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  1. I have always thought about this for years, but have never really looked into it. 5 months ago I am on a Scuba Trip with a bunch of friends & come to find out the 3 of them have had it done. I was so surprised to see them looking so trim! I see these friends once a year for this dive trip, so I just remember them all being fat like me. I was able to talk to each of them for hours on their experiences on having Gastric Sleave done. They have all told me that their main reason for doing it was that, if they are unable to have the will-power to stop eating so much & overeating, then they needed help with the will-power. They have lost tons of weight with help of the Sleave, and all of them said they wish they would have done it sooner. Better life, better time with their kids & family, better health, etc... I am looking forward to it. Having it done next week!
  2. TSCeder

    October sleevers

    Good Luck guys! My buddy & I coming in on 10/16 & Surgery on the 17th.