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  1. Smem826, I had to understand that it wasn't the diets that failed it was me, my decision. However, the many diets shows your determination to want to change, but that's not enough. Your mind has to be ready. Because this surgery can be added to your list has another failed attempt to another solution to weight loss. It's like going cold turkey. You have to give up something you love, make you feel good, comfort you etc. I believe you can do it, but make sure your mind is ready and stay connected.
  2. Hi Smem826, I am just starting my pre-op diet. I am not on complete liquid until my 2-weeks prior to surgery. I'm 5"10 I my weight is 330.00, however because of my height I don't look as heavy as I am.
  3. Hi my name is Rhonda and with serious consideration, I start my gastric sleeve journey on April 10th. I am very excited about so many things to come. I feel at ease knowing that Dr. A. Ortiz is my doctor for the start of my journey. I am looking forward to meeting and having a life long relationship of encouragement for everyone.
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