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    I am 39 years old and have a wonderful Husband and a 3 year old little boy. We love camping and traveling and spending time with friends and family. Looking foward to being able to keep up with my little guy... and the big one too LOL
  1. Loving the decision I made! The weight is falling off and Im gaining my life back!!

  2. Doing great after surgery and down 10lbs already! YEAH!

  3. Shell39

    New beginings..

    hey lady! Im so glad everything went well for you. have a safe trip home and keep in touch. What a wonderful journey we are going on! Dont forget to rest when you get home. I know its hard with kids at home. But try not to over do it. :0) Keep in touch! Shell
  4. Shell39

    less than 24 hours..

    YEAH! Today is the day!!! your probably already at the clinic. Everything is going to be great! Keep me posted on how your doing. :0)
  5. One week from today until my surgery!

    1. Suzg



      How did your surgery go? How are you feeling? I would love to hear all the details. I hope you are feeling good.


    2. Shell39


      Hi Suzg, Doing GREAT! Surgery went really well and everyone was wonderful at the OCC! On liquid diet now will be on it for the next week and a half. But 8 days out from surgery and ive lost 10lbs already. YEAH!

      So excited!

  6. Shell39

    Chewable Iron pills that taste AWFUL!!!!

    Thanks Bella! I will look into that. because mine are AWEFUL!!!
  7. Just about 2 weeks before surgery! Getting nervous and excited!

  8. Hey guys, has anyone found any chewable Iron pills that dont taste NASTY!!! ive been grinding mine up in my shakes but WOW nothing is taking that flavor away. Any Suggestions would be great! Thank you!
  9. i am having surgery monday feb 27th at OCC. hope to see you there!! tracy

  10. i am having surgery monday feb 27th at OCC. hope to see you there!! tracy

  11. Shell39


    Lisa, I looked up the ONVO wishing that they had something closer to me Im in Skagit Valley. It sounds incredibly beneficial. Will keep looking.
  12. Shell39


    Hello all! Here I go with the questions again... As im reading more and more in different places im seeing that you should not be drinking caffeine in the first few weeks and NO carbonated drinks.... this... are two things... im addicted too! I know that when I dont have caffeine I get nasty headaches and well lets face it... I can get down right crabby! Can you tell me how you got through this phase? My mind is set to stick to the plan to the letter. (because lets face it.. we all can find any excuse to push the limits of our diets) thats how we got to this place. Thank you!
  13. Shell39

    Art of Mindful eating?

    Thank you for the info Caligirl and MJ I have requested the Lucerna... hoping there isnt an additional charge for it.
  14. Shell39

    Art of Mindful eating?

    CaliGirl, Thank you for the information. Greatly appreciated! I sent an email to Carolyn asking if im able to book at the Lucerna instead of the Marriott. If its closer to the OCC and amenities that will be much easier for us.
  15. YEAH!! I booked my surgery for March 19th..