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  1. Hello, yes I have started the diet. My surgery is on the 4th, how are you doing so far?

  2. It surprises me how little support there's is for this type of addiction. People really think you are weak and un-disciplined. Very sad!
  3. I am arriving the 3rd. Surgery on the 4th. At this point i just want it all done. The mental side of this is really interesting. Admitting I'm addicted to food is very embarassing. I am a very successful confident woman. I am very disciplined in every other part of my life but food. The mental torture routine I have down to a PHD level. So this is the last option to get control of this part of my life.
  4. Hello, I am on the 4th of April. I am 50 and just a little nervous. I am getting nervouse.