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  2. I was banded Oct 16th 2006 267 was my starting weight 190 now and feeling great hoping to get to 160-170 one of these days guess exercise would hwlp which is not a favorite of mine - but the restriction is great...Love the OCC and how they have changed my life
  3. ew ew ew I might be interested - I just recently had to cancel are you flyinf in and out in the same day-----do you have a passport? I don't or my birth certificate so I may not be able to go. I will check back Cyndi
  4. will be being picked up at the airport- I am coming in for a fill and we can ride together------if we can meet up with each other
  5. Sorry to hear that Kyle has choosen to continue his habits- :-( #-o Hannah has gained alot of weight she is at around 225- she is my height and I look at her everyday and hope people don't make fun of her at school- you get what I mean- He will mature and like I believe was said - when he is ready he has the tool to help him------We are coming up on that year yes we are- you have done good for the small amount of weight that you are wanting t0 lose---I am down from 267 to 191 and am thrilled- i have had 2 fills one by Dr. Ortiz's office and one by Wendy- that was back in May and I think I hit it right on the nose with that fill- I have to watch my bites and make sure I chew- and not drinking during has been a big step to climb and I still have to work it everyday- I just started working on my stomach to see if I can get rid of the innertube look LOL theamount I have lost without exercising I feel is a good thing one year out- 10-16-2007 Hope your family is doing well Cyndi
  6. Just updating - it has been almost a year - it flies by just like everything else- turned 36 on Monday September 3rd- Opened a AVON Beauty Center here in Arizona on Saturday September 1st - and I have been stressing stressing stressing and can we say stressing LOL kids are full gear into school 2 are at the high school and the younger one is elementary but started playing full contact football this year UGH ////life is crazy before we know it it will be the holidays then we will be worrying about remebering to put 2008 on our checks---at least for those of us that still write one---LOL i have been lurking but not much time to post so I thought I would give a update and let everyone know I still read and stay connected that way ---hope all is well and here are some new pictures of me http://www.obesityhelp.com/member/cyndiwilson/ the pictures in the profile are dated so you can see the good and bad ---I love the good ones---- need to get more recent ones cause I have had so many people say that it looks like I have lost SOOOOOOO much weight - I think it's just cause I went shopping for clothes that actually fit - but not too many due to the weightloss is still going --------hope you have a GRAND BAND DAY
  7. My daughter is almost 14 (october) she is overweight and gaining - I would love to have her have the surgery but in all reality she needs to understand her battle that she has- I have sat down with her and she wants to do better but sneaking food and having that one extra cause she thinks nobody is watching the band will not work for her ------at this time ----it was a big decision for me - I still haven't even tried flat soda- mine is a big time MENTAL issue -my daughter weighs more than me by about 30 lbs. I advise her on what she looks cute in and no comment when she asks if it looks nice and and I think otherwise ---it's a sign for her and she changes her outfit -----I don't want kids to tease her- she has friends she has fun at school she has ADHD she will figure it out when she is ready too and I will be there for her to help in what ever way she decides
  8. If you are speaking of the Wendy Hall office yes I have - don't advise that you signed up thru the fill centers cause they want alot more than what Wendy will take in cash or check which is 100.00 - I had her do my 2nd fill this last May it was a diffrent experience not bad at all- little trouble piercing the port which scared me but I heard exactly the sound and feeling that I heard when I went back to Dr. Ortiz for the first fill - I have lost 20lbs since may 21st so it must of worked- but over the last few weeks I have been getting the first bite syndrome at nearly every meal- no pbing just a lot of gurgling - so I get up and walk around and about 10-15 minutes i can sit down and eat- it is totally wierd but I have been stressing alot lately so it is probably from that- also a little slaky on my eating habits -just the bites I take and the time I take to eat - need to slow down and it is letting me know
  9. You didn't mention the size of your band and how much was put in on your 1st fill? I have had a 2nd fill and I am 8monthes out and find that I need to be very careful on chew chew chew evne on the strangest things such as cottage cheese refried beans -but your timeline of fill till now should be a concern call the doctor and see what they recommend ---cause even if it is small small bites and you are chew chew chew you should be able to keep food down---also is it that time of the month? that effects me big time for about 72hours I am extremly tight during that time - I thought that it was all talk on the boards when I saw those TOM posts but I am a believer now!!!! Best wishes Cyndi
  10. 8 monthes out as of today and my weight this morning is 200.2 that is 67lbs. lost -----WOOO HOOO OH YEAH DID I MENTION I LOVE MY BAND
  11. I recieved a fill(my second) on may 21st and it was a 1 cc bringing me to 2.6cc and boy do I have restriction- I now know what first bite syndrome really is....definatly need to drink liquids for me in the morning - sometimes all I have is a protien shake and then for lunch I try a little salad but if I even feel that rock feeling I stop and switch to soup - Dinner is slow for me - I start with something mushy usually cottage cheese- and work other foods into it - chicken with lots of sauce on it- usually salsa it really helps the food go down easier - I don't have a problem with water going down so I really don't feel that my fill is too much - but I definatly am eating diffrent than prior to 5-21 -----i took my scale for a week weighed exactly the same when I got back on it yesterday morning 203.8 but got on it this moring and it was 202.4 - so I think I may be adjusting to this fill of what I can eat and not - I actualy PB'd yesterday TUNA ---which I have done b4 so guess what I can't eat TUNA lesson learned ----till next time Cyndi
  12. http://www.obesityhelp.com/member/cyndiwilson/ just in case anyone wants to see updated pictures this is where I post them 64lbs. gone woo hoo I LOVE MY BAND
  13. I swallowed gum once felt wierd going down but I am fine---I think you will be also
  14. Michelle did you come in for a 2:45 if you did I was the one leaving right in front of you -----blond hair pulled back- I had black shorts and shirt on ? DO you have a small 4cc or the larger VG band?
  15. Okay everyone I have gotten my 2nd fill today May 21st by Wendy Hall here in AZ- charming lady - i had 1 cc added to my 1.6cc that was put in on my 6week visit after my band placement 10-16-07....she found the port right away - had me drink water - i could feel it going down - I call it the funnel effect just like my first fill- I will take it easy the next few days which I do have off from work - which will help me focus on my eating habits - slow all over again - oh joy but it is well worth it I have lost 60lbs in 7 monthes ya can't beat that-----chow for now
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