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  1. Hi Everyone! I just realized I will be able to start on mushies on Monday, and I would like some suggestions so I (and others reading this) can have a good list of things to choose from. I know mashed potatoes and things in the blender, but what things work in the blender. I believe I have seen where you can have Tuna and Egg Salad at this stage too? I will also be traveling, and staying in a hotel over night so any suggestions while traveling would also be appreciated. I am also finding it difficult to drink water now without it making me nauseous. Pre-Surgery, I drank it all the time. I have tried crystal light but that stuff is so sickening sweet to me now, that it too makes me sick if I drink too much. Any other suggestions of good things to drink would be great. THANKS!
  2. I don't know about the hot and sour, but I can tell you that I have had the "clear" soup from the Japanese Restaurants and also egg drop soup from the chinese restaurant. I didn't eat many pieces of the "egg" in the egg drop soup but I can definitely say they are nice change of pace from the chicken broth. (Although I still find myself wanting the chicken broth off and on.) I will be 3 weeks out on July 18th.
  3. StephieLynn

    9 months post-op VSG

    I just had the VSG done on the 27th of June. I am doing very well with no complications, other than my body has decided to retain quie a bit of fluid. I too agree that Dr. Ortiz and his entire OCC TEAM and STAFF ... do ROCK!
  4. Yesterday I had an appointment with my Pulmonary Specialist. He is the one that kick started this journey for me. He did what is standard and referred me to a local bariatric group that is very good and well known. The problem became the fact that I was not covered under my insurance and I also had a Hiatal Hernia to repair. The problem came when I couldn't afford the $20,000 they were wanting for the sleeve plus the additional 20% for the Hernia repair that insurnance does not cover. With the way medical costs are these days, I was probably looking at an additional $3000 for that. THIS is where Dr. Ortiz and the Obesity Control Center come in. When he came in to the room, he asked how progress was going with the doctor he referred me too. My husband said it was done. Dr. D is thinking this means surgery is done and so he asks "You have had the surgery already?" I said "Yes, but not with Dr. Antonnetti. I have a story to tell you." So I told him the story and how it led me to Dr. Ortiz. The look on his face when I told him I went to Mexico to get the surgery, was priceless. It was more of a "Shock" but not in a bad way (Mouth dropped open, eyes widened!). He became VERY interested in my journey and he even wrote down Dr. Ortiz's name and the name of his center and took lots of notes. We told him all about it and the fact that the center is also an International Center of Excellence. I have a feeling he has a lot of patients that are in our same situation. Need to lose the weight for better health but either do not have insurance or insurance doesn't cover it. So, I told him how much it cost us and included our stay at the Marriot and my meals, with daily check ins at the center for bandage changes, etc. He even asked if it was laproscopic and I showed him my scars that are still healing. He was very impressed. He said I had certainly done my homework. He was really tickled because he couldn't stop smiling. He has put me on a different nebulizer medicine and wants me to take it at night before bed because my asthma has been acting up at night. So, while the nurse was getting my medicine and prescription together, he was reviewing Xrays for another patient and told me to keep him posted on my progress and he can't wait to SEE my progress when I return in 6 months. I said I will. He said something else and I don't remember what it was but I responded with, "Well, you told me I needed to have the surgery. So, I did it! Aren't you proud of me for listening?" He laughed and said, "Yes, I am very proud of you!!!! I will tell you that you are braver than I am, but I think what you have done is great!" I came away from that appointment very happy and uplifted and was glad that Dr. D was so receptive of my decision AND he had already witnessed the results because he was showing I had lost 25 pounds since I was in his office last. (I have actually lost more, but my body is retaining fluid, so I am showing a few pounds heavier.. hopefully that will be gone by the weekend.)
  5. font="Comic Sans MS"][/font] Aw Thanks! I have been reading your posts too and they are very helpful!
  6. This says this is portion size for banders. Would this also apply to sleevers and plications?
  7. Hi! I chose the sleeve because the Plication is new and something about folding, tucking and sewing I didn't feel comfortable with. You also get a faster weight loss with the Sleeve, so depending on how much weight you want to lose would also be a deciding factor. The doctors are a very useful tool to use to help you with what would be the best way to go for your situation. Also a bariatric doctor state side, told me that he if they could choose just one surgery to do (they are doing the plication yet, however.) he would choose to only do the sleeve because he has seen the most success with it and less complications. When I went to see him, I was "thinking" lap band. He mentioned the sleeve and so I began researching that and decided to go with it versus the lap band. I was just sleeved 14 days and have NO regrets. My recovery has been great, I had no pain from the surgery and am excited to what this journey unfold.
