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  1. cool lisa! i have not connected with anyone yet who will be there with me.
  2. i am on the extended pre op and have 8 pounds to lose in the next 4 weeks before surgery to meet the occ prep requirement. i have always been a slow loser and am finding it hard to be 100%- mostly larger portions of protein. I hope the 2 weeks of liquids will accelerate me past that goal that they set. is anyone else on May4? I sent all my travel stuff in this week and will be getting the cashiers check next week - so that makes it REAL. Im from the PNW traveling with a good friend as support.
  3. I am scheduled for May 4. I live in the PNW and have about 120 pounds to lose. I have done it all and nothing has "stuck" . Looking forward to a new start. Chris
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