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  1. first fill done...not feeling any restriction but not testing the limits either

  2. Hello Everyone, I haven't posted lately. But I did want to get some feedback from the people who have gone before me down this path. I was feeling some restriction after the liquid diet, not a lot but I wasn't able to eat bread and my portion sizes were greatly adjusted. When it became time for my first fill in August I was really looking forward to a more agressive weight loss. I had the fill done 8/17/10. It was relatively painless. I received 4 cc in my 11 cc band. I stayed in San Diego for a few days to make sure I wasn't going to have problems. Because i was on liquids for three days I didn't know how the fill was going to work. I find now, 2 weeks later, I don't feel real restriction. I continue to follow, what I call, my three simple rules....1)no bread or bread products 2)nothing deep fried 3)nothing with a sauce. I know these things seem almost elementary but you'd be surprised how often I can't order from a menu without changes to adhere to these rules. As far as changes after the fill I don't feel any. I'm wondering if the changes to diet and portion control were enough to be restrictive and the lapband is not be utilized at this time. What is it I should be looking for to know if the fill was successful? My weight has come down 5 lbs but I was also very swollen from extensive traveling before and during the fill. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  3. hang in there, it shouldn't be so hard, just watch what you eat until then. I made the mistake of eating like I used to because I had no restriction. But..I also didn't lose any weight. I'm losing weight again now, I'm super happy and motivated. You'll do fine! trust me.

  4. I am going on the 27th of August for my first fill. My 21 days of liquids are up on Thursday and I am so worried I will pig out. I DO NOT want to gain any of the weight I have lost so far and would like to lose more by my fill date and I know it will be a struggle. Getting my ass to the gym will help! 1200 calories will be my cap.

  5. I have been diabetic for nearly 10 years. I began a journey of self awareness and weight loss when I was diagnosed. I was in my early 30's and so afraid of following my Grandmother and other family members to the grave with this disease. But even that fear didn't help me get enough of the weight off to change my future. I eventually lost 100lbs but then my own wants and bad choices stopped the steady weight loss and I began to gain once again. As I loss weight, on my own at first, my medication was reduced. I was on 2000mg of Metformin at my peak. Eventually being lowered to 500mg, which I've been on for the last 2 years. My Dr. became very frustrated at my inability to drop the rest of this weight. He began to prescribe the new Lavaza shots to help me lose the weight. I'm not a big fan of shots and found the additional meds in my system only made me sick. Later I realized since my diabetes was controlled the extra meds was causing my blood sugar to drop, thus making me sick. But the fact remained the only way to be free of this disease is to lose the rest of the weight. After the surgery taking the Metformin wasn't possible. it's a very large pill, think prenatal vitamin. I tried cutting it in half, smashing it and just suffering with the discomfort. But I eventually just stopped taking it. I know, I know...not good. I did monitor my blood sugar and it stayed within an acceptable range without the meds. Last week I went to see my Dr and admitted to what i had done. If course, he wasn't happy and ordered an A1C immediately. The A1C will tell him if I had really been controlling my sugar without meds. he warned me very sternly that if the numbers came back high I would be back on the meds immediately. His nursed called me later on in the day, obviously surprised. She informed me my A1C without any meds was 5.8, with meds it had been 6.1. To everyone who hasn't had to go down this road let me tell you I'm drug free for the first time in nearly a decade! I'm no where near my goal weight but this goal was just as important to me. I know without this lapband I would still be a slave to this disease and the meds that I've had to take for so many years. I have to think about my food choices. I have to go get my fill. I have to continue on this path to stay drug free and to eventually become cured of this disease. But I think for the first time...I can do this! I don't have to accept the diagnosis of Diabetes as my death sentence. I have a new outlook on life, thanks to this amazing weight loss tool. I wanted to share my story in hopes that anyone out there struggling with this disease can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I still struggle too but now I know my life is written by me, not by my family genes or bad early choices. But by what I do and how I behave right now!
  6. After 32 days I feel no real restriction. I've scheduled my first fill for the 17th. I'm a little terrified I'll put any of this 30lbs back on. I'm tempted to go back to the pre op diet but I know I'm not suppose to so just trying to watch the calories and not let things just happen! How's it going with you?

