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    Hello Everyone,<br /><br />We would like to thank everyone ! Express Jet was wonderful flying us from Colorado to San Diego. The hospitality was terrific. I highly reccomend the airlines. The Producer of the Oprah Show , Eric, took the best care of us.. and most of all to those who we have touched their lives. We hope that being on the Oprah Show has helped many make decisions that will truly change their lives. Cassie was 13 years old when she was banded by Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Martinez and now she is 17. She is a fabulous young lady now and is a success to the LapBand. Thank You Dr. Ortiz & Dr. Martinez. We are forever greatful.<br />Jenn
  1. Just wanted to say Congrats !!!! My daughter Cassie had her's done at age 13 with the OCC. She is now 18. What a life she is living since she had it done. No regrets, and she is a proven sucess. She is the one in Dr. Ortiz book and the Oprah Show. We took other family memebers down to have the surgery as well and all of them are doing great and moving at thier own pace. Again.... Congrats !!!
  2. The journalist said it is called Womens Magazine. Have you heard of it? Thanks Jenn
  3. Hi Everyone, Just letting everyone know that a British Journalist contacted us and already did an interview with Cassie and I. The photographer will be out Friday afternoon. The interview went very well. He was very pleasant and he saw the Oprah Show. He said he also interviewed the girl that had Lipo to have her weight reduced. So it will be very interesting to see her interview as well. Paul (the jounalist) said he would send some copies of the magazine and we will put them on MYSPACE so everyone can see the pics and the story. Oh by the way, I get to do my own hair so I know I will look better then what I did on TV. LOL..... Love You All,
  4. Congrats and truly enjoy yourself. Tell Dr. Ortiz , Dr. Martinez and the staff the Cassie and Jenn from the Oprah Show said hello !! You will just love them. They will take great care of you and your family going along. Relax and again truly enjoy yourself.
  5. cant wait to find out the final results because Im ready
  6. He is in favor of it on adults, on the show not for teens. THey glorified natural weight loss and put down those who chose another way. If my child gets a job in thier own way I congradulate them as long as they got it done. He did not care that Cassie was happy and healthy. He knows how minor this surgery.
  7. AWH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is such a sweet compliment. I can't wait to tell Cassie. Thanks Jenn
  8. Linda, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You !!! For those patients who met Cassie at the OCC during their surgeries, they would tell you she is young lady beyond her years. She is so kind to everyone being on both sides. Cassie was told over and over that this is a tool and she has to do the work. It was not just take her down, here ya go and your done. Mentally she was prepared because she had to want it and Dr. Ortiz interviewed her and he said she is definately mature and ready. Cassie has talked to other teens and so open about everything. Cassie did not want implants, or lipo she just wanted to be healthy and happy and that as a parent is all we want for our precious children. Thank you again Linda for your support and your respect. Jenn & Cassie
  9. Hello Sunnee, You are so right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT THE PERSON !!!, I don't think Dr. Oz has dieting in his whole life. When you never tasted chocolate how can you talk about it !!! Cassie showed her maturity on the show in front of millions. OCC and I are truly proud of her. Thank you for your support. Jenn
  10. Hello Evette, I had compasion for some of the audience members because they did not understand what the LapBand was. For those who have never struggled over dieting they seemed to be out of touch and could not grasp what the real true ending to this story was. Cassie is Healthy, Happy and is not a damaged Teenager. She has lived a normal life. The surgery is reversable, minor and is only a tool to help you suceed. Dr. Oz was not supost to be on the show and did at the last min. There are erros he said about the lapband because he did not do his studing. The ore he was confronted the worse he became and he was mad after the show ended. For the Pediatrics doctor she was brown nosing him the whole way and it was like Dr.'s know best. Well if they do then why do they miss so many diagnosis! They had an interview with Dr. Ortiz but they cut it out. It was really funny!! Many doctors here in Colorado have seen Cassie and know she is the best and one doctor strted doing Lapbands just becasue of her sucess. I also told the Ped. Doctor "What makes you the expert now, because you did one Gastric Bypass surgery on a child that can not be undone so simple and now your the expert to say anything over Lapband. She said they first approached her and she did not want to do the Gastric on a child. But the money and benefits must of been worth taking it on because she she they had to talk her into it. I'm glad you are knowledgeable in the LapBand to see through Dr. Oz. HE is Oprah's puppet and Oprah has to promote him because that is her creation. Thanks for the support,Jenn & Cassie
  11. Cheryl, We are there for Kelsey and for any future Teen Bandsters !! They deserve a normal life. I hope both are doing well and please tell them Hello from us and if they are in San Diego again, we are often there as well and we would love to meet them. Jenn
  12. Hi Paula, Your comment gave me goosebumps. Over and Over they asked me to explain how I felt going into Mexico and just like most of you , your SCARED !!!!! Well I was too and taking a child there. But Cassie was not your ordinary child like you said Paula, she is very rounded and was ready. It is sad how the show cut Dr. Ortiz's interview out, because when we were on stage they did show it on a big screen but when it aired there was so much cut out. So THANK YOU. We love all of you guys and it has changed Cassies life and why should another teen not enjoy a teenage life of fullfillment and joy. Dr. Oz was very rude after the show. He angry that we were confrontational and he was not supost to be on the show, he stopped in at the last min. They asked us if we minded and who would of thought he would of started attacking Cassie. We just took Senior Pictures of Cassie and you will not beleive how fabulous she looks. The photographer worked for NIGHT line AND HE SAID She should do modeling and that he wants to do her portfolio. Everyone is different, that is how God made us and for him to judge her was ridiculous. Paula, Great big hug to you !!! Jenn
  13. [color="#000080"] Darlene, Thank you for the support !!!!!!!!!!!! Jenn & Cassie [/color]
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