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  1. These are not especially close , but I'll mention them anyway as options. Dr Helmuth billy is an excellent band surgeon in Thousand oaks, Ca. He travels monthy to his office/cabin in TRUCKEE, CA and gladly fills Mexican clients at both of his office. Dr Billy :www.thebandmd.com/ In Eugene, OR. Dr Kelly Fitzpatrick will fill you. she is a Naturopath, has been thoroughy trained in fills, has been doing them for more thn 6 yrs, anbd is very excellent, as well as a very neat young lady. she was a very longime chemo RN before medical school, using our same ports. Dr Fitzpatrick; www.gastricbands.com/ I know of a couple band surgeons in the Sacto area, but none will touch MX patient. The closest fill Center is this one,about 400 miles: Fill Centers USA Garden Grove, CA 92843 It's incredibly important, imo, before we decide to go out of the country for surgery, to be CERTAIN we will have a local peson to fill us, or UNFILL in an urgent situation. We cannot be crawling back onto a plane for TJ when we are badly overfilled, vomiting, in bad pain, and having to pay horrible last-minute plane fares. I have 2 friends who lost their bands altogether when they could not obtain quick local help. good luck! hope you find someone..
  2. Realtor4CA52

    Fill doctor in Orlando?

    I got an unfill from Dr Jessie when i was in Fla on vacation and had trouble a couple yrs ago. She is great, and sees MX patients. don't know how far from you she is. http://www.shedthepounds.com/default
  3. Realtor4CA52

    exercise after banding?

    He told me 4-6 weeks before abdominal exercises, but that was a long time ago. that is what other docs say, though - just had a friend banded by another US doc.
  4. Realtor4CA52

    Reflux help?

    Thank you ! I think your reflux is a bit different - many of us had a hiatal hernia before banding, from our obesity and this causes bad reflux sometmes. i had that, and Dr. O wanted an endoscopy before to be sure there was not enough esophagus damage to make the band unsafe for me. Ther is a kind of pre-cancer we can get from bad reflux. These hernias are are always fixed along with band surgery. the reflux we get afterwards is quite different - usually from a fill that is too tight that needs some out. the longterm ones of us also can start with reflux, and this always needs checking out as it can be a sign of a small slip, pouch dilation, or other things kind of common in longterm people. I've checked with Dr m already and he is sure i'm ok with all that thankfully. anyone using nexium for this after-band reflux - or another RX that works well? thanks to all -
  5. Realtor4CA52

    Reflux help?

    Can someone please give me some ideas? I have a tiny bit of reflux, and have checked with Dr Martinez, and he is not concerned. Just said to take some acid reducers when needed. I'm good with that and have had a good fluoro not long ago. I'm at goal a good while by nowe, thank the Lord and Dr. O What do you guys use? Tried the pepcid AC and that didn't help. My family doc said protonix is good - but the damn stuff is WAY expensive! thanks!
  6. I've been on the Bariatric Advantage vits Dr. Ortiz recommends and sells for about 4 months now. Got them at first from his website and really love them . the watermelon ones are delicious! anyway, i've been amazed how much nicer my hair is - and it was ok before! thicker, stronger, and much less shedding. I hope this part is ok - I also found an online seller who has a very good discount and very quick shipping. www.MyBariatricSuccess.com I need to save every dollar I can in this terrible economy and just wanted to share this. I take the Band vits and calcium chews (chocolate - yum) in the morning, a B-50 complex at noon, and the vits and calcium again in the evening. Then, one of the chocolate pudding omega 3 oil packets with my afternoon snack. Just had my vit and mineral levels checked again - before was slightly anemic plus deficient in D, B12, and folic acid . Now all levels are perfect. This stuff does really help! Thank you Dr Ortiz for turning me on to these vitamins.
  7. Realtor4CA52

    Pureed Carrot Soup

    sounds wonderful - thanks! several friends just banded and in the full liquid phase.
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    Pureed Carrot Soup

  9. Realtor4CA52

    Pureed Carrot Soup

  10. Realtor4CA52

    Fillings in front teeth....

    My dentist, very near the Grande, charged $250 for the zoom whitening ( a full hour in 15 - minute increments - most others do only 30 or 45 minutes) , matched my caps perfectly, sand aldo replaced 2 caps overnight for $250 each . my friend with me had 3 root canals plus crowns done within 24 hrs for $450 each. he also files your US insuracne for you for reimbursement if you have dental ins. The reimbursement more than covered the $250 zoom, the ways he does it. email him at DentalCareTJ@gmail.com if you want more info. He's very nice, gentle and gorgeous too !
  11. Realtor4CA52

    a great dentist

    looks like a nice place, but more expensive... doesn't mention any guarantee -- my "Dr Sergio's" guarantee for all work is 5 yrs or longer. His english is near-perfect, and he also sends his own trusted driver and own Patient Van to pick you up at the airport for free, and take you back too. I had a very bad experience with TJ cabs, so never use them any longer. but there are lots of good dentists in TJ, for sure. DentalCareTJ@gmail.com
  12. Realtor4CA52

    a great dentist

    Duh, i'm so dumb - typed the email address wrong - so sorry!! it is DENTALCARETJ@gmail.com - not dentacaretj.
  13. Realtor4CA52

    a great dentist

  14. Realtor4CA52

    a great dentist

    sorry, i don't check i here very often, and just got your message. Yes, they pick up from the airport and take you back - no charge - and the driver, Juan, is delightful ! perfect english and fun. Dr. Sergio also has BIG discounts at a beautiful hotel a block from the office, if you don't want to stay at the Grande. i liked being able to walk back to my room easily for a rest, between my mornng and afternoon dental sessions. there is also a wonderful authentic MX rstaurant right between the office and th hotel - it's the big yellow building - ate there lunch and dinner for 3 days in a row (and gained 2# so be careful!) email the office for all info and stuff : DentaCareTJ@gmail.com I know you'll love them all, and they can also get you in quickly, since he works 6 days a week and long hours. (too long, i told him! ) I'm a health care person too (went back to nuring when the ^%^&* real estate market crashed down here!) and am VERY picky - and this guy is truly excellent. good luck! Let me know what you think!
  15. Realtor4CA52

    Zoom whitening anyone?

    please see my post under "a great dentist" - mine in TJ did a great job for only $250, and there were (4) 15 - minute sessions. Some others only do 2 or 3 . teeth were pretty sensitive for 2 days, but the Sensodyne toothpaste took care of that. next time (in a few years if needed) I'll use the sensodyne for a few days before too. my teeth ended up 0 on a scale of 0-10, with 0 being the whitest possible.