  7. Ready to get my first fill on the 17th, just have to pay attention until then

  8. Dwayne, I haven't really kept up on here. Life gets in the way, as usual. I did schedule my first fill for Aug. 17th. I'm not feeling any restriction now but there are definately no-no foods. Bread is a thing of the past, as is flour tortillas and even though I can eat corn tortillas I have to be so careful. But I've noticed if the consistancy is fine I don't feel any restriction. That makes me really nervous. I have lost 30 lbs pre and post op and am freaking out about gaining anything back. I do notice I go over my food choices very carefully. I think going to all this trouble and expense has finally made an impact on my thinking and, more importantly, on my eating. I found a great app for my droid with calorie counts for most food including restaurants! It's my new favorite thing. I do feel a lot of restriction in the morning. A cup of hot tea seems to help. Keep me up on all your success. PS What oilfield do you work out of, I'm originally from OKlahoma (lots of family still in that industry)
  9. I'm excited to hear how your surgery went. I had a great experience and hope you did too. The 21 days on liquids can be challenging but not impossible. Good luck on your new journey. I look forward to hearing about your great success!
  10. thank you luv. proud of you too!

  11. I'm sure some people have bad experiences but I've read tons of stories on here and bad experiences are definately the exception not the rule. Everyone was kind and nurturing to me. I had my husband and best girlfriend with me. They had a good experience at the clinic too. Following instructions is important! I did what they said. Hot tea first thing in the morning really helps to not feel sick. I walked until I could swim and swam until I could go back on the eliptical. The important thing is to move. I was really nervous to get this done. I had lost 100 lbs on my own and didn't want to face the fact that I couldn't get the rest off on my own. But after putting 25 lbs back on it was clear...I needed help! I haven't regretted it for a minute. Even if someone had been snippy to me or I was sick to my stomach, neither of which happened to me, I would still be happy to be on my way to a healthy weight. Good luck and try to remember all the people who have gone before you and had great experiences!
  12. I'm at day 20 of my liquid post-op diet. I don't think I'll ever eat soup again, lol. No need to tell me not to stay on liquids! I can't imagine who needs that instruction. So my husband has planned a nice meal at our favorite tapas restaurant after I've been on solids for a few days. I was wondering if anyone had an advise about going back to eating. I know breads and the like are a no-no but what about spicy food, mixing food, salad? I'm a little nervous about just having a regular meal. I haven't had any problems so far, no pbs or bm problems or really any difficulties. I'm hoping to continue doing well. My hubby got my an amazing juicer and I would like to continue having these amazing fresh juices. I don't know where they'll fit into my eating schedule yet. I have to admit the no drinking with food seems like it may be hard to get used to. I've been shocked to find out I don't need all the water I've been drinking for years! I use to down a bottle of water several times a day. Just the thought of trying to get down a bottle of water makes me feel ill. I kept thinking won't I dehydrate without my 8 - 8oz servings? Apparently not! Of course I haven't gotten back up to working out for the hour and half I was prior to the surgery so we'll see. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Thanks Trisha for posting. When I first started this journey it was postings and pictures on this forom that inspired me to keep going. You will be so thrilled with your new life. Follow the rules, exercise and keep in touch with all of us and the weight will come off. Good luck

  14. Wow! Your pictures are amazing! You've done such a wonderful job! I can't get over the total transformation you've made. I'm still pretty new (liquids for 2 more days) but it's because of people like you, who used their lapband as an effective tool, that have given me hope. Thank you and thanks for the awesome pictures!

  15. The liquids are fine. But I have an uncontrollable urge to cook! My husband is starting to think I've gone a little wacko. Today I made a pimento cheese casserole, brushetta, crab casserole and corn salsa. None of which I can eat. I got yummy pureed corn bisque. 2 more days then I don't really know what to expect. I'm going to Tijuana mid August for my first fill. wish me...

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