a fill and it passes within 1-2 weeks after the swelling goes down.
  13. http://www.gofundme.com/ here's a website you can maybe set up something for her online and ask for small donations on her behalf. if you get the word out around your town etc....and get a lot of smaller donations maybe it can really help. She's lucky to have such a loving daughter in her life. Best of luck for you and don't give up!
  14. everything noted regarding very hard meats, rice, breads, pasta etc....I can't get down. I've found when I'm feeling very very tight and need some protein imitation crab meat seems to go down fairly easily.
  15. I agree, haven't been able to eat anything essentially "white" very easily with the band. Also, I'd concentrate more on ensuring you are getting adequate protein and veggies in before worrying about pastas and such.
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