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  1. Oh MY GOODNESS!!!! Thank you so much for adding this! I soooooo needed this last night and it helped tremendously! I couldn't take the broth's anymore or cream of blah-ness anymore either. I was feeling hungry and the thickness of this soup relieved it. And it tasted really good, I put the whole can of enchilada sauce in it was YUMMY!!!! Thanks again
  2. Thanks, I did. And let me tell you what a relief. I feel so much better today, except for the occasional hiccup. I took some gas-x and liquid vitamins and it made a tremendous difference today! I stayed awake the whole day and too my daily walk!!!
  3. Help.... I was banded Sept 8, 2010. The first 2 nights I couldn't keep liquids down. I can keep fluids down now with the exception of water although it is a bit pain full sometimes after drinking something, and I can't seem to stay awake. When I roll over in bed I get a tightness and pain in my throat, I am light headed and dizzy walking around and hoping this is normal. I am home now in the states, I really don't want to lose my band. Anyone had the same problem?
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