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  1. Umph, me too. I got a 2cc unfill and was told to do 7 days of liquids and 5 days of Maalox then resume solids. he said id have to be careful bc i wouldnt have much restriction. after four weeks, i can go back and if it has unstretched, i can get another fill. damn
  2. So glad to hear you are well and are still so successful, Congrats!!!
  3. argh over 2 years out and weight slowly creeping back up :( up 22 pounds from my lowest (which was at my 1 year bandiversary)

    1. canuk98828


      unfortunately there are a couple of us joining you with this backslide. I have recommitted to being more active hopeing that is what I slid on.

    2. CaliGirl


      Call Dr. Miranda. She will help you get back on track with meal plans.

    3. nothereanymore


      Its a never ending battle - we have to make a life long change and watch like hawks to keep us in balance. Its part of who we are as the formally obese.

  4. that's awesome...but i'm finding it really hard to push past these last 20 lbs i really need to get committed!!! :) congrats on the weight loss.

  5. 1 YEAR BANDIVERSARY - DOWN 73 lbs and only 7 from goal :D

    1. EricaG


      congtatz!! and happy bandiversary doll

  6. Is this for real??? I can hardly believe it myself Banded Apr 2 2010, and today, Apr 15 2011, I am down 73 lbs and freaking loving life. I worked hard, ate right, cooked like hell, worked out, (forced myself to) develop an appreciation for running and never gave up hope A year later, new job, new apartment, new dog (running mate!), new boyfriend, NEW BODY, NEW OUTLOOK. Thanks for all the support over the year! XOXOXO
  7. hey girl, looks like we are on the same path ;) Im at 165 today! WTF! (in a happy way)

  8. havent been around, been busy w new job... havnt lost much weight but have been using cold weather as an excuse ... hope you're all doing well!

    1. EricaG


      same here.. you wanna set another mini goal? 5 lbs by feb 14?

    2. damalove
    3. azband4life


      Just put a new picture up. Been pretty busy with school and work. Decided I needed to get back to the board. Hope all is well.

  9. Hey y'all. If you're in northern california, there's a new fill center opening in red bluff. go ahead, google it. its far from the bay, but might be convenient for those in the bay area, the valley, and even southern oregon. 3 hour drive could be better than a flight/train/tram/taxi back to occ. i personally will continue to go to occ but i was glad to hear theres now a somewhat local option, just in case. anyway i put my name on a wait list 6 months ago as they are just now opening. they've contacted me letting me know they are doing (i think) free fills on the 12th of Feb. I am happy w my current level of fill so won't be going. In case you're interested, contact Ursula @ 866-345-5872
  10. hehe... i found the link you gave me doll :)

  11. hey Dama... I remember you posting a recipe for flax bread.. did you? or did we just talk about it? If you can you send me the recipe? widdlee@yahoo.com

  12. mini-goal: to be 168 by jan 15th, which would put me exactly 10lbs from goal

    1. EricaG


      did we get there?? me? not so much.

    2. damalove


      didn't. got to 170, then floated back up to 172 and am stuck there...

  13. Hi there. I am 8-mo post op, feel restriction, and have lost over 60 lbs so far. Im 16 lbs from goal and hope to get there by my next b-day (in march). Lately, I have been feeling a sharp pain in my right side, about two or three fingers below my ribcage, right after eating. My port is located on the left side. At first I thought it might be gas or maybe lactose intolerance but i've noticed this pain after just about everything Ive eaten, including yogurt, nuts, salad, steak, (low-carb homemade)flax bread, even an apple. When I press on my tummy there it hurts but after about an hour it goes away. is my pouch on my right side, if my port is on my left side???? any explanation or ideas?
  14. i have a few friends who have purchased the p90x system, one is a 23 year old guy and the others are a 50+ year old married couple. both are seeing great results, has any one else tried it? im bored with running and unfortunately the love of running some speak of never caught on in my heart. it remains and always will be something i do simply to lose weight.
  15. I was under the impression it was six months. Im now 8 mo post op and I still dont drink carbonated drinks, mainly bc its uncomfortable. I cant really burp at all anymore so imagine drinking a coke and not being able to burp? i had given up soda well before the band but after living in europe got totally addicted to sparkling water, miss that loads, might consider having it again after the year mark.
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