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  1. I know where your coming from. Being older has some effect on our metabolism and it is harder for us seniors to lose. I have found exercise to be very important at our age to help jump start our metabolism and burn those calories. I personally ride a bike everyday if possible. Weather permitting it's either a stationary bike or a street bike. I find it very relaxing and a stress reducer, plus all the other benefits that come along with it.
  2. I think it would be wise to contact your surgeon.
  3. I don't know what your daily routine is, exercise really helps. But if your exercising and gaining, your eating the wrong stuff or too much of something that has a lot of calories. Keep a daily food/exercise log and consult Dr. Chaves at the OCC.
  4. Dent-art center offers great dental care at an affordable price. I'll be there in July to finish up a implant. I've always had great care and quality workmanship. They have a website, You can contact them thru their website, they have a live chat, her name is Norma, she's great.
  5. Dr. Ariel Ortiz speaker at the 13th INTERNATIONAL BARIATRIC CLUB SYMPOSIUM in Vienna, Austria.
  8. As far as I know this procedure is still being offered. Call the OCC for more details. 866-376-7849
  9. I recommend talking to one of the OCC surgery coordinators. I know your not the first to come from the UK. They should be able to give you the details. Or, maybe a OCC Forum member will come forward and post the details?
  10. #1, I'd call the OCC for Dr. O's take on this. My best guess is that it's scar tissue encasing the port. I can say you've had the band a long time. A lot of us that were banded back then have some sort of issue and have elected to go with revision surgery. If you haven't had a thorough band exam, it could be a good time to schedule that.
  11. Even though I was a big guy, I was very active. I rode bicycle a lot, like every day. After surgery, follow your surgeons advice. I remember it was 4 weeks later before I got on my bike. As far as loose skin,, that's difficult to tell. Everyone is different when it comes to your skin trying to go back to normal. I personally ended up with a full 360 degree tummy tuck,, AKA, lower body lift. Mine was too far gone, I needed plastic surgery.
  12. I guess you have to make up your might weather to do it by dieting alone or choosing weight loss surgery. If your here at the OCC forum, you can check out what everyone has to say about WLS.
  13. This website is for those who are looking into going with weight loss surgery. Look around and educate yourself, hopefully you can make a decision on where to start.
  14. Truthfully, this is what makes the sleeve the "go to" weight loss surgical procedure. I've never heard of anyone needing follow up care from their PCP. If someone has, it's never been mentioned. The only complications you ever read about are if someone is constipated or is having a little acid re-flux. And that can be easily addressed with a phone call to the OCC.