  8. I was sleeved on June 27th and I must say because I had done a lot of research prior to my surgery, I did not find myself nervous at all. I was more anxious to just have it done. I had never had surgery before so I was truly amazed at how calm I was. I knew I was in GREAT hands because I had done my research. My dad has told me before "I know when you make a decision to do something, it is the right decision because you never do anything without researching in great detail first." Once I told him I was going to have WLS surgery in Mexico, he was a little surprised, but then repeated that same thing again. My recovery has been remarkable. I had no pain and really didn't need to take the pain killers I was given. I was out walking and doing some shopping while we were in Tijuana after surgery as well. The worst day for me was the third day post op on Wednesday. I looked like I was 9 months pregnant. I fortunately brought GasX and THAT most likely was a life saver for me. I was a little "uncomfortable" with the bloated feeling but no pain. I just took the GasX pre pain and it helped. So if you are reading this, pre-surgery, don't forget to take GasX. Dr. Ortiz also repaired a Hiatal Hernia and with that repair, I have not even experienced any reflux which was quite pronounced prior to surgery. We were hoping by repairing the Hiatal Hernia, it would cause my coughing to subside somewhat. I am quite please to say that it has helped that as well. I flew home on July 3rd, and started my new job on the 5th and again, have experienced no problems, but it is a desk job. I have come to realize that I still can't do things like house cleaning (what a bummer!) or pick up my grandchildren, but that will come with time. I am 14 days out and have lost 29 pounds (12 pounds pre-surgery)! THAT is motivation to say the least. Again, Dr. Ortiz and his entire staff is wonderful. I had a good friend of mine, that is considering the surgery ask me in my whole experience with Dr. Ortiz and the OCC, what would I change or ask to be changed. I didn't even have to think about it... My response was "Absolutely NOTHING!" (The waits for drain emptying and bandages can be long but I had nothing else to do either and it gave me and my husband time to meet and make new friends that were there either waiting on their time for surgery or for their bandage change as well.) Thank you Dr. Ortiz (simply wonderful surgeon and very personable), Dr. Martinez (my husband looks like your father!) , Dr. So (You were my everything... I had a chemical peel that is amazing, you checked me for leaks, re-bandaged me and pulled the drain to give me freedom! LOL) , Dr. Miranda (without you I would be lost as to what to eat right now), Dr. Acosta (I am the Alligator girl! LOL) and Dr. Velasco (I am the severe Allergic Asthma Patient that reminded me of your mom with all the allergies and meds and you are amazing! I was "AWAKE" when you all told me to wake up surgery was done. There was no sleeping off the anesthesia. I watched TV) I am now beginning to feel good about myself again and look forward to the journey. My family and friends are just amazed and I all I can do is smile and tell them how wonderful the OCC experience was.
  9. I just returned on the 3rd of July from having the gastric sleeve surgery on the 27th of June.I have done GREAT! They had me up walking within an hour or so of the surgery. Then I was discharged about 10am the next day. That day we just went back to the hotel and stayed in the room and watched one of the 5 english channels on the TV.. There is a DVD player in the TV, so I suggest bringing some movies that you want to see if you are a TV watcher. There are things for them to do. There is shopping and food and entertainment on Revolution Blvd. (Expect to be hackled with the shop owners wanting you to come in and look at their stuff. However, you can negotiate good deals too.)There are a lot of handmade items here and leather made goods, etc. Definitely worth a ride there... It also isn't far from the clinic and the driver charged us $5. There is also a shopping center within about a .5 mile. If they are walkers, they could walk it, but a lot of it is up hill. We took a taxi there a couple days from the hotel (Seems like everywhere we went the cost of the taxi was never more than $5). There is a starbucks, Applebees, Walmart, Nike and Puma stores, etc there a long with some other unique shops. The Wais what blew our mind. That center also has a food court and another local restaurant. There is also a Costco right near the clinic, behind it I think and an applebees right beside the clinic. There is also another actual shopping mall with sears, etc. I was also told there is a beach nearby that would take maybe 30 minutes to get there via mexi-coach. Taxi may also take you but not sure of the cost. The hotel employees are all very accommodating so if you want other suggestions, they will be happy to guide you.
  10. Hi! I was just sleeved on the 27th at the OCC, so I am only 11 days out. I have done GREAT and actually stayed on just clear liquids longer than I needed to. I read the instructions under sedation and for some reason never read them again..and all I remembered was clear broth, popscicles and apple juice. I was becoming a little apprehensive because while on the clear liquids, they just more or less "run" through your system, so I kept thinking if everything is going to run through my system once I get on solids how will I ever feel full. ( I never felt "hungry" while on the clear liquids but did have head hunger and wishes for something else other than clear liquid (chicken broth). I tried cream soup tonight since I reread my instructions and saw I could have progressed to cream soup on day 7..... I chose cream of mushroom soup. What really surprised me is I had 3 Tablespoons approximately and was full. It had been so long since I experienced the "full" feeling, I wasn't sure what was going on for a couple minutes because it is a different kind of "full" feeling. However, I promise... I was full on 3, yes 3 Tablespoons of soup. Pre- surgery I could have eaten almost the entire can of soup, if not all on some days.
  11. Just wanted to say hi. Hope you are feeling well. I'm still fighting with post-op air and can feel the dang port. Didnt expect that, otherwise doing well. Lost 3 lbs yesterday. Hadn't lost any since surgery, but had a lot of fluid to lose. Hope to talk to you soon.


  12. Thanks so much everyone! Great Ideas. I don't think I am packing makeup either. I might scare everyone, but I will be more comfortable! We will be there two days before my surgery because the flight was cheaper so will have some time to kill. My husband said he is looking forward to "our" vacation!
  13. My sleeve surgery with Dr. Ortiz is June 27th. I am wondering what things to pack, that we wouldn't normally bring or think to bring. Pj's over Gown? I have heard a heating pad is a good thing, etc. I am thinking I wouldn't want to bring anything tight fitting so it doesn't hurt the stomach area.c
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