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  1. https://www.facebook.com/drarielortiz/videos/10212109536746653/
  2. Airport

    San Diego,, airport code SAN
  3. The band is a great tool, but very high maintenance. I didn't think anyone is going that route anymore. They have perfected the sleeve procedure to where the band has went by the wayside.
  4. Hmmm, don't worry, the OCC will do the leak test before you leave. I personally don't know when your scheduled to fly out? But my guess, if your flying out Monday or Tuesday it would be done that morning when all the Friday patients come back to the OCC from the Marriott. Yes, your thinking, that isn't much time before your fly home, but the test only takes a few minutes. What if they find a leak? Well,,, you'd be a first. Relax.....
  5. Question Submissions

    My suggestion would be to email the OCC nutritionist at nutritionist@obesitycontrolcenter.com But I'm thinking its around 100g per day. I've also seen 1g per pound of body weight.
  6. My weight was out of control all my life, going to the OCC was one of the smartest things I ever did. I did a lot of research back in 2006 and chose the OCC. At that time the lap-band was being offered and the OCC, Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Martinez were "The Place and The Doctors" to go for band surgery. It was a life changer back then and in 2006 the band was the #1 surgery for bariatrics. As time goes by, they found the band had issues and it went by the wayside with the VGS taking its place. Back when I researched places to go for banding, I found that the OCC was on the leading edge of new techniques and procedures concerning bariatric surgery. Today the OCC is still leading the field when it comes to the VGS. Techniques and procedures invented and used at the OCC are being copied by most of the Doctors and hospitals throughout the world now. I'm not paid to moderate this forum and I do this as a volunteer to help other patients. You can't go wrong with going to the OCC, They are the best in the field.
  7. August 2017 Surgeries

    I haven't seen or heard of anyone needing any medical coverage coming to the OCC. Your pretty much under the guiding hands of the OCC, they do almost everything for you. The only time your not in their presence is when your at the hotel for a couple days after your surgery. Most stick around the hotel and take it easy. I guess if you fell out of the hotel bed and got hurt would be a worse case scenario. lol
  8. Relax,, just keep to the diet,, call them when your ready to go and talk to them.
  9. I know where your coming from. Being older has some effect on our metabolism and it is harder for us seniors to lose. I have found exercise to be very important at our age to help jump start our metabolism and burn those calories. I personally ride a bike everyday if possible. Weather permitting it's either a stationary bike or a street bike. I find it very relaxing and a stress reducer, plus all the other benefits that come along with it.
  10. Vomiting

    I think it would be wise to contact your surgeon.
  11. Pos surgery

    I don't know what your daily routine is, exercise really helps. But if your exercising and gaining, your eating the wrong stuff or too much of something that has a lot of calories. Keep a daily food/exercise log and consult Dr. Chaves at the OCC.

    Dent-art center offers great dental care at an affordable price. I'll be there in July to finish up a implant. I've always had great care and quality workmanship. They have a website, www.dent-artcenter.com You can contact them thru their website, they have a live chat, her name is Norma, she's great.
  13. Dr. Ariel Ortiz speaker at the 13th INTERNATIONAL BARIATRIC CLUB SYMPOSIUM in Vienna, Austria.