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  1. EcMjawad1

    Soy Protein

    Hi LoriBecky, I have had to find ways to get in my protein and it had to be soy with about two years of experimentation. The EAS carb RTD shake is a life saver on many busy mornings but I also found an excellant soy protein powder which I use in my own drinks..Netrition (online site) is great for all of this including the PB2 powder. Another life savor for protein is ProStat- a shot of that in the morning really helps me to get all that protein in...of course I have at times added beano because go figure soy is a bean..
  2. New problem..extra skin, and back pain...anyone else?

    1. Bella1980


      The only thing I can reccomend for back pain is to do exercises that strengthen those muscles.

    2. nothereanymore


      I think we start doing more and sometimes our bodies rebel - I started yoga and palates to build more core muscle - Bella is right on. Extra skin - know it - surgery....

  3. Great topic....I have heard some or almost all of the above with different versions...I have also lost at least two friends or at least they are not as close to me as they were..some are not liking the whole "new me" thing...finally I say with conviction "TOUGH" I owe it to myself to do what I want for a change..take me or leave me...The comments from my patients are really interesting...I have to say at least once a week they ask me "where did Michele go?" and I respond she is right in front of you! Wow, never considered this. After the first time I had to come up with that response..I have also had to learn how those comments affect me..and to deal with the very mixed emotions. Of my journey this and the mental stuff is def. the hardest....another new lesson I am just now stepping into is "how to date" wow, never thought at my age I would say that. My husband died three years ago and we where high school sweethearts so dating is something I have zero skills at and I am not sure I'm doing it right or am even ready..another new lesson(s) I guess.
  4. Well, it is January..almost at year three for the band..what a long and interesting journey. Full of ups and downs and all sorts of new learning. This last leg as I have mentioned is the hardest. This is the leg that you look at yourself mentally...the walls, the hold outs, the anger, pain, and then letting it all go...well at least giving it the best you can to do this. I know I will continue to grow as the years the pass. I am forever thankful for this final tool which allowed me to move on. It has not been easy and many habits still poke their head up but now I know them for what they are and either allow it or talk myself out of the habit. Each time I get stronger and smarter. Today at weigh in I am at the lowest weight I have been in 27 years...wow...I will take the day to reflect just on that fact. Truly I never thought to see it again..I am so thankful, words can't even express. But for those out there who think they can't do it here is what I offer: Don't give up on yourself, ever..I entered this last go round with the mentality that I did not care HOW LONG it took, as long as I was heading in the downward direction instead of the upward direction. I believe that solid mind set kept me going...and I know I have more to go..plus I am looking at the added skin and how I will deal with it, luckily its not too bad..exercise and surgery may be in my future..I am worth it. How great would it be that on my third anniversary of the band I begin to sculpt my emerging body? Well another goal, or a near goal. For now I will spend the day in thankful reflection....
  5. Just shy of "onderland" two year and counting...so worth the time, energy, and work!

  6. Hello, So, I am going on year three with my band and it has been slow going..my advice..start over. Take it from the beginning, you know you can't eat that food so wrap your mind around it. A couple of us have bought some real good books to help with the mental need to eat (which is what it sound like to me). My favorites: Eating in the Moment & Eating Mindfully, both of these books are small and can fit in your purse. The Bandwagon is another excellent book and coming here for support also a must. I mention this because during the holiday season I through all those skills out the window and made a conscious decision to eat as I pleased (which was still less then normal) and this week started over. I lost the 5 pound holiday gain and I am feeling better already. Start again, stick to the rules..like protein first, do your measurements in ounces..also you might consider liquids for the first week in case your pouch is enlarged..call the OCC and ask for advice..but this is what I do when I fall off plan, and yes it's a plan, for life...Hang in and good luck.
  7. It's offical...I no longer have to buy plus size clothing!!! Merry Christmas to me..

    1. Shell39


      WOOHOOO!!! oh thats so fabulous!!! Congrats to you!! Merry Christmas indeed!

      Keep it up girl! So happy for you.

    2. nothereanymore


      Congrats - now up goes your shopping spend! Its funny how when cloths get smaller they also cost more $$!

    3. EcMjawad1


      Thanks guys..Good thing I wear uniforms..more $$ for cloths...

  8. Welcome to this site..a great place to start. My daughter and I are both banded. She had her surgery at 21. Do some research, check with your MD regarding the band and your thyroid..and come here to ask questions and get a "feel" for what living as a banded person is like. The band is a tool and you still have to work at it but for my daughter and I it has been a life-changing process. The OCC has wonderful staff, Doctors, and people to talk with..good luck and if you want it bad enough it can happen! Michele
  9. Hi all, Banded March 17, 2010 267 Before band 287 Current 205 Moving in the right direction and loving it...yep I would do it all over again...as I say no matter how long it takes at least I'm moving in the right direction! MJ
  10. Ok, so time to look for band friendly New Holiday food, to go with my new life

  11. Year two as a banded person during the holiday season! Well, here it is year two as a banded person and I am 50+ pounds lighter than last year. What a year it has been….I made it through last year basically just not eating or going out to parties where I knew it would be too hard. This year I am going to events but being more picky about which ones I choose. Funny thing for both years I actually thought I could get away with eating the same way as I did when I wasn’t banded. I realized this both years..luckily this year I figured it out earlier…I was reminded really quickly when I tried to eat turkey and stuffing, along with brussel sprouts. Why I thought I would be able to eat them when I can’t on a normal day I don’t know..chalk it up to foolish thinking..So I did manage to stay away from the food fest’s going on around me by donating my time to serving Thanksgiving dinner to veterans and families instead of over eating it! I also felt good doing it..a new post band tradition. So onward to Christmas and New Year’s..I will come up with something to do for those days too which will put eating in the back seat and fun in the front…Let me start with more exercise and smart food choices and baking my own version of low carb, low fat faves…
  12. Thanks for the link...I will try them..
  13. So thanks to all of you I have tried and found so far the best most "comfortable" products for myself are made by Shapezz..I have found them at Ross and Marshall's and have moved down in size as needed..so far so good. I am now reaching a more noticable extra skin issue..so I have been using the "total gym"
  14. Off the grid for Tday..back on track to the "Me project"

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