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  1. I got financing through them as well. Just pay it off as soon as u can the Interest is crazy. I took loan over a two year plan but had it paid back in 5-6 months.
  2. I had some nausea when I woke up and the day after for the night in the hotel that's it. I have no regrets I am extremely happy. Iv lost 40lbs and at a plateau hoping to loose another 15-20. I started at 187 and am currently 147 give or take depending on the day. Depends what u do for work. I went back to work about a week after I fly back home. But I have a pretty laid back job and don't need to lift heavy things if I don't have to. I had no pain after surgery just uncomfy has build up which took about a week to work it's way out.
  3. I'm five months post op now. I'm more then happy to answer any questions u might have.
  4. When I booked in I could if had it done in 1-2 weeks from when I called. There usually isn't to bad of a wait. It depends also on ur BMI and if u need to do a pre op diet first to shed some lbs. hope that helps. Good luck with everything.
  5. Lachiz


  6. Ok thank you for ur advice and response. Would hate to muck up this surgery. Hope ur journey of weight loss is going well.
  7. I am 5 months post op, I am always so scared I have strechted my stomach. How easy is it to have that happen. I feel like I am able to eat more then I could a couple months ago. Is that normal? I still rarley get a hungry feeling but when i do eat I always feel as though I eat to much. Any advice or thoughts??
  8. I am 5 months post op, I am always so scared that I have stretched my pouch. I feel as though I can eat more then I could a couple months ago. Is this normal? Although I can still go all day with out feeling hungry really, I just feel like I'm always eating to much. It's so tricky!! How easy is it to strech ur stomach anyways. Any advice would be great. I'm kind of maintaining these days going up and down a few lbs. total loss so far 40 lbs. hoping to loose 20 more.
  9. LFitz66- I have no regrets on having the plication, I eat very small amount about every 3 hrs. I do get hungry if I forget to eat. But other then that I'm full after a few bites of chicken or 2 eggs. I'm down 40 lbs since nov 20. Weigh loss has slowed but that's normal I'm told seeing as I'm almost close to my goal weight.
  10. I live in Calgary. Doing pretty good just over 3 months post surgery down about 40 lbs, with about 30 to go. How about u?
  11. I use body fortress protein powder from Walmart. Chocolate peanut butter is the best. 1g f sugar and 25g of protein
  12. That was like me. I seem to loose some then go a couple weeks with out loosing. Just make sure u keep exercising. Last month I only lost 7lbs. If ur not loosing weight u could still be loosing inches. Good luck with everything
  13. A good protein shake mix that I use is called body fortress, the chocolate peanut butter mix is awesome. 25g of protien and only 1g of sugar. Can be bought at Walmart. The enspira shakes are awful FYI. Good luck
  14. You shouldn't have a problem with getting the surgery. I only had the plication but my starting BMI was 31 with no health issues. So I'm sure u will have no problems. You will just have do a pre op diet plan to loose some weight first maybe. Good luck with everything.
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